Nature's Parade
By Ambrosia Vynne

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

©1998 Ambrosia Vynne

The sun shimmered through the trees, causing shadows to dance across the grove, as the wind lifted the scattered leaves, blowing them into Fall's lap.  Natalie owned one of the largest Apple Groves in the county.  She was proud of her harvest, allowing her to continue her peaceful life.  The valley had been her home since childhood.  Her grandfather originally owned the property leaving it to her father.   When her father passed away, he left it to his only heir, Natalie.  Natalie could not imagine doing anything else.  Harvesting Apples was her life and her life's blood, without the Grove she could not exist. 

Each year, she had to hire new hands.  The pickers migrated from crop to crop.   Sometimes there were a few old faces in the sea of new.  Being a picker did not pay much, so Natalie could sympathize why so few stayed with the job.  This year Natalie decided to try something different.  Usually, she managed the pickers, and handled the Harvest and company needs.  This year she had hired a Forman.  Jack was a towering young fellow, who had worked for her father.  They worked well together, sharing the same goals.  Jack loved the Harvest, as she did, filled with the exhilaration of bring to market the sweetness of a years work.  The small community depended on the Harvest, placing them squarely on the map.  The community was well known for their Apples.  Apples were put into everything, from Apple Sauce to Pies.  They even had Apple Wine.  This year was going to be no different.   The Apples were ripe and ready.  The Harvest was one of the largest in years.

Wanting to iron out any rough spots, Natalie asked Jack over for dinner.  She had prepared his favorite, Southern Ham with Apple Mulch.  For dessert she made fresh Apple Dumplings.  The dinner went over well and was very much appreciated.   Natalie and Jack decided to take their desert and coffee to the living room and enjoy the warmth of the fireplace.  They sat on the sofa, sharing stories of days gone by, when her father ran the Grove.  She had played with Jack as a child.   He made time for her and her sometimes childish games.  He was a dear friend, that had helped out too often to count.  Once again, he was coming to her aid.   He didn't have to work anymore, after buying a successful ranch.  But he knew that there was no one else that could handle the job, and that could be trusted.   Natalie was a pretty petite women, towering a meer 5"3'.  She had an iron will, but could easily be taken advantage of.  Jack had fallen in love with her the first time they met.  But he was 22 and she was barely in her teens.  Now she was older, and even more beautiful.  Her face had filled out, with finely sculptured cheek bones.  Her skin was silky soft, as he occasionally reached out to caress a cheek. 

Natalie knew about Jack's feelings, but never had an opportunity to express hers.   She loved Jack and wanted, for several years, to be his wife, but Jack never asked.   As they sat on the sofa, shoulder to shoulder, watching the fire dance, Natalie was through with waiting.  She turned in her seat, and gave Jack the biggest wettest kiss smack dab on his lips.  The look on Jack's face, made her laugh.  He looked so ridiculous, gapping like a school boy looking at his first girlie magazine.  Jack took the invitation, as her drew her into his arms.  He held her tight, not wanting her to get away.  The many years of unbridled passions swelled within their hearts, as they truly kissed for the first time.  Their tongues sought out each other's, dancing and playing.  His hands roamed her back, feeling her through her shirt.  He wanted to run his bare hands over her body.  He pulled her shirt up and over her head, nestling his head deep into her chest.  She held his head, gently curling his thick black hair around her fingers.  Her fingers found his shirt buttons, as she also undressed him.  They held each other close, feeling the heat of their naked flesh.   He bent his head down, kissing her little breasts and slowly moving to her belly button.  She had the cutest "outy" he had ever seen.  It looked like a perfect button, guarding her precious regions below.  She had a trim little bush of soft blonde hair.  He lowered his mouth to her center, tentatively taking a sip from her stream. 

His tenderness aroused her more, as she held his head, continuing to run her fingers through his thick curly black hair.  He rose his mouth from her spring, taking her beauty in.  Her hair was sprayed across the pillow, like a halo around her face.   She was an angle of light and love, with a specialness that showed in the eyes of all she touched.  She had the ability to make other's smile, no matter how blue their day had been.  Natalie had a joke or story for every occasion.  He gently moved on top of her, being careful not to crush her under his weight.  He took her mouth into his, and loving kissed her. 

Natalie felt the first urgings of his love, as his manhood squeezed between her legs.   He made love to her slow and sweet.  He was large enough that she felt completely full and satisfied.  He moved in and out with such grace and patience, ensuring her comfort before his.  They came in unison, riding the waves of their love.  In the aftermath, Jack held her close, stroking her hair, whispering all that he ever wanted to say.  Jack's proposal was gentle, like his lovemaking.  It was more a plea than a question.  Natalie responded that she would love to be his wife.   They discussed the ranch and the grove.  How together they would be perfect together, complimenting each other by becoming one.  As he looked down at her, he felt his body stirring for more.  He slowly caressed her body, traveling his hands over her soft flesh.  Natalie closed her eyes, enjoying the movement of his hands as they traveled over her body.  She arched her back, pushing her valley closer to him.   She wanted him again, this time as his fiancée.  She eagerly spread her legs, capturing his hardness.  Natalie's stream was running fast, gushing forth her own wetness.  Jack felt at home between her legs, comforted that he was going to be hers.   The thought of waking up with her each morning, pulling her deeply into his arms, and running his large soft hands over her body, made him want her even more.

They held each tightly as they, again, braved the orgasmic tidal wave crashing against their bodies.  They looked deeply into each other's eyes, rejoicing in their love.   This year would be different from the rest.  This year they were going to Harvest together, as one...

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