Presidential Privy
By Ambrosia Vynne

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

1998 Ambrosia Vynne

Power, the one generating force that is all inclusive. With power, the accumulation of dreams is endless. As I was a young man, I recognized the power of politics and the stronghold of persuasive politicians on the public. The almost god like ability to do no wrong, as long as the voice of the people stood behind the powerful political machine. I married my current wife, not for her good looks or her ability in bed, but her ability to attribute to the power behind my political machine. I perversely daydreamed of the day that the power of the people was within my grasp and within my power to wield.

With hard work and empty promises, which I did keep those I could keep, my dream of the ultimate power came true. I was elected President. With my election came all the duties and responsibilities of my office. I was under the false impression that my wife would respond with my increased power and come to life in my bedroom. But sadly my dream of sexual domination over my wife did not occur. In fact, the opposite occurred. My wife dominated our bedroom. She laid like a cold iceberg beside my warm body, permeating her greedy desire for my office. Continually, I reminded her that I was elected President by the people and for the people. No where listed on my office door was her name as President.

I was unable to release the daily stress of my numerous responsibilities with a good earth shaking orgasm. Therefore, I found my eyes wondering. First I watched my secretary for hours on end as she moved back and forth through my office. Though my secretary was considerably older than myself and reminded me of my mother, she was always warm and tender. Frequently as I watched her, I would undress her prim figure with my eyes, imagining myself running my fingers through her thinning mound of graying pubic hair. Any pubic hair, at this point in my poor sexual existence, was appreciated. I could imagine her sagging breasts growing hard as I asked her to unzip my pants and pull out my bonker. I could feel her rough hands, pull and tug at my well endowed manhood sliding it deep in her mouth. My daydreams were not cheating, in no way what so ever. Oral sex is not sex at all. It is simply a fulfillment of my Presidential desires. Besides, I only dreamed of having my aging secretary put her two lips on my pulsing organ and reaching down to play with her inviting breasts.

I was invited one afternoon to have tea with several women representing a popular organization. One of these women introduced herself as Magen, the President of the organization. She was wearing a well tailored Teal suit with matching pumps, similar to the outfits my wife generally wears. Magen’s suit was slightly different. Under her blazer she was wearing a matching lacy Teal bra that accented her 36C breasts. Magen had fair skin that simmered with sunshine and the brightest blue eyes. Magen was proud of her well endowed figure and her hourglass waist, as she seductively bent down in front of me. I could not help but look down the front of her bra and enjoy her well rounded breasts. I knew that my meer look had its desired effect when her hard tits pressed against the light fabric of her blazer.

After the tea, Magen insisted on continuing our conversation at my office. Behind my desk I have a large leather "Presidential" chair. During my conversation with Magen, I conveniently allowed one of my sexual fantasies to slip. Magen was willing to oblige, experiencing herself the same sexual frustrations of a cold partner. Magen easily slipped under my large desk as I maneuvered my chair underneath. As she unzipped my pants and removed my hard member, I started to work on some of the endless piles of paper littering my desk, just in case we were disturbed. Magen removed her blazer while under my desk and I slipped my hand over her soft bare breast. To feel a firm women’s breast was an unbounded joy. Immediately my hard member pulsed with renewed life. Feeling all powerful, I encouraged Magen to slip her mouth around my large penis and suck my juices. She expertly moved my penis rhythmically in and out of her mouth as I came closer to an orgasm. Occasionally, she would slip my penis out of her mouth and suck my balls. I wanted to ride the wild donkey between her hot wet pussy lips, but I dared not. I am and will always remain completely faithful to my wife and country.

I allowed my self to continue to play touch dial with her beautiful breast as I twisted her tits, desiring (in my dreams) to change the station. As I came, I filled her mouth with my sweet wad. She swallowed all the evidence and begged for more. She hiked up her skirt and inserted her own fingers over her slit as she started to suck on my dick again. She mentioned several times, that she loved playing fantasy with the President. As she slid up my leg, I felt her wet hot pussy drip its juice down the front of my pants. Wanting nothing but to take my love lance and insert it between her tight white thighs, I held myself back with the will power and determination of an elected official.

