Spiritual Decencies
By Ambrosia Vynne

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

1998 Ambrosia Vynne

To enter the order, you must be committed to a life of poverty and servitude. I heard the words when spoken, but my heart was only filled with the desire to escape. The rape had been brutal. Being brought up as a strict Catholic, I believed my mother when she claimed that my rape was a sign from God that I was meant for a life of servitude. Bottom line: I would be safe. Therefore, I spoke to the priest of my congregation and discussed with him my wishes.

My application as a new Sister of St. Beshops, was accepted. Initially I was thrilled. A place I could hide from my sins, for I felt like I had sinned. If I had not sinned, why then would I have been raped. Looking back, I needed a Psychiatrist not religion. But I had been brought up to embrace God and he will heal all.

I said my vows and married God for life. I gave away my beautiful bright cloths and traded for a black robe, that hid my shame. I was given a chamber consisting of a bed, a bible, and a cross.

Initially, I was shy. The sisters tried with some effort to break through my self proclaimed wall of isolation. I ate and prayed, that’s all I did. That’s all I wanted to do.

Prior to my descent into my hidden world, I was a very good looking women. Both men and women turned their heads to admire my fit 5’6" frame and my bright red hair. I owned a successful flower business, and loved being with people. I now touch my face and do not recognize the person I’ve become. Somewhere with my desire to hide, I lost the sparkle that was my life. I thought I was lost, lost to life, then a special person came into my life, Sister Theresa.

Sister Theresa changed my perspective of life. We are no longer sisters, but that is another story. She was my guiding light to the truth. She was my savior, not God. I met her during one of our many prayer meetings. She had snuck in chocolate. Chocolate may not seem like a major sin, but it is. As Sisters, we have committed to a life of poverty. Eating Chocolate, does not equate with poverty. What I was feeling started before I met Sister Theresa. Sister Theresa and her Chocolate were the bridge to my feelings.

Prior to joining the order, I had a very active sex life. I enjoyed having sex with both men and women, though I preferred women. Women are more familiar with the desires of another women. There were long nights in my cell, that I imagined another women laying besides me, caressing my body through the dark thick folds of my robe. I guess I asked for Sister Theresa. My sexual fantasies grew stronger and more frequent. I had day dreams during prayer. One day, I just couldn’t help myself. The day dream was so intense that I groped my hand under my habit and found the wet folds of my pussy. I played with my pussy until I came. Sister Theresa gave me a knowing look. At first I thought I was caught. I was dreading a call to Mother Superior’s office, condemning me to hell. Sex and the enjoyment of same is a sin. Sex is purely for having babies. And Nuns have no need to have babies.

I kept questioning my sanity for joining the order. I felt a growing internal struggle. It had been almost a year since I was rape. The reasons for the rape came clear to me and I understood that I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. With a growing need to confide my doubts with someone, I sought out Sister Theresa. Sister Theresa seemed to be cut from the same cloth as myself. She seemed to be a women under the bulky black habit, a women with a sexual soul. With hindsight, I believe I was always attracted to Sister Theresa on a subconscious level. On a conscious level, I had known I made a dreadful mistake of joining the order, and yet, I was not ready to leave.

I got the courage to pass a note to Sister Theresa, expressing that I needed to talk. I met her late at night in my cell. I didn’t know what I was going to say or how I was going to get to the subject of our meeting. Sister Theresa must of read my mind, as she reached out and stroked my face. She said she knew what I was going through. She opened her habit and displayed the most beautiful naked body I have ever seen. She was shaped like an hour glass, with beautiful 36 Double D breasts that were firm and hung by themselves. She had a completely flat tummy that was rippled with a six pack. She had to work out. There was no other way to maintain such beautiful muscle structure.

She saw my very appreciative stare. She smiled, and took my hand into hers. She moved my hand over her tummy. She was so firm and soft. I moved my hand over her big beautiful breasts and whispered, "how." Again she smiled, "I work out. There are several other Sisters who also work out." She told me she had been watching me for a long time. "I don’t belong here, Sister. I have made a major mistake!"

Again, she smiled. She helped me out of my habit and examined my body. Her hands gently cupped my firm breasts, as she brought each one to her mouth. We approached the bed and laid down. She cuddled me in her arms and held me tight. She started telling me about the secret order of Sisters within the order. No one knew about the secret order. Although nuns are married to God, they too crave sex. The best sex is with one of your own. A women knows all the secret hidden places and desires of a women, since they have explored their own bodies. The secret order met during the week and shared their partners.

Theresa had joined the religious order when she was young. It was not of her choice. Her parents had died and she grew up in the order’s orphanage. Her first lover was another nun. She had a growing feeling that she would meet someone special and together they would start on a new life. Sister Theresa knew a life of a nun was not meant for her. She had stayed waiting for that special someone.

