Pump Station
By Ambrosia Vynne

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Copyright 1999 Ambrosia Vynne

I started working at the local gas station during high school.  It is steady easy work with okay pay.  Having never finished high school and having no desire to do so, my job at the gas station, met my requirements.  I not a dumb man, I am just not learned, like all those prissy suits that come in the store.  I like a simple life.  I work my shift and then I go home and hang with my buddies.  Nice and simple.  That's how I like my women, simple.  They don't have to be especially pretty or nothing like that.  They have to listen and do what I says they are to do, that's all.  When I says, "spread them legs Bitch", she is to lay down and spread her legs.  Simple...

One of my major fantasies, since working at the station,  was to go up behind one of the babes pumping gas and just stick it to her.  Most women just want to have sex, they just don't know it.  They been taught, like my mama, to make men beg for it.   Well, we men are superior to any babe, and we shouldn't have to beg.     Each time a cute babe comes in, I imagine myself sauntering out to her.   She initially starts to flirt with me, batting her long lashes and repeatedly licking her lips.  As I pull out my "willy" her eyes open real wide, in mock surprise.  She turns her back to me, trying to ignore my hardening cock.  I tell her I wont stand to be ignored, as I pin her against her car.  I pull up her tight red skirt, and rip off her silky panties.  I spread her cheeks real wide, and shove my hardened "willy" deep into her welcoming hole.  Initially, she screams out in surprise, but then she starts enjoying herself, cause I tell her to.   I grind "willy" deep inside her, as I start to pump my own gas, dumping a full tank.  She likes it so much, she turns around and flashes her big tits in my face.  "willy" and I are ready to pump more gas, as I slide my cock between her hot wet lips.  She is eager for more, as she pulls me toward her, spreading her legs wide.  I grab at her tits, real rough like.  Girls like having their tits squeezed real rough, they just don't like to admit it.  I insert my nozzle deep into her welcoming cunt and again pump her full.  I usually wake up from my dream with my hot cum shooting out into my blankets. 

On Friday, I was scheduled to work the late shift.  I don't mind too much.   On Fridays, the chick traffic is very heavy.  All these babes in their fancy duds going out to party.  At around 2 am Saturday morning, I was quite horny.   I had just finished hand pumping "willy", when this gorgeous babe walked up to the window.  She was boasting the biggest tits I had seen that night.   They were nestled in a bra, that must have been two sizes too small.  She had a netted top on, that showed her bra and tits very clearly.  She was also wearing a tight short mini skirt.  As she walked, you could see her firm ass peaking underneath.  Well, she came up to the window, batting her lashes and all.  She asked what was a good looking guy like me, working on a weekend night?  I told her that it was okay, besides I got to meet bad looking chicks like her.  She smiled and laughed, saying how she would love to take me home with her.  I said that could be arranged, but why wait to take me home, we could just get it on right here and now.   She laughed, and pushed her ten dollar bill through the window. 

She turned around and strutted back to her car.  I processed her request, as I watched her starting to pump the gas.  "willy" started twitching in my lap.   I looked down at "willy" and then looked out the window and continued watching the babe in black.  No body was around and she was the first person to drive in, in the last hour.  I just kept thinking I wouldn't get caught, besides she asked for it.  So I zipped "willy" back in, and locked the office door.  I walked up to her and shoved her hard against the car.  I felt the air catching in her lungs, as my blood was rushing around with excitement.  I was so excited, I almost peed in my pants.  I held her head close to the roof of her car.  She just kept saying, "Okay, baby not so rough.  You can have all you want."   "Women like it rough, didn't you know..", I snarled.  I lifted her tight short skirt, raising it up over her firm large ass.  She was completely bare.   No undies or pantyhose, nothing to worry about ripping off.  Between her legs, riding down the crack of her ass was a string.  I simply thought it was something kinky.  I made her spread her legs real wide, as I tested her hole.  I told her that I was going to pump her full for $10 dollars, how would she like that.  Before she could respond, I inserted my hard cock deep into her tight ass.  I pumped hard and deep, like a mad man.  As I pressed my body against hers, I reached in front to squeeze her big tits.  In my eagerness to cum, I didn't realize that her tits moved.   I mean shifted, like they weren't real or something.  She moved her ass out giving me deeper access.  She pumped back and forth meeting each one of my strokes.  

