The Penis Ring
By Ambrosia Vynne

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

1998 Ambrosia Vynne

Most people believe that penis rings are intimate objects that have no feelings.   Although most rings are made of metal, rather gold or silver, who is to say that they have no thought.  Rings do not speak the same language as animals, rather human or otherwise.  Most of us, are very much a live and we do have a will of our own.   When we are not taken proper care of, we infect whatever area we have been pierced through.  When our owners, and sometimes, masters, take very good care of us, we show our appreciation by performing the sexual lift.  If you have never experienced the sexual lift, then your one of those slime balls who have not taken proper care of your ring.  My suggestion is talk to it and occasionally stroke it.  You have probably hurt its feelings.

What I am about to describe to you did happen.  I had the opportunity to be purchased by a man named Frank.  Frank was a very special guy, who lived near a valley in the heart of California.  Frank owned a bar and was very very well endowed.  I had always thought I was a good size ring.  I dominated the average size penis.  When I was placed on Frank's head, I was a meer speck of metal, hardly visible.  Therefore, I worked extra hard to make my presence known.  Frank was meandering fellow.  Although he was married to the most beautiful creature in the valley, he needed more.  How many more, you may inquire?  Since he owned one of the three bars in the valley, Frank was a fairly popular fellow.  Prior to getting me, he had maybe two or three women a night.  Then the word spread across the valley about the "sexual lift" and Frank had girls banging down his door, some even slightly illegal.  Of course, this never stopped Frank.  If the women spread her legs and was sober, he would take a dive. 

Now, I can tell some mighty good tales, that would just knock your socks off, but I really don't have all day.  If you like, I will tell you those, at some later date.   But there was this one special lady.  Ooh yeah, she was mighty fine.  She had heard about the "sexual lift".  She had it all.  The beauty, the brains, and a body to keep a man (and a ring) happy for life.  She knew Frank was married and just didn't care.  She refused to get into the line, behind the bar, and be serviced like the other chicks.  She wanted her first experience to be personal, after all she was a virgin.  So Frank, wanting to accommodate her needs and also to have a swig of her fine wine, closed the bar for a day.  This caused such a fuss across the small valley.  Everyone, including his wife heard about it.  Now his wife, heard stories about all these other girls, but never believed one word of it.   Not her Frank!  Her Frank would never cheat on her..  How Frank had gotten away with it, I still do not know.

Now there was one slight little problem with this missy.  She was very young and very much a virgin.  So Frank invited her to the bar for an interview.  The little missy wore a little white sweater barely covering her large tits.  She wanted to get Frank nice and horny, being her first time and all.  When Frank saw her his penis just took off, like a charging bull, rising up with me.  I felt the skin tighten around my arms and I almost popped loose, though I was embedded deep.  This missy, just placed her hands on her hips, and asked when the interview was going to start.  Frank motioned up to the stage and asked her to do her thing.  She turned on some soft music and started rotating her hips, and boy did she have hips.  She just gyrated to the music, swinging to and fro.  Her sweet tight ass jiggling out of her shorts.   I was almost ready to explode.  How Frank was keeping his cool, I just didn't know.  She slowly started unbuttoning her little sweater, showing her white lacy bra underneath.  As she unbuttoned her shorts, she revealed a white G-string, like those fancy models wear.  By this time, Frank's penis was jammed so tight in his pants, he was suffocating me.  Sensing my agony, Frank unzipped his pants, releasing his over endowed cock.  He placed his hand on its shaft and started to stroke it up and down.   His stroking gave me an opportunity to demonstrate the various lifts I could possibly perform.  I decided to do something special, since the missy was so special.   A backward double flip that would hit right below her G-spot and send her to the stars.

She slowly glided to Frank, shoving her still slung breasts under his nose.  She moved them back and forth, occasionally, brushing her hips against his cock.  Frank started to leak, just a little at first.  She saw the leakage and exclaimed that their couldn't be none of that, as she placed her virginally lips down to his lap.   She sucked up his sweet juices and gently tickled me with her tongue.  She kept moving me in and out of her mouth, occasionally penetrating me with her tongue.   Oh yes, she was mighty special.  She new how to even please a ring.  She raised her head, and slithered Frank's lance between her firm breasts.  She slid us down their crevice as she continued to suck.  She asked Frank if he'd do the honors as he undid the back of her bra.  As her sling came off, she revealed the most beautiful firm tits a ring has ever seen.  Between her youngness and loveliness, I was ready to spring forth for action.  Frank wanted to take his time, as he leaned back and came in her mouth.  She hungrily gobbled up his whole load, begging for more.  She rose, moving her G-string in front of his face.  Frank dug his hands deep into the G-string, not wanting to tear open his present.  He slithered his large hands down her thighs and between her legs.  She had the softest mound of thick bush and the tightest little lips.  Frank placed a finger between her lips, testing the water.  Finding it the perfect temperature, he removed her G-string.  What it revealed took my breath away.  She looked like Barbie.  He slowly spread her legs, and held her tantalizing over my head.  I just wanted to dive right in, but Frank had different ideas.  He first teased her with his tip, gliding it over her wet lips.  She straddled his legs, wanting to sit down.  But Frank firmly held her hips, forcing her to stay standing.  He tentatively tasted her soft tits, gradually sucking them deep into his mouth.  As he nibbled, he kept checking her temperature with his fingers.  Gradually he inserted two fingers and then three, deep inside her dripping wet pussy. 

I wanted an opportunity to taste her pussy too, and was getting a little perturb with Frank.  After all, I was his ring.  I have rights too!  Finally when Frank was able to fit four finger into her tight pussy, he allowed her to sit.  The first plunge was awesome.  As a very well used ring, I had never felt anything remotely as pleasing.  I immediately swung into action, tilting up and over, rubbing near her G-spot.  The missy groaned with pleasure as she start riding Frank with vigor.  Frank firmly held her hips, afraid that he would be bucked off.  Each time she sat down, she plunged me deeper into her virginal whole.  Frank's head was buried deep between the crevice of her firm tits, as I was buried deep inside her tight hot swollen pussy.   We all came together like sailing over the ridge on a fine horse.  Frank spurting his hot load deep into her virginal depths.  For a first time, she sure did enjoy herself.  After that night, the only riding Frank did was young.  He made appointments for "interviews".  They were all virginal and young.  Beauty was not a concern.  Having one virgin, Frank craved others.   He was their teacher and they were his pupils.  I experienced the best years of my life, being Frank's ring.  Like I said, the stories I can tell...

So, the moral to this story, because there was a point, is if you take really good care of your penis ring, your penis ring will help you get a reputation..."the sexual lift", and you too could possibly become the teacher for the young and inexperience!


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