By Ambrosia Vynne

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

copyright 1999 Ambrosia Vynne

Mark was a family man and not accustomed to picking up strangers.  But it was raining and the women on the side of the rode looked like a drowned rat, with her hair plastered in her face.  As he pulled over and opened the door, he noticed that she was at least 4 months pregnant, the obvious bulge showing through her drenched rain coat.   Mark was very much turned on by pregnant women.  Something about fucking a women who had another living creature within her growing and struggling to survive was a major turn on.  As she got into the car, Mark's penis became alive and started throbbing within the confines of his tight jeans.  He was in Seatle on business.   It would be realitively easy to just bring her to his hotel.  Mark asked her where she was going and she responded, she didn't know.  Her parents had kicked her out because of her condition.  She looked young, but not that young.  Mark inquired about her age, and was reassured when she said she was 18.  He didn't want to be pulled over or anything like that.  Mark suggested a hot meal, hot shower and a warm bed.  She eagerly agreed.  In the morning, together, they could figure on what to do.

He opened his hotel room and showed her in.  As she showered, Mark brought her cloths downstairs for housekeeping to dry.  He purchased a new outfit for her in the gift shop.  It was the least he could do.  When he got back to the room, she was sitting on the bed with a towel firmly wrapped around her.  She was so beautiful, with long brown hair and hazel eyes.  She confirmed that she was indeed, 4 months pregnant.  Mark asked if he could touch her stomach.  She unwrapped her towel, exposing her naked body.  Her tummy protruded from her firm hips.  Her breasts were starting to show the signs of her pregnancy, filling out with the expectancy of nutrients for the baby.  He was amazed that at this early stage her breasts held milk, as a little squirted out.  He was so arroused, he ran his fingers down her tummy to her thick bush of pubic hair.  He looked up at her face, asking permission to fuck her.  She smiled, and eagerly moved back on to the bed.  Mark positioned his mouth between her firm legs, as he tentatively licked her clit.  She moved her hands down, stroking her fingers through his thick graying hair.  He cupped her butt cheeks as he pulled her pussy closer to his hungry mouth.  He tongue fucked her, shoving his tongue deeper each time, trying to lick the baby that was growing within.   She wiggled with pleasure.  He pulled his mouth from her clit and again ran his fingers over her bulging tummy.  She offered him a firm tit, which he eagerly accepted.  As he sucked on her tit, he was rewarded with a stream of warm sweet milk.   He unbuttoned his shirt and pants wanting to shove his cock first into her mouth and then into her warm pussy.  She pulled herself into a sitting position, and eagerly accepted his hard cock into her mouth.

As she sucked Mark's dick, he continued stroking her pertruding tummy.  Each time he became more arroused.  Pregnant women were very sexy.  When his wife was pregnant she never allowed him to fuck her.  He was quite disappointed, but remained faithful, until now.  He moved his hard cock in and out of her mouth, as she continued sucking him.  Not wanting to cum inside her mouth, he pulled out.  She groaned with disappointment.  He laid down beside her, and continued stroking her swollen belly.  He allowed his fingers to again find her wet clit.  He ran his fingers inside the wet folds.  As he played with her wet hot pussy, he again found one of her nipples and shoved it into his mouth.  As he sucked, he was rewarded with another stream of warm milk.  She arched her body, preparing to cum.  He pulled his fingers from her pussy, and slid his cock into her hole.  He rammed his cock into her, causing her to scream with pleasure.  As he fucked her, he carressed her swollen pregnant belly.  She reached up, pulling his head to hers, enveloping him in a warm kiss.  He pulled away from her, and continued to ride.  Again, she arched her body, preparing to orgasm.  He couldn't hold it any longer as he came inside her sweet tight pussy. 

