Monday Meeting
By Ambrosia Vynne

1998 Ambrosia Vynne

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

As Britney drove into the office parking lot, she kept mentally running over her meeting notes. It was just another Monday Morning Project Meeting. She had sat through hundreds of others and this would be no different then the others. Well almost no different, she reminded herself. The bosses had hired a new person to handle presenting the finances to the Government. Okay, the project was slightly off budget. But the government needed to realize that, on this scale with as much secret bably boo that goes on, the contractor could get a little off budget.

Afterall, Britney mused, we were only a little off. As usual the team, including Britney, got their morning coffee and reported to the large conference room. As everyone seated themselves, the meeting was starting to begin. Britney did not recognize the first presentor. He was 5’8 and roughly 140 lbs. He was elegantly built with a narrow frame. Britney noted his wonderful tight ass as he turned around and approached the front of the conference room. His suit fit him like a glove, accenting his best assets. His expensive silk tie stopped at his waist, as if it was an arrow pointing to his other asset. The bulge in his pants was inviting. Imagining herself as the only person in the meeting, Britney half listened and half daydreamed about this beautiful distraction.

It was as if he had prepared his presentation especially for her, shifting his body, showing off the rippling adominal muscles under his thin white shirt. His hands moving across his body removing his tie, and then unbuttoning his shirt. Next he removed his undershirt, displaying his beautiful smooth chest. His nipples inviting her to touch... Britney shook her head, removing the renements of the day dream. Initially she was confused and could not remember the question she had just been asked. "What reports?" she inquired. Being reminded that she had several important reports that were suppose to be done this morning, she immediately explained her position. "Yes, those reports are done."

Britney was delighted when the gorgeous unkown presentor had taken the seat next to hers. Britney, paused only for a moment, further inspecting the human sculpter siting besides her, then passed copies of her report to the other attendees.

While management was reveiwing her reports, her hand inadvertently traveled under the table to his lap. Britney easily found and unzipped his fly. Reaching inside she found his soft love lance and started to stroke it as she responded to questions from management. The presentor met her playful strokes with his own, as his hand traveled under Britney’s hiked up skirt, finding her moist panties. Britney was beyond her self with excitement, finding it increasingly difficult to concentrate on the questions and appropriate responses.

As she continued storking his hardening cock, he slid aside her wet panties and inserted his fingers into her welcoming slit. As they were enjoying each other, management decided it would be beneficial to the project if they stayed after and get to know each other, after all they would be working with each other to resolve the current budget crisis.

As the last person left and the door of the conference room closed, the presentor got up mumbling about privacy. He called security, informing them that they were locking the conference room door and requested complete privacy. Further explaining that we had a lot of work to do and interuptions would not be tolerated.

He came back and sat back down next to Britney. He swiveled his chair facing hers, and planted his feet firmly next to hers. Britney’s hands had a mind of their own, they reached up and started to remove his tie. As she was unbuttoning his shirt, he said "We might as well get comfortable, since we have a lot of work to do. The Government wants the figures by next week." "Figures," Britney responded, as she continued to remove his clothing, "The contract figures have been rehashed every week, since the beginning of this contract. I have every possible angle on my data base."

By this time, he had successfully removed her blouse and was in the process of removing her bra. Unable to wait any longer, Britney slipped from her chair and knelt in front of him taking his manhood into her mouth. She started to suck it unitl it grew to the width of her mouth. Licking every hard inch of him, she cupped his balls in her hands and stroked them gently as she strarted to move his hard penis rythmatically in and out of her tight mouth. He ran his fingers through her hair, stroking her head closer to his tantalizing crotch. "Ooh, baby, you do that so well," he commented, "Oh baby suck my dick."

He gently pushed her away and drew her to a standing position. His eyes and hands admired her firm full busted body. Britney took a lot of pride in her body. She had strong cut muscles from head to toe. The only fat on her body was her double D breasts, and they sat firmly to attention. He positioned her on to the conference room table and spread her legs far apart, exposing her thick dark mound of pussy fur. He ran his fingers through her thick curly hair, carressing the hot wet slit within. He moved his body on to hers, cupping her head and inserting his tongue deep into her mouth. His passionate kisses warmed every part of her body. She felt her hot juices running down her thighs. He gently pushed her back onto the conference table, angling his hard cock in front of her mouth. Britney took his cock into her mouth and started to suck as she massaged his balls. She kept running her tongue up and down his shaft making sure she got every inch of him in.

He moved his body over hers, shifting down so that the tip of his hard cock penetrated her welcoming slit. She felt her hot lips grasp onto his hard shaft and suck it deep into her. He lowed his mouth on to each one of her breasts. His mouth nibbled each tit in turn as he massaged the breast with his hands. Between his mouth and his hands, he turned each one of her breasts into a hard throbbing sensor.

She could feel his hard dagger between her hot lips, caressing the inner folds, driving her crazy. She wanted him deep inside her, she wanted to feel his hot cum. Sensing her eagerness, he raised his head from her breast and plunged his lance deep inside her welcoming hole. Wanting him even deeper, she spread her legs farther and slightly raised her ass from the table, forcing him to go deeper. He continued to ram his hard cock into her very hot pussy, each time causing another shiver to pulse through her body.

They came together, in one long spasms crashing over their bodies. They held each other for several moments, enjoying post sexual glow.

As they held each other, they started to giggle. "I could start enjoying work, if this keeps us", Britney commented. "You can say that again," responded the presenter, "This is definitely going to be a prosperous day!"

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