After I had cum a second time, I informed Magen that I did not want my office to get suspicious and it was time that she departed. As she dressed in the cramp space under my desk, I responded to an emergency telecon from another country. Only as an elected official, with the power of the people, can you cum and still continue to run the day to day crisis that belong to the office. Magen slipped out from under my desk and I thanked her for her personal attention. As I was showing her to the door, my cold greedy wife approached. I felt confident in my actions, as I introduced Magen to my wife. I did not have sex. It is a well known fact and law, that oral sex is not a form of sexual intercourse. Cheating on your wife only counts when you engage in sexual intercourse. As I bided Magen farewell, my wife commented on my rumple attire and the stain on my left trouser leg. I informed her that I must have spilled something without being aware.

When I had originally taken office, my wife was well aware of my tendencies to man handle myself during periods of extreme stress. I simply hinted that prior to meeting Magen, I had a man handling episode. With the conviction of power and the belief of the people, anything is possible.

With that in mind, my next sexual episode was much easier, and much younger. Through my office, we continually have volunteer assistants. Their duties can vary to manhandling the President to manhandling the President’s men. No, no seriously, they do a lot of helpful tasks around my office. One particular assistant caught my eye, when I initially met her. She was so much like Magen. She had full breasts that were firm and begged to be squeezed. She had Magen’s waist that screamed "have sex with me!" She had Magen’s grace. But Theresa had the jubilance of a 20 year old. Theresa’s legs were long and promising. She continually straddled chairs or spread them over horses to demonstrate her flexibility. Frequently, I imagine myself groping between her soft white thighs searching for her welcoming wet pussy. I eagerly wanted to insert my Powerful cock into her welcoming flesh.

Theresa was a willing love vessel as she continually teased me with freaky peeks. There was one day I was walking the grounds, when Theresa bent down to help me pick up several fallen sheets of paper. As we bent down, I glimpsed down her dress and spotted lacy red panties. She whispered to me that her panties were dripping with anticipation. Theresa frequently shared her fantasies with me, which strangely mirrored my own. Theresa mentioned that she had purchased a rubber penis resembling mine. After a day working at my office, she would go home to the rubber penis, imagining having hot sex with me. She enjoyed when the rubber assimilation penetrated her real deep. As she massaged herself to orgasm, she imagined my powerful pulsing penis penetrating her welcoming hot pussy and filling her with my sweet juice. As I was staring down her dress, she informed me that she could almost feel my large hands stroke her firm body. She could feel the tip of my hard penis penetrating her wet slit.

I pulled away from her hypnotic voice, reminding myself that I was the President and I must maintain faithful to my wife and my country. Therefore, I informed the President’s men of my intent for a few hours of quite reflection with Theresa.

Behind my office there is a large sound proof storage closet. After I securely locked Theresa and myself in the storage closet, I explained my concerns. I detailed my rise to power and what the power meant to me. Theresa understood my dilemmas as she kneeled down in front of me and unzipped my fly. In a single graceful flowing movement she removed my soft bonker from my pants and inserted it deep into her mouth. As she sucked me to hardness, I reached into her bright red lacy bar and played with her buttons. Concentrating my motions to her tits, her nipples soon became hard. I maneuvered her breast into the direct peak hole sight. My President’s men were in the other room enjoying the view as a reward for their discretion’s. To increase my men’s pleasure, I requested a favor from Theresa. "Theresa, it would really turn me on and make me very happy if you would slowly strip for me. Once you are naked, if you stand right here on this mark and grab your ankles, spreading your legs very wide, I may be horny enough to insert my finger into you." Afterall, I said to myself, finger fucking is not sex and therefore, not considered cheating on my wife or country.

Theresa being more than happy to oblige the request, seductively gyrated as she slowly removed each layer of clothing. As she bent down and grabbed her ankles, my iron control snapped for just a brief moment as I inserted my fingers into her hot slit. I finger fucked her to orgasm. Theresa eagerly stood, wanting to wrap her long legs around my erect body. I gently pushed her away, reminding her that I was married. As a married man and the leader of society, it would send a wrong message to engage in sexual intercourse with her at this time. If in the event that I am, for whatever reason (God Forbid), am elected out of office, I will be very willing to continue this very enjoyable exercise. She stood still for a moment with her hands on her hips, looking at me with sad eyes. She quietly agreed that she understood and would follow my directive. Slowly she started to get dress as I straightened my suit and zipped up my fly. She inquired about future meetings, which I agreed would be beneficial. Keeping it open, I assured her we would get together later (later in the week or later in the next century, was unsure).

As I walked out of the closet, bidding my last farewells to Theresa, I reflected on my good behavior. Additionally, I couldn’t wait until my next meeting with Theresa. Perhaps next time, she would let me cum twice!

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