Mind Fuck
By Ambrosia Vynne

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

1998 Ambrosia Vynne

The blinking cursor was waiting for a response.   Dan was behind in his writing.  For some reason he was unable just to produce the same load he had done countless months prior.  The cursor still waited for a response.  His main source of income was writing porno.  Describing how men and women fuck.  He had been in his study so long writing about sex, that he had truly forgotten what real sex was.  Dan had never been apt on the social skills.  And women were still a mystery.  He had written about countless scenes where one of his characters was fucked by the most beautiful of women.  His characters were always good looking and fit, unlike real life.  The cursor still waited for a response.

Dan closed his eyes, and envisioned a goddess coming into his study.  How she had gotten there and who she was, was unimportant.  The secret was envisioning the character.  She walked with a smooth confident stride.   She greeted him with her customary hello.  Her lips were covered with the latest of red shading.  She was wearing a snug sexy black dress, that barely covered her ample breasts (or are they tits).  Her nipples were taught, pressing against the thinness of the material.  They looked like two welcoming buttons, saying "Turn me on, I'm yours baby!"  She didn't walk, she glided into the room.  Dan knew she had nothing underneath and this knowledge made his cock throb with anticipation.   She had come for one purpose and one purpose only, he was going to be able to fuck this baby.  She slowly raised the skirt of her dress, giving Dan a sneak peak.   Under her skimpy dress were skimpy black panties.  The front of the panties were moist with her anticipation.  Dan quietly whispered, "You gotta suck it before I will fuck it!".  He had dreamed of saying that to some chick and seeing her reaction.  His goddess simply smiled and looked alluring at him. 

He unzipped his pants and pulled out his hard cock.   Were he lacked in looks he had in cock size.  He held his cock in the palm of his sweaty hand, and offered it to his goddess.  "Come here baby.  Eat my cock and tell me how good it is."  The goddess floated to him, kneeling down in front of his chair.  She opened her mouth and shoved his hole cock inside.  She really knew what he liked and she sucked and licked his cock.  His hand pounded his flesh as he envisioned her sucking.  She removed her tits from her dress and let them dangle free.  As she sucked, Dan twisted her buttons, turning her on.  He held her head down onto his crotch, forcing her to take him in deeper.  She pulled and caressed his balls as she continue sucking his cock.  Oh he was so close to cumming.   He could feel the orgasm welling inside of him.  "Are you ready baby?   I'm going to shoot my load!"  Dan release his hold and his cum shot into the air.  In his mind, his goddess sucked up every drop, begging for more.  She placed his cock back into her mouth and sucked it to hardness.  "Since I sucked, can I now fuck?", she inquired in her baby doll voice.  Dan ripped her wet panties off, revealing a little bush and pink wet lips.  "I want you to beg for my cock, baby...", Dan replied.  "Have you been a good deserving girl?".  Dan motioned his goddess to turn around.  He raised her dress and told her to bend down.  She had a large firm ass that just asked to be spanked.  

Dan rose from his chair, and spread her cheeks wide.   He shoved his hard cock up her ass.  He reached in front of her and dug his fingers into her wet hot pussy, pressing her body closer to his.  "Do you like this baby?  Tell me how much you like this baby?" , Dan questioned.   "Oh baby I love your hard cock.  I want your hard cock deeper inside me.   I want to feel your hot cum.", his goddess replied.  Dan shoved deeper inside her, not waiting for her reply.  He felt her pussy dripping with wetness, as he continued to plunge deeper inside.  Again, for the second time that evening, he sprayed hot cum across his study.  In his mind, his goddess' ass couldn't hold all his cum as some leaked out.  "Beg for more, baby!  Daddy is going to fuck your pussy hard, baby." 

His goddess turned, spreading her legs wide, inviting him to take her wet pussy as he did her ass.  "Would you spank me Daddy?   Please spank me Daddy, I have been real bad!", his goddess replied.  Dan turned her around and spanked her hard.  With each smack his cock stiffened, slowly coming to hardness.  Her ass was turning red with his hand prints.  Smacking this chick really turned him on.  Each time he struck, she moaned with pleasure.   Dan ripped the dress from her body, showing her firm breasts and flat stomach.   All women should like this. 

"You want my cock, baby?  You gotta work for it." Dan growled.  He wanted to see this chick dance.  She stood up, grinding her hips close to his face.  She ran her finger through her pussy and then brought them to her mouth and sucked.  "Do you want to taste me, sweet Daddy?", his goddess inquired.  Dan grabbed her hips and pulled her to him.   He plunged his tongue deep into her pussy and started to suck.  She tasted like a fine expensive wine.  Needing to be back inside her and wanting to cum, he roughly pushed her away.  Dan sat back down on his chair and motioned her over.   She straddled his hard cock, plunging it deep inside her hot pussy.  She moved up and down, each time causing his hard cock to penetrate her deeper.  Dan twisted her tits, turning his baby doll on. 

From some where, a vibrator appeared.  "Do you want to vibrate baby?", Dan asked as he shoved a large vibrate up her ass.   She wiggled with pleasure as she continued to ride Dan's hard cock.  "I don't want you to cum, until I tell you to.  You understand that baby?", Dan said.  His goddess nodded with agreement, but she was unable to hold the orgasm that shivered through her body.  She groaned first with pleasure and then defeat.   "Ooh Daddy, I came.  I am sorry.  Are you going to punish me, Daddy."  Dan smirked, boy did he have a punishment for her. 

From the same mystical place the vibrator appeared from, so did a long leather whip.  She had to be punished for cuming before Daddy did.  She moved against the wall, cowering from Dan's anger.  She had to tied up, so he didn't hit her beautiful face.  Dan tied her arms above her head and turned her to face the wall.  As he whipped her, red welts appeared on her ass and her back.   Dan was surprised that she withered not with pain, but shear pleasure.  He moved his hand between her thighs, feeling her ready hot pussy.  His cock still stood at attention.  Whipping her had really turned him on.  Feeling the power over his goddess doll course through his veins, pumping blood to his throbbing cock.  He turned her around and shoved her down on his desk.  Her back smearing blood all over his unfinished works.  Dan spread her legs wide, shoving deeply inside her hot pussy.   Dan felt her wall tighten as he plunged deeper in.  He pulled at her hair as he rode deeper and deeper, banging her harder against his desk.

Moments after his goddess came, Dan shot his whole load deep inside her wet hot pussy.  For the third time that evening, Dan sprayed his cum all over his study, some even hitting his computer screen.  As he opened his eyes, his play goddess faded away.  Looking at his screen he noticed, the cursor still waiting for a response.

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