The Magic of  Twilight
By Ambrosia Vynne

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

copyright 1999 Ambrosia Vynne

I desperately wanted to put Anthony's death behind me.  We had lived together for the last 7 years, in all aspects, except legal.  We shared everything together and built a beautiful life, filled with love and romance.  I  desperately needed a quite weekend away from all my caring friends and family.  They kept trying to be cheerful, reminding me that Anthony was now in a better place without suffering...without me...  As I drove, I  became more eager to arrive at the hotel where we originally met.  The hotel  was on an island outside of San Diego.  It was an old  hotel that was built in the late 1800's by two visionaries.  If they only knew that today, their glorious hotel still stood and was treasured by all who had the privilege of visiting its elegant and spacious rooms. 

Anthony had loved the hotel, even though the management frowned on gay couples showing affection in the common areas.  The management's raised eyebrows and occasional whisper simply made Anthony laugh.  He use to say that the United States was filled with prudes afraid of their own sexuality.  Which, I  mused, is probably true based on the recent events with the President. 

As I drove across the bridge, which connected the Island to the main land, I caught a brief glimpse of the welcoming roofs and towers of the old hotel.  I was reminded of the first time I had met Anthony on the beach after my morning run.  He was an elegant man, towering over my slight 5'6" frame.  He glided across the sand, as if he owned the whole beach.  As he approached, I felt my cock swell with desire and anticipation.  I sensed his eyes on my crotch and I knew he knew I had a hard-on.  He walked to my side, introducing himself.  His hand slipped down my waist and "accidentally" rubbed against my cock.  He murmured so softly, "just checking."  I had to laugh and in doing so almost wet myself.  This man, I didn't even know, has the audacity to touch my cock in public on a crowded beach.  I was immediately enamored.

As I turned into the large entrance to the hotel, I  quickly brushed away a tear.  That was all the hotel needed, a crying old fag...   Besides, this was not a trip of sorrow, but one of remembrance.  I wanted to relive each and every precious moment I had shared with Anthony.  The bellman took my car keys and loaded my luggage on the cart.  I slowly approached the entrance of the fine hotel, opening the doors and slowly going in.  Check in was never a problem and I was promptly given our regular room.  Anthony and I had stayed at the hotel every chance we got.  We were like regular fixtures and knew most of the employees.  During one of Anthony's last weeks, we came for a day just so he could say goodbye to all his friends at the hotel.  The staff was fully aware of my recent lose, though they were as warm as usual, making no remarks to stir unwanted feelings.

After settling in my room, I decided to sit out on the veranda for a while.   I loved watching all the young lovers enjoying each other's company.  In general, I had always enjoyed watching people.  As I sat on the veranda, sipping my tea, the most peculiar thing started to happen.  At first I had thought I must have had too much sun, or perhaps I was dreaming.  But it seemed so real.  The air around me started to shimmer as if it was shaking at a high frequency.   Then my surroundings started to change.  I was still at the hotel, but it was no longer the year 1999.  If I had to guess, I would say I was someplace in the late 1800's perhaps 1890 or so.  All the patrons were dressed in Victorian garb.   People around me spoke funny.  It was English, but they phrased their sentences differently.  I looked down at myself, and noticed that I too had changed.   I was no longer wearing my blue jeans and T-shirt. 

Then I saw him, walking briskly toward me...  He was so familiar, and yet...  it just couldn't be...  He came to my side and asked me if I would like to take a walk.  I rose from my chair and he gently braced one hand in the small of my back, guiding me to the front entrance.  We walked a while saying nothing.  I was so engrossed in the changes around me, that conversation at first would have been impossible.  He found a large tree and motioned for us to sit.   His arms were around me and he pulled me toward him, opening his mouth wide encompassing mine.  I loved the way his mouth tasted, the same old familiar sweet peppermint flavor.  Anthony hadn't changed, just the era.  He moved his hands under my vest, untucking my shirt.  No one stared or interrupted us.   Anthony said he missed rubbing his hands over my warm flesh.  I eagerly undid his vest, untucking his shirt and stripping him naked.  I ran my fingers down his firm chest.  It was the same chest he had prior to getting sick.  He was firm, alive and well again.  He was renewed...  With much vigor, he removed my pants eagerly pushing down my underwear.  With my hard cock exposed, Anthony took it into his mouth and began to suck.  He played with my balls as he ran his tongue over my tip.  Wanting to reciprocate, I hurriedly undid his zipper, pulling out his large dick and plunging it into my mouth.  He tasted the same, so sweet.  His cock started to grow in my mouth as I continued to suck.  We started moving in unison.

Anthony had the ability to make me cum and yet get me hard again quickly.  I could have fucked him under that tree for ever.  But as I came, he nudged me away.  He said there was not enough time for more, and that soon I would have to go back.  I didn't want to go back.  I wanted to stay with him and be with him.  He said that was not possible yet...   A decision would have to be made.  I felt dizzy and closed my eyes.  When I awoke, it was already twilight and I was in my room.  The year was once again 1999.   I must have dreamt the whole thing...  to my dismay and disappointment.   The whole episode felt so real.  My body still ached from his touch, my hard cock pounded wanting more...