Being held in her arms, I felt safe. She was my guardian and no harm would come to me. I moved to my side, facing her. I reached for her chin and stroked her cheeks as I kissed her. Her tongue quickly penetrated mine as our kiss deepened. Our bodies rubbed together with mutual desire. I wanted to feel inside her. I wanted to suck her sweet juices and make her mine. She pulled away from me. She said she needed to make sure that I was the one, that I was her special someone. In order to make sure, I had to experience the others. If after being with the other nuns, my feelings for her were the same, we would leave our godly bonds together.

My trial was to be held in two forth nights. Until that time, I was told to behave myself. Which meant no more masturbating during prayer! Sister Theresa stayed the night, holding me and caressing my body. We both wanted more, but I understood her reasons. I asked her to describe her first encounter with a nun.

Sister Theresa had just turned 18. She was still unsure about her body. She had relations with some of the other orphans, but nothing serious. She had found herself very attractive to a particular Sister. She never understood the attraction and was told, through scripture, it was a devils attraction. Sister Marie was an older nun, roughly 40. It is so hard to tell a Sister’s true age, when masked behind the habit. For an older women, she was very firm and in great shape. Sister Marie met Sister Theresa in a court yard. She questioned Sister Theresa about her feelings. Sister Marie told Sister Theresa that she had known about her sexual encounters with the other orphans and that Sister Theresa was meant for more. She reached into her habit and felt her breasts. She caressed her breast through the material. Sister Marie’s touch aroused her. Sister Marie told her that sex was not wrong and not a sin. Sex was an expression of a women’s inner desire. Sister Marie continued to caress her body, moving her hand between her creamy thighs. Her touch caused Sister Theresa to cum like she never came before. She felt Sister Marie’s finger’s penetrate her welcoming pussy, and she moved to kiss her. The joining only lasted a moment. Quickly Sister Marie pulled away. Sister Marie only meant to open a new doorway for Sister Theresa and introduce her to the secret order. That brief glimpse into her tormented desires, placed her on her present path.

I woke early in the morning, finding that Sister Theresa had departed. I missed her warmth and security. The next two days drag with anticipation. The feelings I had for Sister Theresa were immediate and deep. I couldn’t believe there ever could be another for me.

We met in the antechambers of the convent. I felt like we were preparing for a satanic Sabbath. Twenty-Two nuns filed in all clothed in their habits. Each face was shining with anticipation. With little to no ceremony, they all disrobed. Every form of female was there, small fit women to large obese women. Each women looked around herself, and chose at random a partner. The orgy started when two women went to the floor, deep into the initial phases of foreplay. Within a blink of the eye, the floor was littered with naked bodies grooping each other, stroking each other. Many breasts being sucked and a multitude of pussies being sucked. Fingers stroking deep thick mounds of multi-colored pubic hair, slowly penetrating to their hot moist slits. Many groans of ecstasy voiced as one, echoing through the chamber. The strong aroma of sexual arousal, perpetrated throughout the chamber.

Seeing the intense animal sexuality aroused me, but I was not interested in any of the women groping around me. I started searching for Sister Theresa through the throngs of naked women. I eventually found her sitting separate from the others. She motioned me to come to her. She held me in her arms and asked whether or not I was aroused. I admitted I was aroused, but didn’t want any of these women, except for her. She explained that the Sisters had been bound for so long against their own dark sexual desires, that once a week they shed their cloths and became sexual animals. I watched around me as they continued to stroke each other and arousing each other’s sexual desires. Dripping wet pink pussy flesh flashed all around. Women licking each other’s slits and other’s penetrating their orifices with everything imaginable to fingers, carrots, and tops of bottles. As we watched the women came to a heated pitch as they all orgasmed. They laid together, enjoying their sexual aftermath. Then as if nothing particular had happened they calmly got dressed, looking like solemn nuns, and calmly left the antechamber.

Sister Theresa held me as we shared a deep kiss. She slowly undressed me, caressing my bared body with small wet kisses. She placed her warm mouth over my breast and sucked the nipple to hardness. I held her head close to my breast, stroking her hair. She slowly moved her head down my body. She nudged my pubic hair aside with her nose and tentatively licked my slit. She slowly ran her fingers over my lips as she continued to suck me. I felt her insert her fingers in as she continued to lick my wet pink lips. Wave after wave of sweet orgasm hit my body as I sailed through a storm of passion. I never had such sweet sex. She knew what places to touch to arouse the deepest emotions in me. At that moment, I knew I had to leave the convent. I couldn’t become like the other nuns, I needed this women to be mine. I wanted my old life back, my business. I wanted to wake up every morning with this women besides me.

It took less than a week, before we were on the outside looking at our old home and on our way to our new. Even today, I believe there was a reason I had to join the order. I had to find my one true love... And God showed me the way!

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