Passionate Candlelight
By Ambrosia Vynne

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

1998 Ambrosia Vynne

By the time Margaret had finally gotten home, she was beyond exhaustion. Her roommate Pam greeted her with a warm smile, inquiring on her day. Margaret’s day was just more of the same. She was the District Attorney. As the DA she was required to Prosecute those who were caught breaking the law. Lately, her case loads have become depressing. During full moons there were always more killings, rapes, and robberies. In the last three days, she had seen every possible configuration of a rape case. The file that had finally depressed her was of a young girl brutally raped and left for dead. The women whom the police believed did the crime, had gotten away on a technicality. No one was going to pay for the lose of the young girl’s life. Her depression hit at the marrow of her soul. She was tired, very tired.

Pam knew exactly what she needed. Pam was a practicing Wicken for over 12 years. Peace and harmony were her nature, besides she had a soft warm spot for her lovely roommate. Guiding her depressed roommate into their bathroom, she started to draw a hot bath. She added cleansing salts to the steaming water as she cleansed the room and atmosphere of any negative energies. Turning to face her roommate, Pam insisted undressing Margaret. Pam admired Margaret’s delicately curved body. Margaret was very fit. She worked out at the gym 5 days a week. Her work outs kept the stress a bay. When she yearned to hit a slime bag, she hit the racquetball instead. When she frustrated or angry at a particular person, she would write that person’s name on the ball and then she would kill the ball. She would continue to smack the ball around the court until it no longer bounced. Due to the intensity of Margaret’s workouts, her breasts were firm and her tummy was flat. Her legs were long, with lean tapered muscles. Between her legs, she had the largest patch of thick curly black fur.

Pam had desired her roommate the moment she had met her. She just couldn’t get herself to express her desires. Margaret was as straight as an arrow, boasting a new man for every day of the week.

Pam urged her tired roommate into the steaming water. She then lit the half a dozen candles she had scattered around the bathroom. There was nothing more relaxing than a hot bath surrounded by candlelight. Pam urged Margaret to watch the fire dance on the wick, making soft shadows on the wall. After several moments, Margaret leaned back, relaxing her tired muscles, allowing the water to cradle her weary body.

She sighed with the sound of contentment. Pam kneeled down beside the bath tub. She had removed her shirt, in case she got wet. She had placed the lambs wool bath mitt on her hand and was lathering it with soap. Margaret turned her head to watch Pam. Ever since Margaret had moved in, she had felt a special attraction to this women. She kidded with herself that Pam had cast a spell on her. In college Margaret had tried the other side. She had found it very fulfilling, but she missed having a man. There was something about having sex with a man, other than the fact that men have a penis. Something in the way men make love to a women versus a women makes love to a women. And yet, all these years, she missed the touch of a women.

Pam felt Margaret’s eyes on her. She gingerly reached for Margaret, first washing her shoulders then her arms. Her hand guided itself to her firm breasts, gently cupping the soft globe. Margaret was surprised at the touch and excited. It felt so right for Pam to touch her. She too reached out and touched Pam’s ample bosom, lifting the breast out of the bra cup. Moving her head toward the tit, she grasped the button between her lips and sucked. Pam was delighted. She cradled Margaret’s head closer to her chest, gently stroking her hair. By this time, Margaret had turned her self around, facing Pam. Looking up into Pam’s face, Margaret quietly whispered "why don’t you come and join me. I’ll make room."

Pam didn’t need to be asked twice. She quickly undressed and slipped in besides Margaret. Margaret had always marveled about Pam’s innate grace. She was a tiny women, no taller than 5’2. But she was so well endowed. Her breasts and body were firm. Being a white witch, Pam floated around their apartment wearing loose fitting robes of shear material. Margaret was continually enticed with little peaks of her perfect body.

Margaret reached between Pam’s thighs and stroked the mound of pubic hair between her fingers. Leaning back she invited Pam to kiss her. Pam pushed her tongue into Margaret’s mouth to taste her sweetness. As Margaret was stroking her slit, Pam turned on her side, spreading her legs apart, giving Margaret’s fingers more room. Pam ran her hands over Margaret’s breasts caressing the nipples to hardness. Margaret’s fingers traveled the length of Pam’s slit, finally finding her hot entrance. Wanting to be able to taste Pam’s sweetness, Margaret enticed Pam out of the bath tub.

Laying on the cool bathroom floor, surrounded by shimmering candlelight, Margaret drove head first between Pam’s legs. She licked the soft pink flesh, sucking her sweet juices. Pam had fantasized about this moment for so long, that she came hard and fast. With the last shivering waves of orgasm crashing over her body, she turned her attentions to Margaret. Pinning Margaret on her back, she kissed her from head to toe. She took each one of her firm breasts into her mouth and sucked the nipple to hardness. She made a trail of soft kisses down to her bellybutton, and nuzzled her pubic hair. Wanting Margaret to orgasm as hard as she had, she inserted a long fat vibrating penis into her cunt as she sucked and licked her soft lips. Feeling Margaret’s body tense up with the anticipation of an orgasm, Pam intensified the heat. She inserted two of she fingers into Margaret’s dark hole.

Margaret had never felt such oncoming heat. It felt as if her whole body was just going to burst into flames, and she didn’t care. She wanted to cum so bad. She wanted to be carried away by the tidal waves of orgasm. She wanted to rise to the sexual call of her body and fly away with the emotions that were encasing her. As Pam worked the vibrator, her fingers and her tongue deep inside her, she felt the dam burst. Wave after wave of pure orgasmic pleasure swept over her body. She closed her eyes and held on tight, afraid to loose herself in the whirlpool of ecstasy.

Pam was surprised when Margaret’s pussy sprayed sweet juices in her face. She licked at her sweet cum, burying her face deep between her slit. She inhaled the spicy womanly smell of a women orgasming.

They held each other in the twilight of their orgasmic glow. Enjoying the shadows created by the candlelight. Margaret hadn’t felt this light and free for years. Pam held on to her beautiful roommate, believing that she must be dreaming. Margaret rolled over and looked deeply into Pam’s eyes. "I guess this brings a new meaning to roommates... huh." "Will we be able to do it again," Pam inquired. "You bet. We will do it over and over again." Pam closed her eyes with anticipation of the many encounters yet to come.

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