Sex on the Net
By Ambrosia Vynne

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

copyright 1999 Ambrosia Vynne

Kiki was a sexual creature, as long as she was not in the same room with her lover.  She gave excellent phone sex and net sex, but the moment she met the person face to face, the erotic energy dried up.  Her best orgasms were when she talked to someone on a phone or via e-mail.   As she wrote or talked, she masturbated to an orgasm.  She didn't find her sexual preferences weird.  She found actually touching someone or having a guy's cock shoved up inside her pussy, unsanitary.  She enjoyed fucking the guy in her mind.  Imagining a cock being shoved deep inside her.   She enjoyed the challenge of keeping up with the sexual pretense, while she masturbated.  Finding other's to share telephone sex was increasingly difficult.   After having telephone sex, guys wanted to meet her in person.  When she told them she was not interested, their relationship petered out and died.  The creation of the internet gave her a new avenue to explore.  She discovered an organization that specialized in bringing sexual zealots like her together.

The first few e-mails she got discussed without much creativity the feel of her wet pussy and the guys hard cock.  Every guy had a hard cock.  The question was could he use it.  Could he describe his cock and what his cock could do in a way that turned her on.  And more over, could he keep up the dialogue and get her off.   She riffled through the possibilities, settling for one.  Doug seemed not only to be horny, but had the words to describe his horniness.  Doug's initial message discussed how he wanted to explore Kiki's nether regions and see what areas he could "properly" fit into.  The sucking, and fucking would come later.  The important part for the first few days of introduction was getting to know each other based on how well he could describe what he wanted to do, without of course just coming out and saying it.  Frankness was a bore.  Anyone could write about ramming his cock deep inside her wet pussy.  Only a few men possessed the creative genius to get her thinking about the ramming of his cock for days.  She felt her nipples respond as she read Doug's email.  She tested her pussy to see if it agreed with her initial assessment.  Her pussy was hot and wet as she slid her fingers through its folds.  

She created their own chat room and wrote him back with a time for their date.   She turned off her computer and prepared herself for the date.  Everything needed to be right.  She showered and dressed in a silk black negligee that had a matching robe.  She poured out a glass of Champagne in one of her crystal stems.   With the Champagne she set out a plate of her favorite aphrodisiacs, ripe strawberries with sour cream, chunks of yellow cheese, and of course, steamed clams on the half shell.  She placed the plates next to her bed and lowered the lights.  She set her lap top on her knees and turned on her system.  As she looked down at her nightstand absently checking the array of toys available.  She was ready to be fucked hard and good, and Doug was her man!  Her screen flicked to life and she dialed up her service.  The modem caught and screamed out its hello as the other system answered with a plea of its own.  It was time to enter the chat room.   Doug was already there patiently waiting.  The first words flickered onto the screen.  "It has been a week since I answered your wonderful reply.  Is it too much to ask to be able to, tonight, moisten my lips on yours and taste all that you and only you can give me?"  Wow, Kiki thought...  this guy really had a way with words.  He had a strong command of language and probably was very well read.   Kiki responded in the same frame, "My parched lips are waiting desperately for the passionate touch of yours.  You are my water, without I would die many of deaths filled with sorrow..."  "As we kiss, I can savor your flavor.  You are so sweet and tasty, my penis earns to be unclothed and lay beside your firm body."   "Ah", replied Kiki "is it just your penis which wishes to lay beside me, or do you wish to lay it somewhere else."  As Kiki wrote this last line, her fingers quickly unsnapped her crotch.  She ran her fingers down her wet pussy playing with her folds.  She could almost feel his hard cock inside her.  His head gently testing her hole and slowly being drawn in like honey to a bee. 

"My hard penis desires to first bask in the warmth of your mouth, being sucked like a lollipop."  Kiki smiled, the conversation was going perfectly.  She reached over to her night stand picking up one of her many toys.  She placed the large penis between her lips and began sucking it.  Her finger wrote, "I have your large cock inside my hot wet mouth, sir and it indeed tastes so sweet.  It has grown twice its size and promises to fill me with such delight."  She continued sucking the cock, almost believing she felt it growing.  "You do me too much justice, my darling.." Doug wrote.  "My penis only responds to your tender loving care, and nothing more.  The excitement in my loins is drawn only upon you.   Allow me to caress not only your mouth but your sweet wet pussy."  Kiki smiled, removing the hard cock from her mouth and placing it between her legs.  She stroked the tip under her wet folds.  She was so close to her first orgasm.   "My pussy eagerly throbs with desire, screaming the name of your penis out in the middle of the night.  Wanting and waiting desperately to feel your hardness deep inside my steamy wet folds of pink flesh.  My mouth holds a scream of its own, wanting to savor your flavor.  I am torn, dear sir by desire to have you both ways."  "Ah my dear," Doug responded, "and so you shall have me both ways.  For I will cum in your mouth, allowing you to savor my sweet wine, that only you can bring bubbling out.  And then, your sweet lips will raise my stallion again, only to caress your hot pussy like a thunder cloud, raining my desires unto you."  With those last words, Kiki was paralyzed with pleasure.  She groped her night stand reaching for the other cock.  She shoved one in her mouth, sucking it hard.  Feeling his life pour down her throat.  She savored his flavor, wanting to suck him into hardness again.  She placed the other hard cock between her legs, stroking it urgently.  She pretended that it was growing hard, yet again and then she plunged it into her dripping wet pussy.  She closed her legs, holding the cock tightly not wanting it to go.  She bulked her body, feeling it enter her deeper.   She moved her hips, simulating his movements and she road his cock.

"My arms beg to hold you tight, wrapping my legs around your firm ass, teasing and tantalizing your hard cock with the soft wetness of my inner thighs.  I have placed you within me and I ride you hard and wild.  You and only you are my master.  I beckon at your call.  My body arches to meet each one of your thrusts.  I am cumming..."  Kiki's body orgasmed, spraying her sweet juices out over her bed.   The cock pulsed inside her and she felt for several moments, his hot cum spraying inside her.  She savored the feel of his hard cock, finally pulling it out.  She noticed how her juices covered the rubber.  She wanted to drive it back into her, hard and fast.  But she had to wait for Doug's approval.  He was the commander and chief.  "Dearest darling, though my penis is spent, spilling my cum deep inside her tight pussy.  I desire to feel your walls again.  My penis has already come back to life, throbbing in your tender hands."  Kiki smiled, he was ready to plunge it deep yet again.  She eagerly spread her legs, playing only for a moment with her wet lips.  She plunged his hard cock back inside her.  Again, she closed her legs tight, and rode him hard.  "My legs welcome your penetration, as we once again ride to eternity.  My arms hold you tightly to my chest, feeling your sleek body against mine.  I feel your pulses as once again your body tenses to the challenge of cumming.  Cum my darling, spraying your hot juices deep inside me.  They are but seeds for another day!"  Kiki barely kept her fingers on her key board, as she came again.  This time it was slow and precise.   She felt each one of her nerve endings screaming with desire. 

"As I lay in your sweet arms spent, I can only think of one thing.  Holding and having you again, everyday of my existence.  Will you not open your door and let me in, darling."  Kiki was unsure as to what he meant.  Was he really at her door.  She got up out of bed, lovingly placing her lap top on the table.   There he was, a man, presumably Doug on her door step.  The front of his pants were stained with his recent orgasm.  She opened the door, and for some reason let him in.  "Will you answer my call of desire, with a visit from your gracious body?"  Kiki smiled and replied, "Will your hard cock rise to answer my call?"  It was a first, her body was still filled with sexual desires for this man, even though he physically stood on her door step.  "In love and lust I beckon you to my bed..."

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