Pizza Delivery
By Ambrosia Vynne

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

1998 Ambrosia Vynne

Mike's day was brutal.  He reflected the ups and downs of his day, as he analyzed the content of his refrigerator.  Being the Senior Financial Analyst for a major aerospace company in Southern California was trying, at best.  His wife decided to take the kids to her mother's this weekend, so the house was his.  He loved his wife and kids very much, but sometimes, all the responsibility just got to him.  Afterall, he was only 33.  At 33 life shouldn't be so predictable.  All he had to look forward to was going to work and coming home.   The cycle repeated its self day after boring day.  On one level he enjoyed the steady unchanging lifestyle.  He liked that it was predictable, and without change.   On another lever he craved excitement like a starving man.  He wanted to experience something new.

After examining the contents of the refrigerator for 10 minutes, Mike decided to order a Pizza.  His wife wouldn't like it, if she found out.  She had created several color coordinated meals for him.  Blue is for tonight, which consisted of Pot Roast and Potatoes.  Yellow for tomorrow lunch, and Purple for dinner.  Each color had a complete meal.  He wanted to step out of his predictable chains, just for a few hours.  Therefore, he was ordering a Pizza.

Ordering a Pizza was always an action filled with so many decisions.   Which Pizza Parlor should he order from?  What did he want on his Pizza?   What else did he want?  As he sat down in his comfortable chair, the telephone book open to Pizza's on his lap, he slowly viewed his options.  A name popped from the page, as he wonder could it be...  Several years ago, right when he had gotten married, he had met this girl.  She was everything you wouldn't want in a wife.   She lived her life at full speed, in the fast lane.  He had heard she opened a little Pizza Place, but he assumed it was someplace back east.  She was the best Fuck he had ever had.  She had so much energy and was so creative.  She would go down on him and suck him dry.  Could it be...

He dialed the number and asked if Sarah Parker owned the establishment.   He was surprised that his assumption was correct.  Sarah, herself, answered the phone.  Mike and Sarah discussed old times for a few minutes, before Mike got the courage to ask the question.  "Why don't you come over tonight", Mike suggested.  "My wife is out of town for the weekend, and I would love to spend time with you, for old time sakes!  Oh, and could you possibly bring a Pizza."  

Sarah was shocked but amused.  Mike calling her after all this time.   Sure, she could close the shop for the weekend or have her manager cover for her.   Mike was the best fuck she had ever had.  He knew how to please her, like no other man could.  There was never a chance of anything else, though.  Mike wouldn't last one week in her very fast paced life.  She agreed to "deliver" the Pizza at around 10pm, after she closed her shop. 

Arriving at his door step, filled with eager anticipation, she checked her appearance one last time.  She had gained a little weight since the last time she saw him.  Her appearance had changed somewhat, would that matter.  She felt the butterflies tickle her tummy, as her nervous tension filled her.  She also felt the growing wetness between her thighs.  She was dripping with anticipation.  Her nipples had grown taught with the sound of his voice and had stayed firm and ready for action up to now.  Her body coursed with sexual expectation, as her finger pressed down the bell.

Mike opened the door, an looked at Sarah.  She hadn't changed.   If only he had met her before he was married, being able to fuck her every day, versus once a week.  If only...  He asked her in and motioned her to his living room.  He felt like he was on his first date, filled with everything he wanted to do, but the desire not to screw up.  Sarah placed the pizza on the table, as she looked around the room.  The room was very conservative.  She just couldn't live in a house like this.  Her home was filled with black iron and glass.  Her sofa and other furnishings were black leather.  She loved cobalt blue glass, and generously decorated her rooms with various blue vases and glass sculptures.  This room was so tight, so conservative in color and shape.  She felt almost claustrophobic. 

She turned facing him.  As she approached, Mike noticed the slight swing of her hips.  He already boasted a woody that was ready to explode.  She was killing him with anticipation.  "Nice place you got here", she said.   Liar, liar, liar, screamed Mike in his mind.  He had seen the look on her face.  His place was too conservative for her.  "Thanks", Mike replied.

Sarah couldn't stand this small talk any longer.  She had always been the aggressor in the relationship, like old times.  Sarah approached him like a tiger sneaking up on her next meal.  She grabbed the back of his head, gripping a bunch of his hair, pulling him to her.  She hungrily kissed his mouth as she groped the front of his pants.  Mmm, he was hard already, she thought.  She tore open his shirt, not caring were the buttons flew.  Her kiss deepened, smothering his mouth with her love.  Yes, she loved him in her own way.  She loved fucking him!  She whispered, "I got a surprise for you", as she directed his hand under her shirt.   Lately, for the last 3 or 4 years, she had stopped wearing underwear.  She worked out so often, that her firm breast did not need any more support.  Besides, she hated being confined!

