By Ambrosia Vynne

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

copyright 1999 Ambrosia Vynne

The sorority sisters giggled when they saw the look on Henny's face.  She just couldn't believe that she was the stupid sucker who had pulled the short stick.   Each semester, her sorority had a mission that needed to be completed.  Each one of the sisters had to draw straws to see whose turn it was to meet the semester's mission.  It was now her turn.  She looked at the sisters with dread.  Last semester they painted each and every boys bathroom hot pink.  This semester, Henny knew they had something major planned.  The envelope passed through each sister's hand until it was placed in hers.  Again, they all giggled.  She slowly opened the envelope and sucked in her breath.  Oh dear...she couldn't believe it...it just couldn't be happening.  She had one week to visit every guy in the Del Mar Sorority house.  She had to collect one pair of dirty underwear from each guy.  One week was not a long time, and she had to get the guy out of his underwear.  It wouldn't do just digging into their dirty laundry.  There was a similar mission almost a year ago.  The poor sister ended up sleeping with 9 guys in the process.  Part of the mission was to break that record.  If she talked all the guys out of their underwear, without sleeping with one she would get her monthly bills paid for the next semester.   If she slept with one to three of the guys, she would get half of her monthly bills paid.  As the number grew, the amount of her monthly that would be paid for decreased. 

Again she looked at the girls, pleading with them.  She just couldn't do what they asked, it was impossible.  They all shook their heads with mock sorrow, not heeding her pleas.  They pulled out a map of the Del Mar Sorority house which had each one of the dorm rooms marked.  She counted the rooms and moaned again.  There were 26 rooms and each room had two occupants.  She had to collect 52 pairs of underwear.   Two of her sisters volunteered to be witnesses.  She had to coax 52 guys out of their underwear in less than 7 days.  The clock started ticking and the girls all giggled again.  There was nothing like the present, she might as well get started!   She picked up a list of the guys living at Del Mar.  She looked down the list and picked out 12 guys she personally knew.  Each one of those guys eagerly undressed and gave her their underwear.  That was 12 down, 40 to go.  She looked down at the remaining 40.  She persuade 6 of them through mutual friends, that left 34.   Taking out 18 in one day was considered a good days work.  She left the other 34 until later.  That evening she went on the underwear prowl.  She dressed in one of her shortest skirts and grabbed her two witnesses.  She knocked on the door of the Del Mar house and was eagerly escorted in.  She went to the first room, and knocked.  After bargaining with the guys, she settled on a trade of show and tell.   They gave her their underwear and she did a slow strip tease. 

She removed her skirt displaying her tight ass and narrow waist.  She wore only a g-string which she slowly pulled away from her skin, giving the guys a sneak peak.   She was careful not to reveal a lot, just enough to get their blood boiling.   She slowly lifted her shirt as she gyrated her hips.  She showed enough of her firm breasts to get them staggering.  She grabbed her skirt and gave her witnesses her prizes, leaving the guys stammering.  As she dressed in the hallway, her two witnesses giggled and knocked on the next door.  She had two more pairs of underwear in her hands and there were 32 to go.  Her evening was progressing about the same.   She gave the guys a slow strip tease and the relinquished their underwear.   She was having a fairly successful evening up to the last room.  She had dreaded this last door, knowing the reputation of the guys who slept in the room.   She was quite right when she started the bargaining.  They were not going to give up their underwear for a strip tease.  She had to put out or get out (without her prize).  She looked at her witnesses and considered her options.  She had done very well thus for in the day and she did have a whole week to get her prizes.   But the small voice inside her head urged her to get it over with.  She had already broken the previous record and was going to get some of her monthlies paid. 

Making up her mind, she slowly shrugged out of her t-shirt.  One of the guys reached behind her and unhooked her bra.  Her large breasts fell bouncing off her tummy.  She stood there for a moment considering again what she was about to do.   The guys were not bad looking and her witnesses seemed to be enjoying the show.   Besides if it got tough, she was sure her sisters would put a stop to it.  The guy helped her out of her skirt and panties.  She knelt on the bed where they directed her to.  As she knelt down, Gary the guy who helped her out of her bra came at her from behind.  He had his cock hard and ready.  He enjoyed this time of year.  The frat girls always cooked up something that guaranteed a lay.  Mike came at her from the front.  Mike also had his hard cock ready.  The sisters giggled and watched.  Gary spread her ass cheeks wide, inserting his cock deep up her hole.  He rammed right in and she buckled with pleasure.  She loved taking it in her ass.  Mike swung his cock in front of her face and she eagerly accepted it in her mouth.  As she sucked Mike's cock, Gary shoved his hard cock deep up her ass.   She wiggled with pleasure.  She kept thinking about the semester she wouldn't be responsible for her monthlies and what she was going to spend the extra money on.   Besides, she actually enjoyed being fucked.  She accidentally bit down on Mike's cock.  She looked up at him speechless, mouthing an apology.  An apology just wouldn't do as Gary and Mike changed positions.  Mike swung his hand up in an arch and brought it down on her tender ass.  Again, she wiggled with pleasure.   She loved being spanked.  Gary helped her spread her legs, as he inserted his hard member into her hot cunt.  Mike was not finished spanking her.  With each new slap, her pussy was pulsing with wetness.  Gary grinded his cock deep inside her.   Mike decided she had enough and slammed his hard cock up her greedy ass.  With both of her holes filled, she wiggled with delight.  She held tightly onto Gary's shoulders, bringing her mouth to his.  Mike reached around front and started playing with her taught nipples.

Sitting across the sisters giggled.  They enjoyed watching Henny being fucked.   What stories they would tell tonight!  Henny turned her face away from Gary and Mike pulled her hair.  She turned her head to him as he greedily accepted her mouth.  They both were grinding into her and she was so close to cumming.  They all held on tight as the orgasm passed through.  She sighed with pleasure as both Gary and Mike dumped a sweet load of hot cum inside her.  She crawled off the bed and started getting dressed.  The guys picked up their underwear from the floor and handed them to the other two sorority sisters.  She had successfully completed her pledge by collecting 52 pairs of underwear and breaking the record!  She would have loved to fuck 6 men, but that would come later at the congratulation party.  Being successful in breaking the record, insured her of extra spending money in the months to come...  Going to college and sex were simoninous...  if only her parent knew...

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