He laid down beside her, removing his softening cock.  He continued carressed her swollen belly with his hands and loins.  He moved his soft penis closer and rubbed in over her stomach.  As he rubbed, his cock started getting hard again.  She moved down, and pulled his growing cock into her mouth, sucking it to hardness.  "I want you to fuck me from behind", she whispered.  He was more than eager to please.  She turned over on all fours.  He moved his cock between her cheeks, teasing her at first.  He spread her cheeks wide and inserted his tip into her dark hole.  Without warning, he rammed his cock in.  She bucked with surprise, feeling a little pain mixed with the pleasure.  As he fucked her, he caressed her swollen belly from behind.  Her ass was holding his cock nice and tight as he continued moving in and out.  He continued caressing her tummy with his left hand, as his right started stroking her hot wet pussy.  She pushed against his cock, causing it to penetrate her deeper. She continued to groan with pleasure as she wiggled her ass closer causing his balls to slap against her ass.  She turned her head toward Mark and asked him to slap her bottom.  "I've been a nasty little girl and I deserve a spanking daddy..."  Mark was eager to ablige.  He could get very use to having this little piece of ass on business trips.  He would have to make sure she stayed pregnant, which was realitively easy.  He was wealthy enough to afford a mistress without his wife knowing anything about it.  His thoughts were quickly brought back to the present, as he slapped her firm ass.  He loved fucking this young piece of ass and spanking her simulataneously.  He couldn't hold back his orgasm as he came yet again, exploding his load up her ass.  She turned around, looking disappointed.  She didn't have a chance to cum... 

Mark was going to change that as his cock rose erect again.  She clung to his cock, as she again inserted it into her mouth and started sucking it.  Mark could fuck her all night.  His stomach started to growl, and he realized they haven't eaten yet.  Though he could eat her pussy until hell froze over, that wouldn't stop the growling in his pit.  He threw his shirt over to her and asked her to put it on, as he called room service.  She too, was hungry, but she wanted to have him again.   He gently pushed her away and told her after they have both eaten, something.   The room service guy, stared at the young women with envy.  He looked at Mark, who could have easily passed as her father.  He shook his head in dismay, why was it he couldn't find a sweet thing like that...  They sat at the table for several long moments, eating in silence.  She disdainly pushed her plate away, declaring she had enough.  She slipped under the table and crawled to Mark's cock, slipping it back into her mouth.  She loved sucking cocks.  She had been brought ups sucking cocks and deemed herself a pro.  She had no desire to have the baby that was growing within her, but she was unable to afford an abortion.  Maybe, if she was really good, Mark would help her...

Mark pushed his chair back and looked into her eager puppy eyes.  He sensed a the answer to his questioned, but he had to ask to make sure.  "Do you want the baby?"  "No", she responded, telling him about her plight.   He mused for a moment and then, reached for his cell phone.  He knew some of the biggest private doctors in the area and a few owed him one.  He spoke to his golf buddy and got the answer he expected.  She could almost bring the baby to term and then before the last tri-mester abort it if she desired or better yet, she could have it and put it up for adobtion.  Mark preferred the later of the two for his own selfish reasons.  It gave him 5 more glorious months to fuck her while she was pregnant.   As she sucked on his growing penis, he laid out his plan.  He would set her up with a condo of her own and an expense account.  She would have the baby and place it up for adoption.  She would be welcome to stay as his mistress, even after the adoption.  He would financially take care of her and pay for her college.  She rose to her feet, and straddled Marks hard cock.  She rode his cock hard, as Mark continually rubbed her swollen tummy.  She arched her back and prepared to cum...   As her orgasm subsided, she bent over, again inviting Mark to spank her ass.   She turned her head around and accepted his offer, spreading her ass cheeks wide inviting him to enjoy the pleasures of his new mistress. 

Mark fucked her into the early hours of the morning, finally wrapping his arms around her and going to sleep.  The months to come were filled with pure sexual enjoyment.  In the years to come, Mark continually got his young mistress pregnant, enjoying her pregnancy until it came to term, offering the child up for adobtion.  Before his death he left the condo and a sizable income to his secret sweetheart, that filled his life with many hours of pure enjoyment.  Picking up a hitch hiker on the cold rainy night was one of the smartest moves he ever made....

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