Work Out
By Ambrosia Vynne

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

copyright 1999 Ambrosia Vynne

Working out has always been an erotic delight.  As I am sweating on one of the many Cardiovascular machines that are littered around the gym, I watch the sexy sweaty bodies work out.  In seconds, the bodies are naked before my eyes and I can see each and every contour.  I purposely work out very late at night, hoping that one night my fantasy of naked bodies would come true.  I have imagined myself many of times, being surrounded by several gorgeous body builders using the exercise machines to cure my perverse sexual needs.  This evening was no different.  I chose my EFX-244 Cardiovascular Cross Trainer carefully, making sure it gave me complete visual access.   There were only three other people working out in the gym with me.  As I climbed onto the machine, I imagined the women completely naked.  She had large round firm breasts that begged to be sucked and stroked.  I knew her bush was thick and curly because I saw it through her sweaty exercise shorts.  Her legs were well cut displaying long hours of tedious exercises.  She turned showing me her tight ass.   As she leaned over the bench, grabbing a weight, her ass cheeks spread giving me a clear view of her tight hole and wet pink pussy lips. 

As she was bending over the bench, one of the guys approached from behind.  He was well built with a large muscular frame and a strong hard cock.  Without ceremony, he jammed his hard cock between her exposed cheeks, shoving it up her ass.   She wiggled with pleasure, pushing her ass against him causing his hard cock to penetrate deeper.  He grabbed on to her hips, holding her still as he continued to ram his cock into her.  The other body builder wanted to get into the action, as he approached the young women from the front.  His cock was dangling from his hand, and he continued pumping it like an air riffle, as he approached the bench.  The young girl eagerly took the dangling cock into her mouth as she was being butt fucked.   She sucked on the cock hard, licking every inch and swirling her tongue over the tip.  My cock started to react from my fantasy, as my legs continued climbing in a never ending motion.  The sweat that was pouring down my face had more to do with my fantasy, then the energy I was burning.  As she continued sucking on the cock, the second body builder held her face jamming his cock deeper down her throat.  She was immensely enjoying herself as her juices started running down her inner thighs.   Again she tried moving her ass, wanting only to grind the body builder's cock deeper into her.  But he was holding her very tight.  She let out a soft moan, as all three of them came together. 

My legs pounded the peddles harder as I imagined her cumming...  She moved from the bench, inviting the two body builders to join her.  She sat down onto the Hip Straddle Machine.  This machine caused her legs to spread real wide, giving me a clear view of her tight pussy.  She ran her finger down her own clit, teasingly inviting the other two to join her.  She moved her ass down to the edge of the seat.   The second body builder, stood in front of her, again offering her his cock.   She took his soft cock into her mouth as he fingered her clit.  As his fingers moved over her soft lips, he occasionally slid them into her welcoming hole.  I could clearly hear the slurping sound of her hot wet cunt holding and releasing his fingers.   With his other hand, the body builder squeeze her firm large tits.  The other body builder sat across from the two, watching.  As he watched he stroked his large cock to hardness.  She wanted a cock inside her versus the fingers.  She slid further to the edge invitingly pivoting her hips.  The first body builder knelt in front of her, positioning his cock between her soft wet pussy.  He slid easily between her legs.  She squeezed her legs together holding him in tight as he pumped his cock in and out.  The other body builder soon got tired of just watching, as he walked over to the couple fucking.  Lifting her out of the seat, he positioned his cock up her ass as the other body builder continued to fuck her sweet wet pussy.   From behind, he cupped both of her aroused tits and squeezed them as he ran his rod deep up her hot wet hole.

They both rode her hard and deep, exploding deep within her.  Again, her face glowed with satisfaction.  I felt my own load explode as I continued the motion of stepping up and down.  My groan must have been loud, because all three looked my way.   I sheepishly looked down, noticing the large wet stain that was spreading over my crotch.  As I looked up, the young women was all alone.  I climbed off of my machine, slowly approaching her.  I was not quite sure what I was going to say, but I knew I needed to see if my fantasy of her pussy was correct.  After a short conversation that consisted mostly of an introduction, I blurted out my fantasy.  She was surprised and thrilled about it, eagerly wanting to participate in real life.   I looked around the gym, choosing the right machine.  We both decided on the Vertical Leg Press that was in a secluded corner (just in case someone came in).   Between the danger of being caught and the excitement of making the fantasy come true, we were both hot and horny!

She quickly pulled down her shorts, exposing her full thick bush.  I slid my fingers between her clit, discovering that my fantasy was correct.  Her pussy was hot and tight.  Her pink lips were welcoming to my touch as she leaked hot juices.   She positioned herself on the Vertical Leg Press machine.  After pulling down my own sweats, I climbed on top of her.  My hard cock easily found her wet hole and slid deep into her tight pussy.  As I pumped her pussy, are legs pushed against the platform, causing our legs to stretch.  As I pulled back, the platform moved back to its original position.  We had previously bet that we would both cum before we could do 15 reps.  Again, I jammed my hard cock deep into her and again we did another rep.   She moved her hands under my sweaty t-shirt, digging her long nails deep into my back.  I moved my hands under her t-shirt, slipping into her sports bra.  Her tits were so soft and tight.  She tilted her hips, causing me to penetrate her deeper as we pushed the 4th rep.  The juices were now flowing freely and dripping down my thighs.  I felt my orgasm building as we hit the 7th rep.  Her pussy was holding my cock tightly, sucking me deeper into her hot hole.  We heard a soft noise near us, which caused us both to break out in a new sweat.  Before hitting the 8th rep, I exploded deep inside her, spraying my load.  Her pussy convulsed, welcoming my cum with an orgasm of her own.  As our bodies were slowly coming down from the excitement, we heard another soft noise.  We both looked up to see the two body builders towering over us.  They had their hard cocks extended and were dripping with loads of their own.   We all smiled at once...  "This sure brought a new meaning to working out"...

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