Pagen Ritual
By Ambrosia Vynne

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

1998 Ambrosia Vynne

The wind stirred against the windows, beckoning to come in.  Mike slowly rose from his comfortable chair, re-checking the windows for the third time.  The wind stirred unwanted dark memories, that Mike would rather have forgotten.  The evening reminded him of another, not so long ago.  The night he had become, but only as a lasting regret.  His life had changed irrovocably on a night such as this, with the wind echoing the dark thoughts of its master.  Mike slowly crossed the room, pouring two more finger of Scotch in his glass.  Swirling the amber liquid, he noted that acohol was his one true friend, without it, he would have none.

Mike closed his eyes, trying not to see her image.  But as so many nights before, she pregnated the room with her essence, as if she was alive once more.  They had gone to the club like usual, on a windy Friday night.  Their club friends greeted them with the same warmth they had become accustomed to.  It was Fredrick, always Fredrick, who came up with the idea.  He had been studying Pagen Magic for several years and that night, that cursed night, he decided to try some of that magic.  Mike groaned as the scene reappeared before his eyes.  His young wife, Daniella, volunteering to be the sacred virgin.  Fredrick laughed, because it was all in good fun.  Besides, if Daniella was found not to be a true virgin, the only curse was that she would become a horny whore.  What man wouldn't want a whore for a wife...

The lights were lowered to set the tone and a pentagram was drawn.  Daniella willingly laid in the center of the pentagram, smiling her innocents away.  Fredrick removed the sacred book for a red velvet lined box.  The age of the text was older than the foundations of the building, and perhaps the very trees outside.  Mike's adrenalin started coursing through his veins, his heart pounding hard in his chest.   The thought of his wife, his pristine prissy wife, a whore caused an immediate hard on.  His cock was throbbing with desire.  Whore's would do anything, even swallow his cum.  Daniella never even wanted his cock inside her mouth, let alone swollow his cum. 

Fredrick said in order for the ritual to work, we all had to get unclothed.  As Country Club Friends, we have partaked in some interesting situations, like Dr. Raymond's 50th Birthday Orgy.  Mike enjoyed Dr. Raymond's wife because she was willing to do anything to please her man or the man she was with at the moment.  Mike pitied the man who got Daniella, with her rigid sexual play.  As everyone started getting undressed, Mike noticed Fredrick helping Daniella get more comfortable.  They stood naked in a circle around the pentagram, holding hands.  The air became cold, or was it colder because he was naked, Mike didn't know.  But the atmospher did change, getting rather sinister.  Mike surveyed the room, looking at the different sizes of tits and pussies.  He wondered how many he would be allowed to fuck.  All they truly were, were a old bunch of swingers, finding new reasons to fuck each other's wives.   Daniella was usually the last one chosen, no one including Mike, enjoyed fucking her.  Daniella was a beautiful women, but cold.  She could freeze your cock with just one glance, its hardness seeping away.  Mike had married her for her position, nothing more.  A whore for a wife, the thought echoed through his mind.

Fredrick removed powders from a jar, and started chanting a verse, liberally sprinkling the powder over Daniella.  The lights completely went out and in the center of the pentegram something eerile began to glow.  Fredrick spoke in Latin, mouthing the words in the book.  The group started to stir, unclasping their hands, and laying down.  Each reached out for the other, hardening cocks being shoved into wet pussies.   The moans of pleasure echoing throughout the room.  Fredrick was bellowing by now, rise slut and rejoice.  Daniella rose from the center, tearing at the robe.   Her body glistened with presperation.  She walked over to me with strong strides, brutally shoving the women on top of me.  She kneeled down between my legs and grabbed my cock, shoving it into her mouth.  As she sucked and teased my cock, the realization came over me.  My wife was sucking my cock, which meant that Fredrick had been successful. 

Fredrick said he had a surprise for me.  He had found a spell in his book which changed a women into a whore.  But he said the spell only lasted a few short hours.   Daniella continued sucking my cock as Mike held her head in place.  He wanted to make sure he was not dreaming.  Fredrick stood behind Daniella, holding onto his cock, stroking it with vigor.  Fredrick asked Mike if he may take the plunge.   Mike had no objections, there was plenty of Daniella for everyone.  Fredrick kneeled behind Daniella, plunging his hard cock deep up her ass.  Normally Daniella would have never stood for this.  This Daniella spread her cheeks wider, and groaned with pleasure.  She continued sucking on Mike's hard cock.  The other's in the room had stopped fucking to watch the action.  They were pleased to see that Daniella had finally gotten with the program.  Fredrick continued shoving his cock into her ass, with such brutality a few drops of blood were dripping from her hole. 

Dr. Raymond's wife, crept over and snuggled under Daniella.  She started licking Daniella's wet pussy.  Sliding her tongue down through Daniella's pink lips.   Mike got so excited, he couldn't hold his load, squirting down Daniella's slender throught.  Other's in the room, wanted a piece of Mike's wife, as they crowded around waiting for thier turn.  Fredrick dumped his load up her ass, moving over to let the next guy have his turn.  Another hard cock was shoved up Daniella's waiting ass.   Again she groaned with pleasure.  Daniella continued sucking Mike's juices as his cock began to grow.  Another women grapped Daniella's breasts and were squezing and tugging them.  This drove Daniella crazy with lust.  She croatched on all fours, struggling to move to Mike's hard cock.  She wanted his hard cock inside her hot wet pussy.  She wanted to spray her sweet cum all over his balls.  With eager determination she slowly started to move.  The other's were still tugging on her with fierceness, their eagerness to fuck her mirrored just how much they hated the other Daniella.  Wouldn't it be wonderful it your wife was a whore...

She slowly grappled to rise, spreading her legs wide to welcome Mike's cock.  She slid Mike's hard cock deep inside her and rode it for the blue cup.  For the first time in their otherwise bleak marriage, they came together.  Daniella still had someone's cock deep up her ass, and as she came, he also blew his whole load up her ass.   The whole experience must have been too much for my poor Daniella.  Being a cold hard bitch most of her life, my Daniella may have never experienced sex.  The police firmly believed that's what contributed to her death.  Several moments after she had an orgasm, and Mike still believed this was her very first one (in her whole life), she just died.  She made a soft sigh and that's all there was.  Nothing more complicated. 

Everyone got dressed as they waited for the Police to arrive.  Mike was beyond himself.  He had lost yet another wife.  That was months ago.  The house seemed at peace without Daniella.  For a brief moment, Mike had fallen in love with his wife during her transformation.  Fredrick was puzzled as to what exactly happened. 

As Mike swirled the amber liquid in his glass, he smiled.  Afterall, he did have a whore for a wife and it was wonderful...

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