Sea Side Resort
By Ambrosia Vynne

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

1998 Ambrosia Vynne

The waves crashed against the shore with a velocity shattering Tanya's silence.  The divorce had crippled her in its brutality.  She had married him for love, he had married her for her money.  During their first years together, she had him sign a document.  That one document saved her fortune, but didn't save her heart from his crippling desires.  Tanya's father had bought the resort after her mother had died.  It was his sanctuary and now her's, since his death.  It was actually an island that had one big house.  The closest village was across the vast body of sea water, the size of a good lake.

Tanya stood at the coast, watching the waves.  When she was a child, she had imagined a sea god, coming up from the depths to claim her.  Once, after a ship wreck, a young man did come from the depths, but he didn't stay long.  She held the self imposed walls of her prison close, unwilling to answer the numerous calls of friends and family.  They all worried for her sanity, as they should.  She felt herself tip-toeing the edges of sanity, holding tenuously on the ledge of her mind.   She frequently looked down the swirling soothing blackness of insanity, wishing her fingers to release their hold.  To spiral down into those cool depths, running from the shattering pain that crippled her heart.

He had been cheating on her for years.  Spending her money on other women.  Love prevented her to see his treachery.  She had trusted in love and had lost.  The wind coming from the East, pulled against her nightgown, urging her toward the water.  Perhaps, her Sea God had heard her call, recapturing her soul and bringing her home. 

Samuel saw her balancing on the cliff.  The villagers spoke about a mad women returning home.  Her story was well known.  It had hit all the social papers, with its shame and humility.  Samuel had watched now for several nights, almost as a guardian.  One of these nights, she may just jump, releasing her inner anguish to the welcoming arms of the tormented sea.  He had loved her since he was a child.  They had played together in that big lonely house, while their fathers discussed conquering the world.  When Samuel had heard about her return, he wanted to rush to her side.  But Tanya refused all calls.  He had known, from the start, that the man she married was not for her.  Her father had feared the same, but was unable to stop the oncoming train of cancer that swept through his body.  He left her a large estate making her one of the wealthiest women alive.  Months after her father's death, her husband turned, demanding a divorce and demanding his share.  He had gotten his divorce, but not his share.  He threatened death and harm, and finally the authorities took him away.   

Samuel watched the wind pull at her shear nightgown, displaying her beautiful figure.   Tanya was a slight women, with delicate skin and small breasts. Samuel had longed to touch as he had, so many summers ago.

Samuel knew of Tanya's fantasy of a Sea God, so one summer he swam up from the shore, wearing a toga copied from the old lore books in the library.  She had run down from her perch to rescue him, as he bravely fought the waves.  Lying on the sand, she stroked the stray hairs from his face.  He reached up and held her tenderly in his arms.   There first kiss had been light and gentle, deepening into a harsh realization of his love.  They had made love that summer's eve, with the warm sun caressing their young bodies.  He dared not stay.  If his father had found out, he would have never had the opportunity to see her again, his childhood sweetheart.  Besides, he was suppose to be in school!  His father would have never understood.

The sun rose over the house, as Samuel approached.  He had decided the night before, that it was time to force her out.  If she stayed in her prison much longer, she would be forever lost.  He couldn't bear loosing her again.  This time, she would be his, forever!  He had called his office and spoke to his father.  Their father's had always encouraged them to marry, but then Tanya had met Frank.  Samuel truly believed that the only reason she married Frank was to get away from her father.  

Knowing the household so well, Samuel didn't bother knocking.  He opened the door and let himself in.  As he went into the kitchen, the cook greeted him as an old friend.  Finding that Tanya was still in her room, Samuel offered to take a tray up.   Reaching her door, he balanced the tray as he turned the knob.  She was laying on her bed, covered by shear silk.  She was a beautiful sight.  Samuel placed the tray next to her bed, and sat down.  He gently brushed his fingers against her cheek, admiring her firm body.  Not wanting to immediately disturb her, he gently covered her exposed breast.  It took all his resolve not to cup her breast and bring it to his mouth. 

Tanya stirred, knowing that someone was with her in her room.  She slowly opened her eyes, believing that the Sea God was finally here to take her away.   Seeing only Samuel, she was pleasantly surprised.  She didn't want to appear weak to her friends and close family, so she was repeatedly refusing all their calls.  Leave it to Samuel to know that she needed a loving embrace to hold her against the tormented pain encasing her soul.  She tentatively opened her prison door, and allowed him to enter her self imposed hell.  She reached up and stroked Samuel's face, why hadn't she married him instead, her childhood sweetheart.  She loved Samuel very much and believed he loved her. 

Her mouth was so welcoming that Samuel instinctively brought his head down to taste her fountain.  Their kiss deepened in it's urgency, hers a need to feel warmth and his a need to feel her.  It had been years since they made love, but their bodies responded as if it was yesterday.  Samuel moved his mouth down her beautiful form, cupping the enticing breasts and bringing the nipple to hardness.  Her body arched, pressing her breasts deeper into his mouth.  His hands traveled her body, recapturing the memories of before.  Feeling the silken skin under his hands, caused his swollen penis to become hard.  He moved his hands between her creamy white thighs, sensing the wetness.  Eager to plunge deep inside her, Samuel moved the sheets from her body.   He pulled up her paper thin silk nightgown and spread her thighs.  Tanya wanted him.  She wanted him to pull down the walls of her prison and open her to light.  She was tired of mourning a loss she knew, on some level was going to happen.   She wanted him now and if he would have her, the rest of their lives.  Tanya raised her legs to meet his fierce plunge.  His body beat against hers, as the pounding surf against the rocks.  Tanya again arched her body to meet his demands, causing him to penetrate deeper inside her.  She wrapped her legs around his buttocks, and held him deep, savoring the heat that spread between them. 

They came together, as they did in the past.  Their orgasm coursing through every nerve of their bodies.  They were made for each other, knowing how to instinctively please the other.  As he came, Samuel whispered, "I love you".  Those three words were so beautiful to hear as Tanya wiped a small tear from her cheek.   Samuel held her in his arms.  His warmth melting the ice around her heart.   She had known Samuel all her life and wanted to make love to  him every day.   She snuggled deeper into the confines of his arms, her sensitive nipples hardening against his chest.  She looked up into Samuel's eyes, and together they asked the question, "Would you marry me?"  They laughed in unison, and responded together, "Yes".

They called down for another tray, this time with Champagne to toast their celebrated news!  Before the Champagne arrived, Samuel needed to take her once more, to verify that she really was his.  His penis was hard in moments and her body was eager for a recap.  This time he was so tender and gently, wanting to caress her whole body.   He nuzzled his head between her legs, sucking her sweet juices that were intermingled with his.  She was so wet and welcoming, he wanted to be inside her to feel her again.  She moved down his body, holding him back.  Tanya wanted him again, but she wanted to tease him more.  She blocked his entrance and held his bulging penis tight.  She lowered her mouth down onto his sweet shaft and ran her tongue over his length, sucking every inch of him.  She nuzzled his balls and heard him grasp in surprise.  Licking one of her fingers, she traced a line down his butt crack, finally inserting it in his dark hole.  Tanya felt his shock and surprise.   She had learned a few nasty things married to Frank.  Ready to ride him, Tanya straddled his hard lance.  He held on tightly to her hips as she rode him to oblivion.   As they were cumming, Samuel released her hips and pulled her close to him.   They shared a deep kiss as came together, rocketing high on their mutual orgasm.

By the time the Champagne arrived, Tanya had known she had re-found her Sea God.   He had always been there, by her side, all she had to do was open her doors and let him in...

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