Just Between Friends
By Ambrosia Vynne

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

© 1998 Ambrosia Vynne

They had been lovers, several years ago.  A tormented 6 month relationship, that started off strong.  After six months, Tom broke off the relationship, giving no reason for his decision.  Robin had thought everything was going just fine.  They had planned to first visit Robin's family in Chicago for Christmas and then, continue to New York visiting Tom's mom and friend.  During their trip, their sex petered to none.  The second day of the New Year, Tom called, breaking off their relationship.  Robin was shattered, unwilling to accept that this very special guy had just broken off their relationship.  Everyone had said they make a perfect couple and that they looked well with each other.  Okay, so a few of his friends said he could do better.  Robin was not the perfect female.  She had a few weight problems that she was continually struggling against.  Tom had wanted a small slight petite women, which Robin would never be or become.  She could loose a hundred pounds and still never be a slight petite women.  Robin was a big boned German women. 

Several years had passed, where Robin had gotten involved with someone else, loosing contact with Tom.  She had wanted to stay friends, but didn't know how.  Loosing Tom's friendship was another blow, to Robin's fragile ego.  Robin got engaged and was suppose to get married.  Her new relationship was not working, no matter how she worked at it.  During the last year of her new relationship, Tom reappeared in her life.  She accepted his friendship without strings.  She had grown up a lot over the years, and after her break-up with her fiancée, Robin had no desire for anything complicated or serious.  She just wanted to play.  Robin found herself more open to trying new things, like swingers clubs and drugs.  Before, she had been conservative and held a tight grip on her feelings and self.  Robin wanted to try new things and new people.  Her friendship with Tom deepened, and she found she was spending more enjoyable time with him, being his friend. 

As friends, they decided to spend a weekend at a swingers club across the boarder.   It was an invitation only type place.  Somehow, through one of his many contacts, Tom had gotten their name on the list.  Robin was partially excited by the possibility of a new experience and partially scared.  What if no one chose her as their partner?  What if no one wanted to fuck her?  Her ego had remained slightly fragile, even though she put on a good front.  Not wanting to wear anything uncomfortable, Robin decided to dress rather casual.  As they entered the doorway, Tom gave their names to the guard.  He checked his list and guided them inside.   Several other couples had arrived and were chatting with each other.  A waitress offered Robin a drink, which she gladly accepted.  The alcohol would, hopefully, relax her, making the experience more enjoyable.  Tom and Robin, walked deeper into the room.  Several of the couples moved over, making room for them.   Robin noticed that the couples were of all ages and sizes, she immediately felt comfortable.  The way Tom had described the layout, Robin had thought (erroneously) that she would be the largest women.  She gratefully noticed that she was not the largest nor was she the smallest.

Tom surveyed the room, choosing the women he wanted to be with.  She was a petite blonde with sharp features.  He walked over to her introducing himself.  They spoke for a few moments and then left the room.  The other couples noticed their departure.  Her partner, approached Robin and asked if she would like to watch.   Robin nodded her head in agreement.  They walked over to a booth with a one way mirror.  Before her was Tom on a bed with the women he had chosen.  Her partner encouraged Robin on his lap, explaining it would be more enjoyable.  Tom wasted no time, as he quickly undressed the blonde.  She was perfect with firm small breasts and a wash board tummy.  As Tom cupped her breasts, her partner cupped Robin's.   Robin was both surprised and pleased.  She felt his cock hardened between her legs, as he got excited seeing his partner fuck Tom.  The blonde knelt down on her knees grabbing Tom's cock into her mouth.  She started to suck, squeezing her cheeks in holding his cock tight.  The blonde's partner continued softly massaging Robins breasts and Robin started stroking her dripping wet pussy.  Seeing Tom, her friend and ex-lover, fuck another women, really turned her on. 

Tom was unaware that Robin was watching as the blonde continued sucking his cock.   He lowered his hands cupping her firm breasts.  They were perfect, filling his palms with their softness.  She rose from his cock, offering her wet pussy to him.   Tom knelt down, sliding his tongue over her clit and tasting her sweetness.   This was the reason he was here.  He could fuck all the women he desired.   He hoped that Robin was also enjoying herself. 

Robin had turned in her seat, she could still view Tom by looking in the mirror.   She wanted the blonde's partner's cock deep inside her hot welcoming pussy.   She was so ready she was splitting at the seams.  The partner wanted to push this sweet women to the edge.  Robin had looked so frightened when she first entered, he wanted her first experience to be positive.  He knew his wife would more than please Tom.  He was surprised that Robin got so excited watching them. 

The blonde pulled Tom to his feet, motioning him over to the bed.  She pushed him onto the bare matters.  As he laid there, she caressed her body, spreading her legs wide, flashing her dripping pussy.  She knew her husband was watching her, and that turned her on.  She was showing her husband exactly how hot and wet she was, before she straddled Tom's cock.  Her husband's cock began to grow harder and nestled its head between Robin's bushy hair.  He expertly teased her clit with the tip of his hard cock.  Robin couldn't stand it any longer and plunged his cock deep inside her welcoming hole.  Robin started riding the blonde's partner's cock hard and deep, as Tom plunged his cock in the blonde's dripping wet pussy.  Together, in unison, the pairs rode, plunging the corresponding cocks deeper into their wet pussies.  The pleasure rippled through Robin's body with such ferocity as Tom sprayed his cum deep inside the blonde's pussy. 

It was time to join his wife, as the blonde's partner, carried Robin into the bedroom chamber.  He lovingly laid Robin down on the bed as he curled under his wife.   Tom, unrealizing that it was Robin laying besides him, reached up and started fondling her pussy.  She was so horny and ready for more.  Tom's cock began to grow as Robin turned and laid on her tummy.  She hid her face from Tom, not wanting him to know.  Tom spread her cheeks wide, taking this other women from behind.   He pounded his horny meat deep inside as the blonde and her husband fucked.   Again, in unison they all came, Tom dropping his second load deep up Robin's ass.

The blonde and her husband, reached out and touched Robin and Tom.  Tom was surprised that his cock was deep into Robin's ass.  It was a pleasant sensation, like coming home.  Robin enjoyed the experience and waited for more.  Entering into the swingers world, opened new doors for her.  She could experience new lovers, explore her sexual needs and still maintain old friends.  After all, it was just between friends....

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