Under the Stars
By Ambrosia Vynne

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

1998 Ambrosia Vynne

The bubbling Jacuzzi beckoning him, after his long day.   He was new to town and the building.  He had just moved from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, two weeks prior.  His job had re-located him and had promised him a future.   He had eagerly accepted the career move, not thinking twice about leaving his home town.  He had graduated from college 8 months prior.  This company had immediately hired him after graduation.  He really didn't think he was going to stay even this long, but here he was in Los Angeles, opening a new office.  He was on the road of success and he embraced it with diligence.

Occasionally he missed his girlfriend, which he left behind.  There was no room for romance in his life now.  He sometimes missed the steady sex, but not often.  In Los Angeles, sex was easy and cheap.  He placed his towel on the chair and stepped into the hot bubbling water.  He had not realized the Jacuzzi was already occupied.  He introduced himself as Russ, making note that she was young and beautiful.  She nodded to him an acknowledgment, not giving him any information about himself.  He inched himself closer, not wanting to crowd her.   He mentioned how he was new to the building and the neighborhood.  Again, she acknowledged him with a nod, but didn't speak.  He felt a little uncomfortable, he had tried to be sociable and it was not working.  Perhaps she was just shy.

She was beside him before he could blink.  They sat under the stars, shoulder to shoulder, enjoying the silence of the night.  He looked down into the water, wanting to get a glimpse of her body.  He was shocked to find that she was naked under the water.  The Jacuzzi was in a public area of the building and although it was late at night, other tenants were sure to approach.  As Russ spoke, his voice was at first a little too high pitch, "Do you know your naked?", he inquired.  She simply smiled, "I am glad you noticed", she said.  She had seen him around the building several times.  She had mapped out his routine.  He left for work at 9am sharp each morning, arriving back at 7pm.   He sat in the Jacuzzi every night from 11pm to 12pm.  She was not one for going slow.  Anything she ever wanted she just took.  There was no reason to beat around the bush, and this was no exception.  She reached out her hand and placed it in his lap.  The water was so hot, maybe he wouldn't get hard.  Some men, she thought, couldn't get hard in hot water, no matter how horny they were.

Her action didn't surprise him, as he felt her hand searching his lap.  Her hand eased under his shorts and curled around his cock.   He had never fucked in a Jacuzzi before, this was going to be a first.  She pulled down his shorts and curled on top of his lap.  "How would you like to fuck me", she inquired.  Now it was Russ' turn for silence, need she ask.  He grabbed on to her hips and pulled her down onto his hardening cock.  Her pussy was so nice and tight.  He felt the jets of the Jacuzzi pulse over his balls, like hundreds of massaging fingers.  She placed her arms around his neck, and opened her mouth, accepting his tongue.  As they kissed, his cock pulsed deep inside her.  At first she didn't move, not wanting to disturb the alignment of their bodies.  He cupped her breasts and nuzzled her neck.  She raised herself to her knees and started to ride his hard cock between her soft pussy lips. 

She moved up and down causing his cock to penetrate deeper each time.  The bubbling hot water around his sensitive nerves was really turning him on.  It was only moments before he shot his load deep inside her pussy.   She wasn't pleased.  "You came too soon", she moaned.  She hadn't had time to build to an orgasm and come.  She moved herself off his cock, and started to massage it back to life.  It took several moments, being out of practice and all.  Russ was a little surprised on how quick it did get hard.  Usually once was his limit.  Sprouting his hard-on, she turned around, tilting her ass into the air.  She wanted him to place his cock up her ass.  He had never fucked a women's ass before, and was unsure of the protocol.  She spread her legs wide, giving him enough room.  He first placed his tip in, testing her waters.

She moved back on him so quick, that his cock plunged deep up her ass.  The feeling was intense.  It was like popping a girl's cherry.   The hole was so tight and it squeezed his cock.  He slowly moved his cock in and out, slapping his balls against her wet pussy.  She started groaning with pleasure.  He held onto her hips, pounding his flesh deeper.  She reached between her legs, caressing her own pussy and stroking his balls.  He felt the heat grow within him, an urgency pounding against his head.  Her urgency was gaining as she shoved harder against his cock, forcing it deeper in.  He held her hips tight as another thundering orgasm rolled against his nerves.  He felt his load violently spray against her virginal walls.  She groaned and withered with pleasure.  As he pulled his cock from her ass, she turned to face him.  "What do you think, same time tomorrow?", she inquired.  Russ smiled, he could easily get use to this routine.

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