New Beginnings
By Ambrosia Vynne

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

1998 Ambrosia Vynne

Felicia slammed down the phone, she just couldn't believe he called again.  This was the third time in less than 2 days, why didn't he just give up.  Felicia had dated Jerome for several months.  Initially the relationship was fun.  They both enjoyed a lot of the same activities and their sex was great.  Then something happened, exactly what, Felicia couldn't pin down, but something.  Jerome had changed, or perhaps Felicia's needs had changed, either which way something was different.   Felicia thought she had broken it off clean, explaining her feelings.  First Jerome took it well, but lately he had been calling, wanting to know why.   Making up unfounded excuses which equated to Felicia "cheating" with other men.  Felicia was torn, and unsure where to turn.  On campus was a women's help clinic.  Several of Felicia's friends had urged her to call, but some how reaching out for help, to other women seemed... weak, like she was unable to handle her "boy" problems on her own.

But after his last call, filled with threats of harm, Felicia's resolve crumbled.   She lifted the receiver, checking for the dial tone, and dialed the number.  A young women answered, giving her name as Julie.  Felicia told Julie her story.   Concerned for her welfare, Julie sent campus security over to escort Felicia to the clinic.  The clinic was located in an old mansion off of Campus Rowe.  There were a multitude of old mansions throughout the city and around campus.  Most of West Virginia was made up of old large homes, some dating back to the revolution and civil war.   This house was similar to the others, filled with antiques and deep red wood.   The atmosphere was welcoming, like an old friend opening her arms and embracing you within.  Julie escorted Felicia into the main kitchen, offering her a cup of steaming hot chocolate.  She sat across of Felicia, looking deep into her troubled eyes.   Julie sympathized with Felicia, having experienced a similar situation with a past relationship.  After that point, Julie had vowed no more men.  Men were unable to unconditionally give what a women needed.  Sometimes Julie missed having a real hard penis penetrate her heated center, but even that could be simulated.  These days they had some strap-ons that looked and felt like the "real" thing (without the mess). 

Felicia felt like she had come home, reaching out to hold Julie's hand across the table.  They discussed how common this situation was, sharing stories with each other.  Julie announced that for the next few weeks, at least, Felicia would stay at the Women's Clinic.  Julie had already dispatched one of the other members to Felicia's place to gather some of her stuff.  Also her phone number was being changed and the campus police were going to make a "social" call to Jerome's door step.  All this, with just one phone call.  Felicia shook her head in amazement, women were so efficient in taking care of their own. 

Felicia was escorted to one of the upstairs bedrooms.  It was adorned in lacy antiques and a large four poster bed.  Felicia inquired as to who the house belonged to, as she ran her fingers over the thick velvet bed spread.  Julie explained that her grandmother had left her the house, its furnishings, and an account with enough money to live a comfortable life.  She decided to put the house and the money to a good use, helping other women.  Before Julie, there was no sanctuary for women on campus or within West Virginia, for that matter.  She helped every women who had problems with men, no matter how big or small.  She had just recently finished relocating a women and her children that were brutally beaten by the women's husband.  Julie had assisted in getting the man convicted and he was presently serving a 25 year sentence for his crimes.  Julie firmly believed that if more men were convicted and severely punished for their actions against women, that fewer men would commit such crimes.   But for a long time, men felt that a women was his possession, to be used and abused as he saw fit.  Times have changed and most men have gotten with the program, but there still remained a handful that needed to be taught a lesson. 

Felicia agreed with Julie's sentiments and inquired how she may help.  Julie stressed that Felicia would be called upon to assist other women, as Julie had assisted her, but there was plenty of time to further discuss that.  At this moment, Julie wanted to make sure that Felicia was comfortable.  Felicia wanted to take a shower and change into something fresh.  For some reason, the cloths she had on felt like they were tainted with Jerome's smell.  Felicia hadn't seen Jerome since their break-up, but her recent experience had brought back unwelcome memories.  Felicia firmly believed that a good hot shower would soothe her frayed nerves.  Julie went to her room, fetching a thick terry robe and several towels.  She showed Felicia the bathroom down the hall.  Felicia asked her to stay, wanting her company.   Felicia undressed showing a firm elegant body.  Her breasts were small but firm, complimenting a trim waist and narrow hips.  She had a small soft bush of amber hair that covered her pelvic area.  Julie was immediately turned on.  She had first felt the stirring of excitement when Felicia entered the room, looking forlorn and lost.  Julie had wanted to reach out and hold her, stroking her hair and whispering assurances in her ear.  Perhaps, even daring to lightly kiss the softness of her neck, right under the earlobe.