Mike groped his under her shirt, realizing that she was not wearing a bra.   The realization did not shock him, it was just like her.  The breast felt different, it was so firm and large.  He pulled the shirt off her, bearing her chest.   Her nipples were so hard, as he sucked on them.  While sucking on her nipples, she unzipped his pants and pulled out his "winky".  That was her nick name for his penis.  She continually said to him, it was not a matter of size, but how a man used what he got.  Mike was sensitive about his penis.  He knew he was "blessed" with a somewhat small cock, but he always tried to compensate for his smallness.  Sarah had the ability to relive him of his self consciousness, and allow him to perform to his best. 

They had moved to the floor, as they continued to undress each other.   As Sarah removed his socks, she sucked each one of his toes, massaging his whole foot.  Slowly, she moved up his body, nestling her head between his thighs.   Sarah took his cock into her mouth, as she played with his balls.  He had a delightful, musky smell to him.  She had often missed him, but she was uncertain on how to reestablish the connection.

They had worked for the same aerospace company, long long time ago.   It was during the time she was fighting against herself.  She felt different than the other people she knew.  They were happy with the 9 to 5 grind, going to work and going home.  They were happy living the same life day after day.  She was bored.  She wanted more.  When she was laid off, she viewed it as a release from prison.  She decided to open her own business.  She didn't have much capital, but she thought "you only live once!".  That had been almost 5 years ago.   Some months were very tough and others were very easy.  But bottom line:   She was her own boss!  She left behind her not only all her old friends, but Mike the best lover she had ever experienced.

As she continued to suck him, moving her tongue over the shaft of his hard cock, he started to leak.  She didn't want him to cum, just yet.  Mike wanted to cum in her mouth, and struggled to stay right there.  But she insisted removing him.   She slowly crawled up his body, lighting a heated path.  She straddled her legs over his waiting cock, teasing the tip with her wet folds.  "Do you want it", she whispered.  "Yessss...", he hissed.  "Were you a good boy?  Do you deserve it...", she teased.

Again her mouth met his and they deeply kissed as she plunged his cock deep inside her hot pussy.  Oh, she was so wet, Mike wanted to shoot his full load.   She gyrated her hips, causing him to move even deeper inside.  Her hot walls holding him tight, squeezing his hard cock, holding it deep inside her.  She pumped him in and out, refusing to allow him to move.  She had pinned his arms above his head, holding him immobile.  He struggled against her, half wanting to touch her and half wanting to stay pinned.  He arched his body welcoming the cum, as his hot juice sprayed deep inside her womb.  She growled like a wild animal, before she grabbed a handful of hair pulling his mouth to hers.  She sucked down his tongue, as her body shuddered with her own orgasm.       

Unbelivingly, Mike's "winky" started coming to life.  It re-hardened inside her and was ready for more.  This phonenomon only happened with Sarah.  He had been married to his wife for 6 years and he never got hard right after cumming.  They usually had sex once and then went to sleep.  Sex with his wife was enjoyable.  It was a relaxed calming motion that passed like most of his days.   With Sarah, sex was an almost violent act filled with intense sexual electric fushion of atoms splitting within themselves, causing an explosion of the senses!   With Sarah, he was able to cum 9 to 10 time a night.  His body wanted more and more...  His cock stood to attention in her tight pussy, ready to burst more seed.    

Sarah knew her power over this poor mortal man.  She had this power with most men, but she enjoyed it most with Mike.  He had something, the others did not.  She slid off his cock, welcoming his groan.  She knew he wanted more, but she wanted to tease him.  It is not worth having unless he has to work for it.   She moved off of him, and stumbled to the first open door.  Peering in she found what she was look for, a bathroom.  A nice hot shower, with his cock buried deep up her ass!  Mike followed her like a puppy, he had no choice.  This women could lead him to a cliff and he would jump, following her down the rock depths.  She had a power over him he could not name.  Why hadn't he contacted her before this.   He had become so contented with his life as it was, he forgot what he was missing.   Today, something happened that was a catulest, causing him to make some changes in his life.  His wife would never know about those changes, she would never understand.   But hopefully, Sarah would want to be a fulltime fixture in his otherwise boring life.  Together they will journey the road of great sex, exploring their animalistic natures...

Sara ran the water hot and stepped under the shower.  Mike followed, picking up a sponge as he went.  He lathered soap over the sponge and moved it across her body.  There was something erotic about taking a shower with this creature.  She took the sponge from him, lathering it between her thighs.  She turned facing the wall and placed his hard cock between her butt cheeks.  He shoved his hard cock up her welcoming ass.  Her body convulsed first with pain and then pleasure.  The first few moments of penetration felt as if a hot iron was splitting the body open, and then pulsing warm pleasure soothed the nerve endings.  She could feel another orgasm growing as he plunged deeper inside her.  Mike gripped her breasts from behind, crushing his body into hers, as the hot stream of water sprayed over them.  She turned her head, accepting his urgent kiss.  Her ass was so tight and so wet.   The hot water running down his skin was adding to the growing sentation, as his body tensed to cum.  For the second time that night, he released his load into her, welcoming the waves of pleasure that plunged his mind and soul into the bottomless pit.   She turned, wrapping her arms around him, gently kissing him...   "Darling", she said "could we do this every week, about this time..."

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