To live with Anthony again...  To have him in my life strong and renewed...  I wanted him so bad my penis grew hard and aching.  I curled back on to the bed, on my side.  I moved my hands over my now hardened cock.   I closed my eyes and imagined Anthony there besides me.  He moved his hands over my lean body, taking a moment to suck on my nipples.  His tongue was slightly abrasive, like a cats, and it felt so good going across my skin.  As he sucked my nipples, my body arched wanting him to take my hard cock.  My hands roamed his strong body, enjoying each and every contour.  Anthony was a demon in bed, my demon...   He moved with such hunger and desire, enlightening my body.  I could feel his soft curly chest hair under my hands...  I felt his strength as he moved lower over my body, inserting his hard cock into me as he continued to stroke mine.  His cock pierced my body, filling me completely, making me arch my back allowing him to penetrate deeper.  I was on the train of orgasm and I was ready to unrail.  My body spasmed and I felt my hot cum shoot into my hands.  I was surprised to feel my own hands on my member, my vision had been so real.  Perhaps coming to the hotel had been a mistake.  Instead of reliving memories, my mind keeps creating new ones...yearning to be with Anthony.

As I showered and prepared for bed, the maid changed my soiled sheets.  She made no comment about what the substance was, nor did she stare or look.  The hotel was always friendly and warm, and most of all inviting.   That was why Anthony and I had spent so much time here.  The hotel was home.   I laid in my newly changed bed with an untouched book at my side.  I wasn't sleepy and had no desire to read.  I just looked at the ceiling willing it to melt away.  An urge started to form... I had a desire to go for a walk...  but I kept telling myself, it is late and besides you need your sleep.  But the urge would not go away.  Finally I hoisted myself out of bed and grabbed my robe and slippers.   I walked down from my room into the lobby.  I was asked if I needed anything and I replied just some fresh air.  I walked out the front entrance and down to the big pine trees out front.  I sat at one of the pic-nic tables admiring the view of the ocean.  I had a feeling I was to meet someone here, but I didn't remember who.   I felt the same change come over me, as if the air around me was moving very quickly.  The colors and the landscape started to change.  I was no longer sitting at a wrought iron pic-nic table, but rather lounging in a large wood chair.   It was still night and my attire was similar, but instead of wearing my cotton ensemble, it was all silk.  I looked up expecting Anthony to be there...  I now knew I was going crazy and even with that knowledge, I had no desire to go back to sanity.   If I had to become insane to see my Anthony then that was how it was going to be.  

He came from the trees, were we had made love before.   I stood from my chair, walking...running toward him.  I embraced him and held him, this time my tears flowed freely.  "I love you", I whispered between my choked flood, that was now flowing freely.  I had not cried at the funeral, nothing would come.  I did not cry when all our friends had surrounded me.  Now, in his warm arms, my flood gates had released.  He held me in his strong arms, and told me it was going to be okay.  After a few moments he gently shoved me away, and held my hand.  We walked hand in hand up to our room.  It was nothing like the room in 1999.  This room was filled with beautiful antiques and dark wood.   There was a marble set of draws and vases of effervescent flowers. 

He undid the belt to my robe, allowing the robe to slip to the floor.  I had removed his brown derby hat and his coat.  He said a decision had to be made, but first we would share one more moment of love.  He undid my pajama top and I slipped out of my bottoms.  I stood before him naked.   He liked looking at my naked body, admiring my curves and muscles.  When he was sick, I had gotten undress numerous times for him, parading around his hospital room stark naked.  Once a nurse walked in and had the scare of her life.  Anthony had laughed really hard and I stumbled around the room dressing.  It had been wonderful hearing him laugh, warm and full of melody.  I started laughing and he asked me what was so funny.  As I reminded him about the nurse, he too started to laugh. 

We moved to the bed and laid down.  He towered over me, looking down my smooth chest.   His hands caressed my body as he again started sucking on one of my nipples.   I held his head close, not allowing him to slip away.  I ran my fingers through his thick dark hair.  My hands started to roam his body, first stroking his strong shoulders and moving down his lean back.  He was warm and real and he was mine, again.  I loved the feel of his skin under my hands.  I loved the feel of his hot mouth on mine.  I moved my hands over his buttocks feeling their suppleness.   My cock began to grow hard with eagerness.  He sensed my desire as he moved his mouth to encapture my hardened penis.  As he sucked, his hands continued to roam over my body.  I again held his head close, stroking his hair and curling it around my fingers.  I played with his ears and stroked the side of his cheeks.  I pulled his head toward me, not wanting to cum in his mouth.  I held his head between my hands, caressing his face as we kissed.   I felt his cock throb against my groan.  I wanted him inside me.  I wanted to feel his hot load spray against my walls.  He slowly positioned me on my back and moved down my body.  I raised my legs to welcome him as he penetrated his hard cock deep inside me.  I loved when he rode me like a stallion and caressed my hard cock.  I met each one of his thrusts with one of my own.  It only took moments when I felt the orgasm swell and we exploded together.  He sucked up all my hot cum, licking his lips.  He said that was the best meal he had in weeks...  I had to laugh, that was my Anthony...always the comedian.

We laid together for a while, both of us holding tight.   He said I had a decision to make.  I could stay there with him in the 1800's for all eternity or I could return to my time...  That was not much of a choice and I expressed same.  My life was nothing without Anthony.  I knew there would never be anyone who could replace him and I didn't even want to try to live without him.   Anthony suggested I take a few moments to write a few farewell letters to friends and family.  I hope they understand my decision...  Anthony said we would be able to spend just a few moments in 1999 to make sure they were delivered and then we must return.  The air again shimmered around me.  I saw my body curled on the bed, with my arms wrapped around a pillow.  I placed the letters next to my bedside table.   Inside each one of them, explained my recent experiences and my desires to live eternity with my Anthony, begging their forgiveness and expressing my love.  The hotel's management found my body soon after.  The coroner proclaimed I died of natural causes.  If they only knew...

Time now has no meaning as I spend eternity in the arms of my lover...  remembering the magic at twilight.


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