In The Mirror
By Ambrosia Vynne

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

copyright 1999 Ambrosia Vynne

The world shimmered around me and the earth moved.  I had cast a spell, wishing for eternal youth and beauty.  The spell itself went a little haywire as my entity was cast into the crystal cold reflective world of a mirror.  I discovered through the ages, that I was able to move from one mirror to the next, claiming any form I desired.  I drew energy and strength from the unsuspecting I observed.  I didn't kill people, I just absorbed a little of their life force, shaving perhaps a year or two from their life expectancy.  It was so easy to pull people into my world, and so easy to absorb a bit of their life into mine.  I am now several hundred years old, and have existed through wars and famine.  My favorite places are small clothing stores in the mall.  I can easily travel like smoke, from each looking glass to the next, finding plenty to feast upon.

Women are the easiest of pray, as they undress in front of the mirror, reviewing their bodies.  They run their hands over their curves checking each and every inch.   It is simply a matter of will power, pulling them to the mirror.  My smoky hands reaching out for them and pulling them into my world.  In my world, they are queen for a moment in time.  I take my time running my cold smoky hands over the curves I remember once having, and desire to have again.  That is how the idea came to me, a reversal spell, casting me from my prison back to the world of the living.   In the age of when I was born, touching another women was forbidden and considered part of being a witch.  I grew up with special dark powers of my own, my sexuality only added to my strength.  There were many of times, I stood in my tower, breathing the cold air of my cantations.  Through the words and power, my spells took shape, until that dreadful dewy eve of my descent into smoke.

She had come to the same dressing room several times before.  And each time, I took Sarah into my cold chamber claiming her body and soul as my own.  Her body was warm and tender.  Her beauty was eternal as was her youth.  Each time I touched her, it was as if it was the first.  My excitement grew and I orgasmed often thinking of her.  She was special because she shared similar powers as I.  The power to cast spells and change her environment by will alone.  She stood in front of the mirror, willing me to take her in, yet again.  I pulled her into my world and held her in my arms.  Her legs parted, inviting my hands to touch her soft pink confines.   Her wetness encouraged me to plunge my fingers into her depths.  Her body arched with expectation, as I fingered her willing clit.  She whispered my name as she found my mouth.  I was shocked and surprised she knew who I was...  Barania of the Druids.  I sucked in my breath, desperately waiting for her to whisper it yet again.  Barania...  I couldn't restrain myself as I slipped my mouth over her large bare breast and sucked her tit to hardness.  I moved my hands over her tender warm flesh, my passion growing within.  "Barania, I have come to save you..."

Save me...  I thought.  Sarah held on to me with all her might, as we orgasmed together.  Again, I moved my hands over her tender warm body and yet again, she willingly opened her legs, exposing her juicy pink flesh.  I nestled my head between her legs and started sucking her sweet juices.  A little more of her essence transferred to me...  I ran my hands through her thick black bush and curled the hair around my fingers.  I moistened my index finger and shoved it deep up her ass, as I continued sucking her sweet pussy juices.  Barania...  I am here to save you....   Barania...  If only it could be true.  To be of the living again.   To hold this women in my warm arms of flesh, to make love to her each night, waking up to her smell.  She withered with passion as I pumped my fingers in and out of her ass.  Her sweet juices sprayed into my mouth as she orgasmed.  She whispered in my ear, yet again "Stay here Barania...  do not move...  I am transferring the mirror to my domain."  I allowed her to leave, waiting desperately for her return.  A new women came in and undressed in front of the mirror.  Like a robot wanting nutrients only, I reached out to the next women, pulling her into my world.   She struggled as she approached the glass, slowly melting within.  I caressed her body, and sucked on her essence.  Her hands melted within my body as I stroked her wet clit making her cum.  Each time I released my victim, they found themselves masturbating in front of the mirror enjoying the after glow of an orgasm.  They never felt the missing life force seep from their body. 

The next day I felt the mirror move.  Sarah moved her face near, whispering not to be afraid.  She had bought the mirror and was gingerly transferring it to her home... her domain.  Upon my safe arrival, Sarah set up the alter, offering the blood of one sacrifice to the druid spirits.  She set the stones at play, whispering the sacred prayer and waited for the sunset.  She moved to the mirror, reaching for me, and again I embraced her within.  I loved her naked body with her full soft breasts.   I held her in my arms as we caressed each other's body.  I moved my head down, between her soft mounds, sucking and licking her nipples to hardness.  She held out a wooden cross.  I took the cross from her hand and ran the base down her wet clit.   The staff of the cross was shaped life a males penis, firm and stiff.  I jammed the cross into her welcoming wet pussy, as I continued sucking on her firm tits.   She arched her body, welcoming another hard jab with the cross.  With my free hand, I squeezed her firm round ass, as I continued fucking her with the cross.  As she orgasmed, we knew it was time to complete the spell.  I released her body, allowing her to move out of the mirror.  I held onto the cross as I started masturbating with it.  I spread my legs wide, exposing my pink pussy to her and ran the cross down my clit.  She started speaking the words, as I concentrated on my orgasm. 

As I continued fucking my pussy with the cross, her words became louder and stronger, more urgent.  I felt my body tingle as it did before, several hundred years ago.   Through the haze of my orgasm, I flew from the mirror in a tunnel of smoke to the warm confines of Sarah's arms.  My body withered with both pleasure and pain, as it became warm for the first time in years.  I felt real blood pulse in my veins and course through my heart.  I heard my own heart beat as I became whole, once more.   Sarah held me as I withered with pleasure, the cross still up my very wet pussy.   She reached down, between my legs and removed the cross, throwing it at the mirror.   The mirror shattered into millions of pieces, causing the doorway to close.   Sarah's spell had been successful.  She had brought me from the world of smoke, back into the world of the living.  She moved me to the floor as she bed me once more.  I spread my legs inviting her fingers to plunge into my hot wet pussy, taking me and making me hers.  We fucked for most of the evening, sharing each other in wicked ways.  We smeared the remaining blood over each other's body, licking same, tasting the coppery flavor of victory.  She stood before me and sprayed a hot yellow stream of urine over my body.  I basked in the warmth of the liquid, savoring its smell.  As she laid down beside me, I allowed my own urine to spray over her tender flesh, making her mine as well.  We rubbed our combined urine over our bodies, cleansing our tortured soul.  With the combination of our powers, we would be a very strong force.  We would be able to accomplish more together, than we would ever apart.  Sarah was my yeng and I was her yang...  We had been separated by a barrier of time, but that was no longer.

As the sun rose, she held me in her protective arms, for the dawning of a new age...


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