Onset Love
By Ambrosia Vynne

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

1998 Ambrosia Vynne

Being on a film set was nothing new to Joella. That was her job. She was a fairly well known Director. She mostly handled Independent Films, though occasionally she worked on an union feature. She chose her Director of Photography very carefully. A DP had the power of taking an awesome script and shooting a terrible movie. The DP needed to share the vision of the Director and Writer; therefore, it was very important that the DP and Director had a very good working relationship.

Joella had been playing with a script of her own, and she was finally ready to put her ass on the line, and shoot it. She chose her crew very carefully. She chose people she could trust to do the job right. Her DP was the most important decision. She narrowed her decision down to one, Marcus Fredman. Marcus saw her vision and was able to communicate her words into shots. The script took erotica to a new level, incorporating romance and humor. A movie that helped you to cum as you laughed and cried. Joella was hoping that the market was ready for something different.

After Pre Production, Marcus and Joella had a strong friendly working relationship. She would start to suggest a shot and he would finish the sentence. A special connection started to form. Joella kept feeling that the relationship, if she allowed it would ascend into something more. Joella was placing her reputation and financial integrity on the line, she could not think or do anything that would hinder getting the job done.

On the first day of production, everything ran smoothly. They pulled off shot after shot without any hitch. Each shot looked excellent. The talent made each one of their marks and the crew worked like demons. Everyone worked so well together, especially Joella and Markus. Both the Director and DP were in sink with each other. The crew noticed that they finished each other sentences and shyly touched each other. The crew knew that a budding romance was going to happen.

It was late, on the last day of shooting. The crew had been released for the night. Joella and Marcus were hashing out the shooting schedule and looking at the dalies. A ripple of anticipation went through Joella as her hand accidentally touched Marcus’. They were sitting in the production office, going through next weeks shot list. Joella smelled the sweet scent of Marcus’ cologne as she reached over to give him the altered list. He invitingly placed his hand on the back of his neck and asked if she could massage the tension out. She got up and walked around him. As she placed her hands on his shoulders, she became very aroused. She first started to massage the back of his neck as he had asked.

Her hands felt so good that he leaned his head back against her breasts. She moved her hands over his shoulders, and deeply massaged the tired muscles. Her hands moved with a mind of their own, as they moved from his shoulders to the front of his shirt. She started to unbutton his shirt, explaining that perhaps the massage would be more effective with his shirt off. Marcus agreed as he helped her take off his shirt. Feeling his warm strong shoulders under her fingers, further aroused her. She no longer pretended that she was interested in the shot list. Joella wanted her DP. A little voice kept screaming that making love to your DP is the kiss of death, for her career and the movie! But yet, on a deeper level, she wanted this man. On the set, they connected. They had a connection in spirit and mind. It just seemed right that they made the final connection, the connection of body.

He turned around in his chair, pleasantly surprised that she made the first move. He had been trying all week to get her alone and then finally, making a move. Showing her or telling her how he felt. What he felt. He had worked with so many other female Directors. They all had a good working relationship, but nothing, nothing like this. Joella was different, she had vision. She was able to take her vision and transform it into both words and pictures. To be able to connect with this special women on a physical level, would be a new high!

Joella fully took advantage of Marcus as he turned in his chair, as she ran her fingers through his soft chest hair. She had never been attracted to hairy men, but Marcus was different. His hair was sexy versus appalling. As she ran her fingers over his chest, his nipples responded by getting hard. Marcus raised his hands and held her tight ass, pulling her down to him. The first kiss was deep and passionate. They held each other lip to lip, each tongue fighting to engulf the other. His hands untucked her shirt and started to unbutton her pants. He moved his hands farther up her torso, lifting her shirt over her head. To his surprise, she was braless. Joella hated wearing a bra. She liked feeling free. She thought better when she felt free. As he moved his hands over her small but firm breasts, she responded as he did, by growing hard. She could feel the wetness dripping between her legs, as he massaged her chest. His touch was so soft and unthreatening. Most of the men she had been with were rough once they got to her breasts. Their method of making love usually turned her off. She would complete the final act, without much enjoyment, then roll over and go to sleep. There was never a second time.

Marcus’ kisses deepened as he moved her to the couch. Somewhere between the chair and the couch she had lost her pants. He laid her down as he removed the last of his garments. She reached between his thighs and felt a very large hard penis. She spread her legs, inviting him into her hot tunnel of love. He moved against her, not yet willing to go in.

Marcus wanted to send this beautiful women to the edge. Entering her now would be too easy. Yes they would cum, but he wanted the first time to be special. There would always be time for seconds. He moved his lips down to her breasts, taking each one in turn and sucking the nipples. He loved how she tasted, her sweet saltiness filling his mouth. He moved his lips between her breasts, breathing deeply her sexual aroma.

Joella moved her hands over his head, holding it near her breasts. His lips on her breast felt so good. She didn’t want him to stop. She felt the heat rise through her body and she wanted to feel him inside.

Sensing her eagerness, he moved his mouth down to her thick mound of black hair. He loved women who had healthy heads of thick pussy hair. He loved running his fingers through the hair, teasing the soft folds beneath. He parted her pussy hair, and nuzzled his nose between her slit. He ran his tongue down her soft inner flesh and tasted her sweet vintage. Wanting to push her further, he placed his long thick middle finger into her welcoming hole.

Joella grasped with surprise and delight as his finger entered her. She arched her back to give him deeper penetration, as she held his head in place. She couldn’t take it any longer, she was so close to cumming. She pulled at his hair, forcing him to come to her. She desperately kissed him as she inserted is hard member between her welcoming thighs.

Marcus couldn’t believe how tight she was. Her pussy walls held his penis in, sucking it deeper. He felt her hot wetness, which aroused him further. He started to grind into her, teasingly pulling out then thrusting deeply in. With each new thrust, her body arched further, enabling him to penetrate deeper. Their kisses grew in intensity as they approached the chasm of orgasm.

Marcus thrust once more deeply, as she arched her body to receive the thrust. Their bodies responded as they came together in one orgasmic train ride, each verbally sounding the horn.

Joella was amazed that Marcus did not remove his penis. Instead his penis was still hard and Marcus was starting the grind again. Joella looked up into his face, and he smiled, "Are you ready to cum again..."

For the second time that night, within moments of their last orgasm, they came again. The second orgasm was just as strong as the first, rippling their bodies with orgasmic spasms. Joella felt his warm cum between her legs, mixing with her own.

As Marcus held Joella, he reflected on how quickly their relationship had deepened, looking forward to the journey that had begun. As Joella cuddled with her DP, she reflected how their new relationship status was going to improve their creative insights. With their minds, working as one, the movie would surely be a great success!

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