Sunday Matinee
By Ambrosia Vynne

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

1998 Ambrosia Vynne

Every Sunday afternoon, one of Maggie’s favorite pastimes was going to the movies. A movie was filled with magic that whisked Maggie away to a land of dreams. She looked forward to her small weekend vacation away from her otherwise dreary life.   She wished for a life filled with daring and dramatics. She wanted a little excitement to shed its light on her depressingly normal life.

When she was in the theater, the images on the screen became a live. She was part of the action that was happening in front of her. She was no longer just sitting as part of the audience, but was transported into the screen, enjoying the imaginary life of the characters of the movie.

Eventually, she started to creat new imaginary characters, that each weekend she played out, prior to going to the movies. She became, for a short time, her favorite characters. She became outgoing and charismatic, shedding her shy exterior for just a day. She started meeting people she would have never had the opportunity to meet before. Her dreary world opened to new horizons.

Maggie was out on one of these fantasy crusades, enjoying her afternoon at the movies. She had dressed as a modern Cinderella geared from the movie "Ever After" and sporting the more modern sarcastic attitude. She had dressed in a low cut blouse showing off her well endowed bosom, with a tightly laced bodice and a full skirt. She chose her skirt particularly because of its shortness, which displayed her shapely legs. Prior to her characterization, she was an attractive women, hidden under many layers of shyness. Her new ability to slip into characters allowed her attractiveness to shine through her daring displays.

Being a advent movie buff, she always chose her seat carefully, dead set center of the theater. She had settled down with her soda and popcorn, ready to embark on another journey, when a prince sat next to her. She was amazed and surprised. He was an attractive man, who had chosen a seat next to hers. She had set out that morning to live the day as Cinderella, eventually finding her prince and here he was, sitting right next to her. The young man introduced himself as Gil. Gil, like Maggie enjoyed movies and the special world it created within his world. Gil sometimes took on his favorite characters when his own personality wasn’t suitable to the situation he found himself in. He was a very attractive man, with soft blonde hair and breezy blue eyes, that sparkled when he laughed. He had a deep laughter that sent chills up Maggie’s spine. She knew, at that split second, she had found her prince, and perhaps, instead of being a prince for just a day, he may be a prince for life.

They settled next to each other, sharing snap shots of each other’s life as they tentatively stole little brief caresses. Becoming a little more daring, Maggie placed her hand on Gil’s thigh, sending a quick and decisive message. At that moment, the lights deemed and the theater went black. The screen in front of them awoke in a blaze of sound, color and life. Though both Gil and Maggie, were immediately enthralled in the scene unraveling before their eyes, Gil’s hand reciprocated and rested on Maggie’s thigh. The magic of the movie seeped through Maggie’s pours, as her grip on Gil’s thigh tightened. Gil’s hand moved up Maggie’s thigh, caressing the soft skin, sending little shivers of pleasure cascading up her spine. She was enchanted with her prince in waiting.

The lover’s on the screen held each other, as they slowly lovingly undressed. Maggie wanted to feel what the lover’s were feeling, as she reached into Gil’s lap. She unzipped his pants, and pulled out his soft lance. Gil sharply drew in his breath, not expecting this little surprise. His penis started throbbing to life, as his anticipation grew. Gil turned in his seat, facing Maggie, and cupped her jaw as he pulled her face to his. He gently kissed her lips, tasting her sweetness. Maggie, placed both of her arms around his neck pulling him closer. Gil moved his hands, first pushing up the arm rest, giving him more room, then cupping her soft breasts, causing the nipples to become hard. Gil reached down the front of her blouse, pulling each large breast out. He moved his lips to nibble each tit. Maggie wanting to taste his lips again, pulled his head back to hers, turning the gentle kiss into a deep passionate embrace, mirroring the lovers on the screen.

Slipping from their magical intrancement with the lover’s on screen, Gil and Maggie warmly melted into one, as they deepened their passionate kiss. Gil wanting to have all of Maggie, impatiently pushed her skirt up, revealing her moist pink panties. Maggie laid down, across the seats, inviting Gil to join her. Gil, pushed down his pants, freeing his dagger. Gil brutally tore at Maggie’s panties with impatience. He wanted his hard pulsing dagger deep between her steaming thighs. Maggie anticipating his impatience, wiggled herself out of her pink confines. Increasing her arousal, Maggie caressed her own large breasts, stirring her heated pleasure. She spread her legs, inviting Gil to penetrate his hard love dagger between her thighs, causing her love juices to seep, drowning his balls in boiling moistness. Gil wanting to penetrate her deeper, firmly grasped her legs, pulling them farther apart as he positioned himself over her, plunging deeper and harder. With each new plunge, Maggie responded with a force of her own, swallowing his swollen dick deeper inside her as she pivoted her pelvic welcoming his thrusts.

Together they swam the ocean of orgasmic pleasure, as they came, together. Lightening tingled through their thighs and cascaded through their nerves, as their pleasure swept them against the rocks surrounding their private pleasure island. They came in tune with their twin magical lovers reflected on the screen. They laid together watching the remainder of the movie, knowing that the magic had seeped within them.

As the credits rolled, they silently straightened their attire. Standing, they looked around their magical kingdom, the prince holding his princess’ hand. He pulled her over, kissing her once again. This time, his kiss was light and fragile, like the soft wings of a butterfly brushing oh so softly against the petals of a flower.

They left the theater hand in hand, knowing that magic really did exist. The magic of the movie was now their silent partner, showing each the path they were to follow.

It was difficult to explain, several months later, why these two chose to marry. Their friends and family, not understanding the attraction between the two. But since that magical moment, in front of the silver screen, Gil and Maggie were seldom apart. The magic they discovered during their moments within the darkened theater, continued to play out, like a tape with no end. Each passionate moment growing deeper into the next. Their lovemaking a testament that miracles do happen...


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