Two Units
By Ambrosia Vynne

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

1998 Ambrosia Vynne

The morning was unseasonably warm as I started off to work. I was the on-site manager for over 1,500 units. My Uncle Fred owned the building, and the job was more of a favor than anything else. I was going to school full-time and needed a cheap place and some extra cash. Uncle Fred approached me with the management job. It filled all my pre-requisites. I had a free 2-bedroom apartment and received a salary of $2,500 month to watch and rent his building.

The building’s office was open only on the weekends, which worked out very well for me since I had class all week. The office was near my own apartment, and I made it there in less than 5 minutes. As I opened the door, I collected the mail from the floor, separating it in to two piles. The checks and payments I would input and deposit and the rest I gave to my Uncle. This morning I had several appointments to show the two empty units in the building. Looking at the clock, I noticed that my first appointment should be arriving shortly.

Responding to a knock at the door, I discovered my first morning appointment. On the door step stood two beautiful women. Both were in their early twenties. One was a brunette who introduced herself as Amber and the other a strawberry blonde whose name was Freshica. I had seen them on campus before, and invited them in to the office. After answering their questions about house rules and security deposits, I showed them the empty unit.

It was a two bedroom on the second floor. It had a big balcony looking over the canyon. I described some of the beautiful sunsets they could expect. Both women kept looking at me, as if they were expecting me to do something special. I asked if they wanted the place, and they responded that they would have to see how I could perform.

I approached Amber and Freschica, informing them that my performance was top notch, as I reached down both their shirts and grabbed one of their breasts. I pulled them close to me and kissed both of them. They unzipped my fly, and together removed my hardened cock. In response, I tore open their blouses, releasing their firm breasts. "Would this do", I inquired, as I maneuvered them to the floor. They asked if a management’s special would be possible, and I responded, "we’ll see".

They helped me slip out of my pants and I tore at their shorts. Their panties were soaked with anticipation. Amber gently but firmly pushed me away. As I sat across the floor, the girls quietly undressed each other. They gyrated their hips and erotically thrust their pelvis, as they slithered across the floor.

Freshica encouraged me to lay down flat on my back, as she nuzzled her firm Double D Breasts under my nose. Taking turns, Freshica and Amber sucked my hardened cock and kneaded my sensitive balls. As my penis grew stiff, Amber shifted her long legs to straddle my face. I grabbed her slender hips and pulled her hot pussy down onto my mouth. I slid my wet tongue over her slit and sucked her sweet juices. Freshica wanting a piece of the action, straddled her long legs over my hard cock, which sliced through her hot wet pussy like it was butter under a hot knife. Moving rhythmically, Freshica humped my hard cock as I tongue fucked Amber’s sweet pussy. Still needing more, Freshica and Amber started to play with their well endowed breasts and French kiss. The waves of pure orgasm coursed over our bodies, as we sailed to the islands of passion.

As I was laying there, trying to catch my breath, Amber and Freshica decided to continue to play with them selves. They laid next to each other on the bare floor, inserting their fingers into each other’s pussy. As they stroked each other, my hard cock started to twitch back to life. That’s when it happened. My other appointment had arrived. My heart was pounding so hard. I had just cum with two beautiful girls and I was just about to get caught with my pants (literally) down.

The vision of beauty that walked through the door took my breath away. She was a gorgeous bright red head with Sea Foam Eyes. She took one look at the girls and started to giggle. "So, Amber and Freshica, did it work? Are you going to get a discount on your rent?"

Amber and Freshica both looked up at me expectantly, "was it good enough for a discount?" Oh boy was it good enough for a discount. But I was not going to tell these girls that. "I don’t know", I said. "I need a little more convincing. Besides, it may be good enough for this month, but how about next." The new girl, turned an looked my way. She introduced herself as Bambi as she started to slip out of her T-shirt. "Perhaps, this will persuade you", she said as she continued to undress herself.

Feshica and Amber continued to finger fuck themselves as Bambie approached me. "Are you enjoying the show, big boy? How would you like the same show, say twice a month, but with a twist?" "What type of twist?", I inquired.

Without answering me, Bambie came toward me. She insisted that I continue to watch Freshica and Amber. Amber’s head was now positioned between Freshica’s legs as she was moving her tongue over Freshica’s slit, greedily sucking her juices. Bambie placed her head between my legs, and started stroking my hardening lance as she licked my sensitive balls. Taking each individual ball into her mouth and sucking it like a lollipop. She slowly moved her tongue up and down my long shaft, making sure she covered every inch of my dick. I was really getting turned on as I watched the other two girls enjoying themselves right in front of me. Additionally, I was filled with so much pleasure as Bambie kept working on my penis. I just couldn’t hold it any longer and blew my full wad. Bambie eagerly sucked each and every drop of my cum. I laid back exhausted. This was well worth a little monthly discount each month.

I was just about to confirm the deal with all three girls, when Uncle Fred walked through the front door. "I been watching you, son. And if any deal is going to be made, its this. Yo’all three gals will get a hefty discount on monthly rents, in exchange for monthly shows for both myself and my nephew." To my surprise and delight, they all three unanimously agreed.

After the deal was made and the contracts were signed, we all had a wet and wild celebration...

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