Mocha Latte and Love
By Ambrosia Vynne

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

copyright 1999 Ambrosia Vynne

Each morning, like clock work, I go to the local cafe for a Mocha Latte.   I am not much of a coffee drinker.  A Mocha Latte is mostly steamed milk and chocolate with a hint of expresso.  It is nice and hot and it has enough caffeine to wake me up.  This morning was no different, though being the weekend, the cafe was a little more busier than usual.  I found a place near my favorite table and sat down with my Mocha Latte and bagel.  As I was enjoying my morning beverage, an interesting man walked up to the counter.  He spoke to the employees and they started to smile and laugh.  As he turned, searching for a place to sit, I noticed his strong elegant features and his stark red hair.  He carried himself well as he walked up to my table, asking if he could share.  I was more than happy to have him as company.  His accent was foreign, placing him to be someone from Australia, perhaps.  I introduced myself and was surprised that I was indeed correct, he was from Australia.  He was here for business.  What type of business, I did not ask.

We spoke about the weather and other general topics.  I immediately felt comfortable with him and started sharing some of my most intimate secrets.  He reciprocated telling me his.  We got on the subject of sexual fantasies.  One of mine was to make love to a complete stranger in and outside the cafe.  He smiled saying that he would be more than happy to ablidge.  He took off his shoe, and moved his stocking foot up my leg.  He nestled it between my legs and asked whether it turned me on.  I was starting to get wet with just anticipation.  I too, removed my shoe and moved my stocking foot between his legs.  I started gently pushing and playing with his cock.  I felt it stiffen with excitement.  I casually unbuttoned my blouse, allowing more of my well rounded breasts to peep through.  He reached out and casually caressed the swell of my breasts.  His fingers only paused for a moment, and then pulled my chin close to him.  We kissed over our coffees.  

There was not much more we could do at the cafe itself and we were both extremely horny.  We picked up our shoes from under the table, and promptly left the cafe.   We decided to take his car.  As I got into the car, I let my skirt ride above my hips, exposing my moist panties.  I spread my legs wide, inserting my hands down the front.  I started playing with my moist hot pussy as he put the car in gear.   Not wanting him to miss any action, I moved my left hand from my pussy and unzipped his pants, allowing his hard cock freedom.  As he drove to his hotel, I lowered my head over his cock placing it deep into my mouth.  I ran my tongue over his shaft, tasting the saltiness of his flesh.  I nudged his balls with my nose, sniffing his male aroma.  He left one hand on the stirring wheel and grabbed my ass with the other.   He squeezed my ass as I continued to suck on his hard member.  I was so aroused that I started sucking him harder, moving his cock rhythmically in and out of my mouth.  He placed both hand on the wheel, trying hard to concentrate on the road.   I felt his whole body stiffen and shake as he shot his cum down my throat.  I knew I was dripping wet with anticipation, when we finally pulled up to the hotel. 

We made sure we straightened our cloths as we hurried from the car.  It felt like eternity before we were in the elevator going up to his room.  In the elevator, I started working on his cock again, getting it nice and erect.  I played with his cock through his pants as we kissed.  He slipped his hands down my blouse cupping my large firm breasts.  As the elevator reached his floor, we hurriedly left and went to his room.  He had a suite in one of the major chains.  Barely through the door, we were undressing in anticipation and desire.  He pushed me against the wall, as he closed the door, removing my breasts from my blouse.  He lowered his head, taking each in his mouth and sucking them to tenderness.  I cupped his head stroking his thick gray hair and running my hands down his back.  I started untucking his shirt, ripping it from his body.  I heard the buttons of my blouse tear as he flung the it away.  My breasts were now fully exposed to his mouth and hands.  His hands reached down and hoisted my skirt above my hips, again exposing my moist white panties.  As he tore my panties from my body, he moved his hands down my firm ass and between my legs.  I spread my legs, giving him free access to my wet hot pussy.   I allowed him to move his finger down my clit and up into my wet cunt.

I wanted to feel his cock deep inside me.  I gently pushed him away, removing the last of my clothing.   I laid down on the carpet, spreading my legs wide.  As he undressed, I played with my hot wet folds...freely exposing my pink pussy to his hungry eyes.  He kneeled down between my legs and shoved his hard pink cock deep up me.  My body exploded with warmth as my orgasm started to boil.  He stroked my flame as he moved in and out getting his cock in deeper each time.  As he fucked me, I caressed his smooth hairless chest, occasionally pinching one of his nipples to hardness.  I moved my ass, meeting each one of his thrusts.  He started grasping for air as we came together in an explosion of orgasmic pleasure.  I was ready and willing for more, my pussy now dripping wet with his cum.  I was shocked when I looked down at him, he was not moving...  His eyes had a glassy stare and his mouth was still open, echoing the words of his orgasm.

He had died during that last orgasm, a massive coronary...  Between the caffeine, excitement and sex, it was all too much for him and his old ticker gave way.  At least he died happy.  I riffled through his draws looking for clothing to replaced my torn attire.  Then I called down to the front desk and explained what happened.   The rest was a blur of firemen, paramedics and police officers some of which were very attractive.  Lately my weekends have been filled with good looking men from those professions wanting to experience the same passion that killed my Australian lover...  The story somehow reached the news, and the headlines read "Mocha Latte and Love, a deadly combination"...

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