Misty Hardships
By Ambrosia Vynne

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

1998 Ambrosia Vynne

The drive down the coast was Amber's way of relaxing.  When ever her day was just a little too much, she went for a drive.   Tonight was no exception, as she drove the winding course of Pacific Coast Hwy.   She barely noticed the beaches of Malibu as she gradually increased her speed.   Nothing seemed to be going right for her lately.  Her business was in a slump along with her love life.  After her broken engagement several months ago, Amber had been coasting along in a sea of mist, not really letting anything touch her.  The breakup was a good thing, or so Amber thought at the time.  Robert was overbearing and insensitive.   He didn't know the first thing about sharing.

And sex, the most important aspect of "togetherness", sucked royally!  Amber needed more, but was unsure as to how to achieve it or what "more" she needed.  The drives in the past, had helped her relax and focus.  Answers to mind boggling questions seem to come as she followed the twists and turns of the road at hair raising speeds.  As her small sports car continued picking up speed, she reflected on what kind of "lover" would please her.  She had, for a number of years, been attracted to other women.   But conventions being what they are, she never crossed that bridge.  On one hand, the meer thought of being with another women was repulsive and on the other it was exciting.  Perhaps a women could provide what a man could not, and had not! 

Amber's thought grew twisted and she decided it would be safer to pull over and stop.  She found one of the many State Beaches along the highway and parked.  Getting out the car, she stretched her legs.  Amber was 5'9", a slender model of considerable success.  Although she loved driving her racy red sports car, the little seat and low interior cramped her body.  Success, she had to laugh.  Before success had not meant much to her.  She enjoyed her work!   She enjoyed the attention men and women had poured over her.  The meaning of success, before she was successful, had changed considerably.  She still enjoyed her work, but there was something missing.  She continually felt like there should be more.  She was not busy every day, but the jobs she did get paid very well.   Yet, she felt her career was in a slump.  Her body was her business.  If her body had a flaw or didn't meet the standards of today or tomorrow, she was out of a job!  She shook her short thick red hair, one of her trademarks.  She had amber eyes and red hair, which was a striking combination.  Her agent named her "Amber".  She longed for simpler times, when her mother had called her by her real name..

Pulling a shawl from the car, she sat down, admiring how the waves pounded the beach.  Thank god she lived in Southern California, she thought.  Back in her hometown, they had snow already.  Amber had moved to Southern California almost a decade ago, promising herself never to leave its magical shores.  California was magical.  It truly was a place were dreams came true.   She had arrived a struggling guacky girl and had blossomed into one of the most sought after talents. 

She deeply inhaled the spicy smell of the ocean.   She was overcome by an urge to undress and go for a swim.  The water was blistering cold, but that didn't matter.  Her strokes were strong as she navigated through the current, allowing the waves to carry her farther out.  Out in front of her she saw a large ship.  It must have been off its course to be traveling so close to the shore.  As she swam, she noticed the ship coming closer through the corner of her eye.  She finally turned, realizing its hull was so close she could touch it.   The adrenaline was pounding through her veins, with the realization that this ship could easily end her career and life for ever.  She heard the sound of an anchor plunging into the water and movement above.  "Excuse me, I didn't mean to startle you", a disembodied voice called from above.  To the side, a rope ladder appeared, and Amber cautiously rose from the water.  The women who held out the thick terry robe was beautiful.  She had classic features unlike Amber's basic looks.   "I am sorry I startled you", the women said.  "My name is Galla, welcome to Timeless Stars".

Galla wrapped the warm robe around Amber's shivering shoulders.  Her hands brushed against the fair skin.  Amber couldn't decide whether she was still driving and all this was just a dream.  She followed her hostess to the main room.  She had never seen a working fireplace on a yacht before.   The room was large with a fireplace in every corner.  In the dead center was a round bed, covered with mink.  Amber knew it was mink since she owned several prized coats of her own.  In a trance, she dropped the robe and walked over to the mink bed.   She laid down her tired body on the soft fur, enjoying its luxuriant feel against her still cool skin.  Galla approached the bed.  As she did so, she started to undress.  "This was meant to be, Amber.  I have been waiting for someone just like you!"  Galla laid next to Amber, and started to gently caress her beautiful body. 

Amber felt dazed.  She was aware of what she was doing, but out of control.  She couldn't stop what was happening.  She returned Galla's caresses, as she nuzzled her head between Galla's large breasts.  Amber was not at all surprised, when she discovered that Galla had both breasts and a penis.   It was a perfect answer to her dilemma's.  As Amber sucked on Galla's breasts, she stroked Galla's hardening organ.  The best of both worlds.  Galla felt her cock starting to flinch to life.  It became rock hard for Amber, which was a first.   Usually, her cock stayed soft during sex.  She had struggled for sometime with her "deformities".  During her younger years was the hardest. 

Galla was building a bonfire between Amber's thighs.   Amber crawled up and over Galla's stiffening cock and penetrated it deep inside her.   As she rode, she continued to play with Galla's large head lights.  Amber arched her body, welcoming Galla's cock deeper into her hot wet pussy.  Amber reached back stroking Galla's balls.  Galla's body stiffened with the oncoming orgasm.   Amber wanting to preserve the moment, gently eased off of Galla's hard cock and started to suck on her welcoming breasts.  Galla wormed with disappointment, she was so close in coming.  Amber wanting to get Galla right to the edge, started sucking on her stiffened member, while tugging on Galla's tender nipples.  With extreme impatience, Galla pushed Amber's back to the bed, and penetrated deep between her legs.   Galla wanted to cum in this soft pink pussy.  Holding Amber's arms down into the mattress, Galla rammed her hard cock into Amber's pussy.  The shear violence of the action, caused Amber to cum, her pussy squeezing Galla's cock tightly.  Galla was unable to hold her orgasm much longer, as she sprayed her cum up into Amber.

As the orgasm passed, Galla looked deeply into Amber's eyes.  She discovered a world of sweetness and acceptance, this was the women for her.  Amber curled up next to Galla's exhausted warm body.  She had never felt so at peace and warm after making love.  Even though the last moments of their love making had been slightly violent, she still very much enjoyed herself and looked forward to more.  Amber closed her eyes and felt herself drifting to a bottomless sleep.   She fell deeper and deeper into her subconscious.  She was unaware of the movement around her, until someone nudged her shoulder. 

Her sleepy eyes opened to a women standing over her.   Amber was confused, where was Galla.  She found herself leaning on a boulder on the beach.  The sun had risen and there was someone standing over her.  Amber instinctively rubbed her eyes, perhaps this was a dream.  As she removed her hands, she saw it was not an illusion.  She was indeed leaning against a boulder on the beach.  The young lady towering over her, kneeled down beside her.  "Hi, my name is Galla.  I am just about to set out on my boat, "Timeless Stars", would you like to join me?"  Amber smiled, knowing that somehow she had indeed received an answer.  Perhaps, after all, dreams do cum true....

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