I held on to her round ass, shuddering against her as I dumped my full load deep up her ass.  As I was cumming, I reached between her legs, wanting to stroke her wet pussy.   My fingers were surprised not to find a pussy.  There were balls and a cock between her legs.  I turned her around demanding an answer, when a cop car pulled into the drive-way.  They jumped out of their car so quickly, I was unable to move.   As I was stuttering, they shoved me hard against the car and hand cuffed me.   My sexual excitement quickly turned to fright.  I just kept thinking, I'm caught.  Oh, man it's my first time and I screwed up royally... I'm caught.  The women was talking to the cop, trying to explain what happened.  She said she didn't want to press charges.  The cop shook his head, disbelieving and released me.   They told me that they would be keeping a close eye on me. 

I was filled with such relief and yet dread.  What did this Bitch want...   Two strange men approached the car and asked "Gary" if he was okay.   The women in the black outfit smiled broadly, saying it was the best fuck he had in weeks!  He... I just fucked a he...  But he really looked like a she...  I just dumped a full tank into a Bitch that was a he...  Gary's friends approached me from either side.  I was filled with revulsion, I just couldn't move.  Poor "willy" had gone limp.  They told me they had the whole thing on tape.   One of the larger guys shoved me against the car.  As I was pinned against the car, the other guy unzipped and pulled down my pants.  At this point I was sweating and shaking.  I knew what they were planning to do and I begged forgiveness.    "Please, I didn't know it was a guy....  Hey guys, it was a mistake, I thought she...  well he...  wanted it...  so I gave it to her...   I mean... him."  I was getting all confused.  He really looked like a she and as a she, she was quite a piece of ass.  That's what girls are a piece of ass.  They come in many sizes and color and they all want it. 

Gary reached into a container and spread a jelly like substance over and in my butt.   As he rubbed my ass, he assured me that it was not going to be nearly as violent as my act of rape.  "Rape, little boy, is wrong.  If the lover, whether it is a girl or boy, does not want to have sex, for whatever reason, having sex forced on them is wrong.  Doing a wrong is always punishable.  And I am going to punish you, the same way you raped me...", Gary sighed with pleasure. 

I could feel Gary's cock throbbing with anticipation as he ran his head down my crack.   "Let's see how much you can take", Gary said as he shoved his massive cock deep up my ass.  My whole body was filled with white lightening pain, as if I was being torn in two.  The pain intensified as Gary ground his cock deep up my ass.   I screamed in pain and tried my best to jerk away.  Being raped was not nearly as much fun as rapping.  The other man started to laugh at my agony and said something to Gary.  I couldn't concentrate on what was being said, as the pain continued to course through my body.  Each one of my nerve endings was on fire and I peed myself, spraying the hot yellow liquid down my legs.  "Oh, look Gary, the little boy wet himself!"

The other guy let go and approached Gary.  I heard him unzip his pants.   Before I could discern what was happening, my pain grew one thousand times worse.   I remember so little...  It was sheering and agonizing, as if I was on fire.   Each one of my nerves echoed agony as waves of pain hit my senses.  The other guy had joined Gary, and shoved his large cock up my ass.  I had two large male cocks pumping my small virginal hole.  Their laughter grew distant as if I was falling down a deep pit, known as hell.  My boss woke me with his foot.  I was curled in a fetal position in front of the tanks.  My pants were wrapped around my legs and I was bleeding from my ass hole.  The police were not concerned, saying that I deserved what I got. 

Each night, when I close my eyes, I dream about having two cocks up my ass.  I usually wake up from my dream with my hot cum shooting out into my blankets...


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