Soothing Waves
By Ambrosia Vynne

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

copyright 1999 Ambrosia Vynne

I purchased my condo near the ocean for the sound of the waves.  I find that the music the waves make as they crash against the beach is very soothing, especially after a day at the office.  I work as an Interior Decorator to the ultra rich.   I initially got into the business because I enjoyed picking out colors and decorating homes.  But lately, work had been getting to me.  I felt tired and wasted.   I got angry at my clients, feeling very unappreciated.  Before their indecisive attitudes didn't really bother me, but lately I had been allowing it to get under my skin.  Since starting my business, I had not been on a date.  I was a successful business women of 28 years old and had no boyfriends.  Sure men asked me out, but there was no one I was attracted to.  Most of my male clients were married and I was not going to get involved with something complicated.  It had been almost 2 years since the last time I got laid!  I was close to forgetting what it felt like to have a hard penis inside me.  I experienced orgasms nightly through masturbation, but that was different.  Masturbating was not a good substitute for a real hard cock.   I wanted a man I could hold on to and dig my nails into his back as I came.

As I walked on the beach, kicking clumps of sand, I enjoyed the setting sun.  The sky lit up with hues of yellow and orange before settling into the ever darken shade of bluish black.  Several stars twinkled down at me as I continued walking along the beach.  I noticed a jogger pass me, as I continued kicking the clumps of sand with my bare feet.  I did not notice his admiring glance as he passed me.  I continued walking closer to the waves, stopping for moments to admire the beating waves.   Thinking I was alone, I quickly undressed.  I walked into the welcoming arms of the ocean embracing the cold.  I was a very good swimmer and swam in the ocean often.  I swam out a ways, enjoying the feel of the turbulent water on my bare skin.   Occasionally, a fish would swim by caressing my bare flesh, causing ripples of goose pimples to spring up across my back.  I walked out of the water, laying down on the beach to catch my breath.  As the waves came up the beach, I placed my hand between my legs and started stroking my aroused pussy lips.  The waves moved against the beach, caressing my inner thighs with their salt hands.  The force of the waves felt good against my swollen flesh.  I could almost feel the fingers reaching out of the waves, stroking my wet pussy. 

I heard a slight movement as he approached.  I opened my eyes looking up at the most handsome man I had seen in a long time.  He stood over my naked body and stared with admiration.  I didn't find him threatening in any regards and didn't try covering my naked body.  He asked if he could join me as he started getting undress.   I was more than willing to have his company and perhaps, his hard cock to ride.   I was feeling naughty and rebellious.  As he got undressed, I reached up and caressed his hardening cock.  He knelt down and offered his cock to my mouth.  I moved my tongue over his shaft tasting his saltiness.  I pulled his cock deeper into my mouth as I sucked his tip.  He moved his hands over my firm breasts, stroking my nipples to hardness.  He lowered his mouth to my nipples, shifting his weight, straddling his legs around my head.  His mouth moved down my chest and found its way through my bushy pubic hair.  He nestled his tongue down my slit and sucking my sweet juices.  As we sucked each other, the waves continued beating against our bodies further arousing our sexual desires.  I felt the sand shift under my weight, each time a wave hit.  It was like hundreds of fingers massaging away each and every taught muscle.  He continued sucking my increasingly wet pussy, as I stroked and sucked his shaft.  It had been a long time since I had a hard cock deep inside me.   I gently pushed him away, maneuvering him onto his back.  He had the deepest blue eyes that seemed to penetrate my soul.  I eagerly straddled him between my legs, slipping his hard dick into my wet folds.

I held him in tight, savoring the feel of having a hard cock inside me.  Slowly I started gyrating, moving his cock in and out as I rode him.  I held him down, and teased him with my nipples, occasionally allowing him to capture one in his mouth.  I wanted to feel his hot cum shoot down my walls as he exploded within me.  Finally, I allowed him to grasp my breasts, bringing them to his mouth so that he was able to suck on my nipples.  His face seemed familiar, but I couldn't place it.  As I rode him, I reached back and grasped his balls, gently caressing them with my hands.  Again, a wave moved across our bodies, this time covering us for a few moments.  As it slipped away, we let out our breath, with a sigh of relief.  The tide was rising to a dangerous level.  The next wave hit covering us completely for several moments longer than the last.  I continued riding him, pushing him harder to finish.  I held on to his body for dear life, as my body spasmed with pleasure.  I felt his cum spray within me as another wave hit us, again covering us with its body.  We quickly moved up the beach, before we laid down to rest.

Both of us orgasmed under water and it felt like an eternity.  I rolled over to my side, and asked if he would like to take a shower at my place.  He eagerly agreed.   We hastily dressed and like two naughty children ran to my place.  We were laughing as we went inside my front door.  It took us mere moments to shed our damp cloths and climb into my big shower.  I enjoyed taking baths and showers; therefore, I remodeled my bathroom.  My shower was very large and had 6 shower heads.  There was a marble seat across the back, that enabled me to sit and enjoy a long hot shower.  I turned on all 6 heads, and allowed the hot water to spill over my cold flesh.  He joined me, covering my body with soap suds.  We slowly washed each other, taking our time to explore each other's body.  He was mostly muscle.  He had a chest full of soft black hair, the way I liked it.  I turned him around and sighed with pleasure, noticing his hairless back.  I ran my hands over his smooth skin, reaching in front to cradle his penis.  His penis started twitching in my hands as I cleaned it. 

I finished first, stepping out of the shower.  I walked into the adjourning room and lit the fire place.  I had just enough time to lower the lights and light several candles before he joined me.  I was waiting for him in front of the fireplace on one of my many throw blankets.  He laid down beside me and we slowly made love.  The urgency was gone this time.  I wanted to feel him and touch him.  I wanted to bring him to an orgasm slowly, savoring his smell and touch.  I held his head close to mine and encaptured a kiss.  I moved my hands down the length of his body, feeling his strong muscles.  My hands cupped his firm ass and brought him between my legs.   I felt my juices running in anticipation of having him fuck me again.  He reared up, pulling my legs farther apart as he inserted his hard dick deep inside me.   He held me for several moments, both of us savoring his hardness.  He then started moving inside me, with long easy strokes.  I groaned with pleasure, moving my body closer to his, ensuring that I felt the full stroke.  He bent down, taking my full lips into his mouth as he continued fucking me.  Our kiss had a depth and urgency of its own, as we clung together and came. 

We held each other for a long time, enjoying the sexual after glow.  I turned on my side, and looked deep in his eyes.  Again, I know I had seen this man before.   So I asked him, and he smiled.  "You don't remember where?", he asked.  I was dumbfounded...  He looked so familiar, and yet I was unable to place him.  "No", I responded "I don't know where..."  He slowly smiled and laughed.  "I am your new next door neighbor..."  I smiled to my self.  New next door neighbor, huh...  At least something in my life had made a turn for the better!

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