Felicia stepped under the water letting it cascade down her body.  She felt Julie's eyes watching her.  She had always dreamed of being with a women, and perhaps this was her chance.  She peaked out of the shower curtain, her face shimmering with eagerness, and asked Julie if she would like to join her.  Julie didn't need to be asked twice, as she quickly undressed, getting into the shower.  Julie cupped Felicia's firm breasts and massaged them gently.  She brought her mouth down and touched each with her tongue.  Felicia was surprised on how quickly her relationship with Julie was developing.  She was surprised on how aroused she was, wanting Julie to hold her and stroke her, never letting her go.  As the water continued cascading over their bodies, Julie urged Felicia's legs a part.  She slid her finger over her clit, slowly stroking the swollen flesh.  She kneeled before Felicia, gently cupping her buttocks, pushing her sweet bush closer to her eager mouth.  Her tongue followed the same path of her fingers, just moments before, occasionally slipping inside to take a drink.  Felicia moaned with pleasure, as she pressed Julie's head deeper between her thighs.  Having the water cascade over her body and having Julie's head between her legs, started to work its magic.  Felicia was so close to an orgasm.  With Jerome an orgasm never happened until Felicia helped it along, running her finger along her own pussy, after Jerome came.  Having sex with Jerome was awesome in the aspect that he had stamina.  He could continually get hard over and over again.   Felicia was hoping that eventually she would get the timing correct and cum, but it never happened.

Julie felt Felicia tensing up, knowing instinctively that she was almost ready to cum.   Julie wanted Felicia's first time with a women to be special.  She rose, to a standing position, and continued to caress Felicia's body.  Felicia was very disappointed, she was so close to cumming.  It had been several months since she had a real orgasm, and she was sort of looking forward to the one that had been building between her thighs.  Julie reached out for the body sponge and lathered it with soap.   Soap, if utilized properly, could be a very erotic substance.  Julie turned Felicia around with her front facing the shower head.  Reaching from behind, Julie slowly washed Felicia's body.  The soft abrasion of the sponge mixed with the silkiness of the soap, felt soothingly erotic on Felicia's skin.  It both tingled and relaxed her.  Felicia arched her body, pressing her back closer to Julie's large breasts.  Julie moved the sponge, washing between Felicia's thighs.  As Julie slipped the sponge up and around Felicia's swollen pussy, she occasionally inserted a finger in which ever hole she was near.  The sensation was shattering, as Felicia arched her body to welcome the tingles of small orgasms.  Julie rinsed off Felicia's body, again caressing her many crevices with her hands.  She wanted to keep Felicia relaxed.  Julie's best sexual experiences had occurred when both parties were very relaxed.  Stepping from the shower, Felicia and Julie toweled dried each other.   Julie led Felicia to her room.  In her room, Julie had all the toys a lesbian could possibly want.  She had two closets full of all the latest strap-ons, dildo's, and do-hickies.  She kept her favorites close at hand, beside her bed.

She encouraged Felicia to lay down as she strapped on her favorite.  Julie cuddled with Felicia, lightly caressing her body with an Osterage feather.  Little goose pimples scattered across Felicia's sensitive flesh.  Julie expertly handled the caresses, causing Felicia to become hot, being careful not to cause any tickling.   Felicia placed her fingers between her legs, stroking her dripping pussy.   Sensing Felicia's impatience, Julie maneuvered herself on top, inserting the strap-on deep inside Felicia's wet pussy.  Felicia moaned with pleasure.  Never had sex, with a man, been this enjoyable.  Julie massaged Felicia's nipples to hardness as she continued rhythmically plunging in and out of Felicia's welcoming passage.   Again, for the second time in a relatively short period of time, this angle of love and mercy, rose Felicia to new heights of orgasmic pleasure, as she rode the lightening bolt charging across her nerve endings.  After their love making, Julie held Felicia within her arms.  Felicia smiled, thinking that Jerome actually did her a big favor.   If it wasn't for his insistence, she would never have experienced Julie's tender loving.  The old southern saying that a women's loving is the best, actually...strangely enough, very true...

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