By Ambrosia Vynne

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

copyright 1999 Ambrosia Vynne

It was Margo's first day working nights.  Her dad owned a small liquor store that stayed open 24 hours on the weekends.  Due to her dad's recent surgery, she had volunteered to take over his hours.  Working nights was a little scary.   Most of the people who came in were regulars.  He owned the store for almost 25 years and through that time got to know the majority of his customers.  They depended on dad's store for all of their household needs.  It was a small community store that had a little of everything.  Dad had purposely kept the prices low so that everyone could afford to shop there.  He competed with the big shopping centers in price while offering the convenience of a local store.  Margo's dad was proud of his store and the help he gave to the local community.  Margo looked around the small store and smiled.  Dad's store kept her and her mom very comfortable, how he made money all these years was a miracle.

The bell over the door rang out and Margo looked up toward the sound.  The guy who walked in was very handsome.  He was wearing a suit that must have cost over a thousand dollars.  He definitely was not part of the neighborhood.  He approached the counter, explaining he was lost and asked for directions.  He had a twinkle in his eyes that cause her pulse to quicken.  She looked down to his crotch and noticed the slight tent.  She imagined that he must be very well hung.  He was late for some party and she told him he was definitely lost.  He was new in the city and made too many wrong turns.  He was suppose to be in Beverly Hills and instead he was in Torrance.  She looked at him again, and smiled.  He was never going to make it in time.  She offered him the phone to call and tell his friends he was going to be late.  He asked what time she got off and she smiled.  Marko's (her dad's employee) shift started at 1am, that was 2 hours away.  He laughed, by that time the party would be breaking apart.  It was one of those posh dinner parties he found extremely boring.  She offered him a cup of coffee which he eagerly accepted.  He leaned against the counter and they started talking.  Margo found him extremely interesting not only handsome.  She wondered again about the bulge in his pants and when she was going to see it.

Dan sensed her interest.  He found her very attractive.  He had recently broken up with his girlfriend and hadn't met anyone of interest, until now.  He reached up and stroked her strawberry blonde hair.  She had a large firm chest.   Her taught nipples pressed against her thin t-shirt.  He reached down caressing her erect nipples.  She responded by pulling his head close to hers.   Her kiss was urgent, as she wrapped her arms around his neck.  He moved around the counter and pressed her against it.  She had told him about her fantasy to fuck a stranger in her dad's store, now her fantasy was going to come true.  He unzipped his pants, pulling them down.  She stroked his large hard cock.  She was so excited that she let out a little groan of pleasure.  Just seeing his cock was going to make her cum.  He pulled up her skirt, tearing off her moist panties.   Absently she looked down at her ruined panties as she spread her legs wide, inviting him to take her.  He knelt in front of her, burying his head between her legs.  He sucked on her sweet pussy, snuggling his nose between her wet lips.  He inhaled her musky aroma.  His cock pulsed with eagerness as he continued sucking.  He moved his tongue over her hot wet pussy, licking each and every inch.  As he enjoyed tongue fucking her, his hands were busy pumping his cock.  Margo ran her fingers through his thick curly hair, gently pulling his face to hers.  Again she kissed him, tasting her own juices.  She reached down and fondled his cock.  She scooted closer to the edge of the counter running his tip between her legs.  As she teased his cock she removed his shirt caressing his chest with her hands.  As he was about to dive into her wet cunt, the bells rang over the door.  Margo swore, pushing him away.  She pulled down her skirt and got off the counter.

She was just in time to see a regular approach the counter.  He was very concerned when he saw Dan standing behind Margo.  Margo introduced Dan as her boyfriend and assured the customer that everything was okay.  The customer shrugged his shoulders and went about doing his shopping.  Dan raised her skirt from behind, and slipped his hard cock between Margo's cheeks.  Margo sucked in a deep breath of air as Dan slowly inserted his large cock into her virginal hole.  She had never been butt fucked before.  The pain coursed through her body.  At first she thought she was going to faint, but then the pain subsided and was replaced with the sweetest pleasure.   She wiggled her ass causing Dan's dick to penetrate her deeper.  She held still for a moment savoring the intermix of pleasure and pain.  Dan slipped his hands around her hips and started gently moving in and out.  He was so close to cumming.   There was something about Margo that excited him.  The customer approached the counter with his groceries.  He thought it was weird that Margo's boyfriend was standing directly behind her with his hands around her hips.  He shrugged his shoulders again shaking his head, one never knew with this younger generation.  Margo rang up the purchases, being careful not to move or say anything to alert the customer.   She wished him good night and watched him leave.  As he reached the door, Margo bent over the counter holding on for dear life.  Dan rammed her from behind, shoving his hard cock deeper inside her.  Her world started to spin as she approached the edge.  Over she went, spiraling down into the abyss of an orgasm.  It was unlike any other orgasm she ever felt.  This one over powered her and left her spinning, and yet she wanted more.

She eagerly turned around and knelt in front of Dan's spent cock.  She placed it into her mouth and sucked it to hardness.  As she sucked she played with her pulsing pussy.  She stood up, sitting back on top of the counter spreading her legs wide.   Dan entered her easily and together they went for a ride.  As he fucked her, she raised her t-shirt exposing her large tits.  He cupped a tit inside his hands and brought it to his mouth.  He sucked on the nipple until it was hard and tender, exchanging it for the other one.  His cock felt snug and secure inside her wet pussy.   Margo was the best fuck he had ever had.  She knew how to move with each one of his thrusts.  They rode as one, enjoying the path to mutual fulfillment.  She wrapped her legs around his hips, pulling him closer to her.  She moved his mouth to hers, again capturing his tongue.  They held onto each other as their bodies were overwhelmed with the electric pulses of another orgasm.  Dan circled his strong arms around her slight shoulders, holding her tight.  To fuck this women every night would surely be a treasure.  He pulled her face up, looking deep into her eyes.  Their eyes agreed, this would not be the last time.

She threw away her panties and straightened up in time to see her dad's employee come in.  It was time to leave, but she wasn't leaving alone.  As Dan and Margo walked out of the store, hand in hand, they giggled.  Maybe they still had enough time to make it to the party...  and if not, they would just have a party of their own!

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