The Golden Rod
By Ambrosia Vynne

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

copyright 1999 Ambrosia Vynne

Her partially clothed body, twirled around the golden rod.  She spread her legs eagerly, riding the rod between her legs.  She heard the muffled screams and cat call around her, but Jenny was oblivious to the noise.  She was in her own world of sexual eroticism, as she continued to hump the golden rod.  She held on tight with one hand, as she played with one of her breast nipples.  She knew that her black g-string was moist with her anticipation.  Money flew her way, 100 dollar bills hitting the stage floor under her feet.  Since arriving to New York, she had made more money than she ever dreamed.  In one good night, she walked away with several grand or more in her pocket.  Most of it was tax free.  She claimed less than half of what she made.  She worked only 5 hours a day and 4 days a week.  Riding the golden rod, enabled her to live in the more fashionable part of New York City, and still have a rather large savings account.  Her finish was coming up.  She moved away from her favorite rod, and unclasped the snap holding her top.  She let the top hit the floor, covering her amble tits with her hands.  She went back over to the rod, and rode it between breasts.  The crowd went wild.  She circled her legs around the rod, riding up on it as she continued fucking it between her tits.  More money was thrown up on to the stage.  After her number, her assistance came out and collected the money.

Adorning her robe, Jenny sat counting out the thick stack of bills.  Some guys threw up 20 and 50 dollar bills, but most of the bills were hundreds.  She worked in one of the finer establishments, near the upper east side.  The guys who came to watch her, had plenty to burn.  The manager of the place, knocked on the dressing room door.  He came each night, wanting his cut.  She had it laid out and waiting as he came in.  Jenny was one of his best dancers.  She made a killing each night and still the guys wanted more.  He had a special request for one of his more prominent customers.  Mr. Henderson was a wealthy well known business man.   He not only made the deals in the Big Apple, but owned a good percentage of the city.  He owned more politicians and law enforcement people than some of the larger organized families.  He was both feared and respected.  This time, Mr. Henderson wanted Jenny.  One night, no questions asked.  And he was not going to take "no" for an answer.  Danny's hands were sweating when he handed Jenny the note.  Jenny placed a thin stack of money back into his hands.  His hands shook as she read the note, finally eyeing Danny with suspicion.  She had seen Mr. Henderson before on several nights.  He would ask for special attention or a lap dance.  She eagerly gave him what he wanted as he placed the large roll of hundreds into her hands.  Mr. Henderson's note was brief and to the point.  It was an invitation to meet at his house at 7:30 sharp.  There was also $1,500 cash in the envelope.  She looked at the clock, noting it only gave her a few minutes to get dressed.

A limo was waiting for her at the curb.  The driver opened the door and helped Jenny into the car.  Jenny was a little nervous.  She had never gone to someone else's place before.  Sure she had sex with her customers, but that was always upstairs and Danny was close by should the guy get rough.  Danny would be no where close to help her, if anything should happen.  She had heard all the stories before.   Strippers being raped and killed.  Their bodies found in trash cans and dumpsters, like someone's second hand clothing.  The cops didn't work the case very hard, after all it was only a stripper.   Jenny loved her life and she wanted the opportunity to grow old.  Maybe, even one of these days have a few kids and settle down.  The ride to Mr. Henderson's house was uneventful, as the big car pulled into the long driveway.  Jenny was strucked with awe as she grasped at the house.   Mr. Henderson's place was larger than the apartment building she lived in!   The driver graciously helped Jenny from the car, and led her into the house.   The decor astounded and amazed Jenny.  She had only seen similar antiques at the MET and that was from behind yellow ropes.  She lovingly ran her hand over an old sideboard.  A door opened at the end of the hall, and she was escorted through.   She sat down in front of a roaring fireplace.  The chair held her firm and yet, very soft.  She melted into the chair, finally relaxing.  Mr. Henderson sat across from her.  He eyed her for a moment and then motioned her to come closer.  She rose from her chair and approached.  With out a word, Mr. Henderson pulled his penis from his pants.  Obediently, Jenny knelt down to take his soft cock into her mouth.   She mused that he probably just wanted a blow job inside of his own home.  Men like Mr. Henderson were very busy and probably very tired after their day. 

As she sucked his penis to hardness, Mr. Henderson absently stroked her hair.  She loved giving head, especially to Mr. Henderson.  His cock responded to her warm mouth and grew three times its size.  She had a hard time keeping all of him in her mouth.  She sucked the soft folds of skin under the tip, while nestling his balls with her hands.  She would alternate between sucking his cock and sucking his balls.   She tenderly pulled each sack into her mouth and sucked on it as if it was candy.   To her, a man's cock was just that...candy!  Again, she inserted his shaft into her mouth.  She pumped his cock furiously in and out, willing him to cum.   She wanted to taste his sweet cum and have it spray all over her face.  She loved the feeling of hot cum on her face.  She also enjoyed having cum spray over her tits, but there was plenty of time for that.  Usually at the club, she gave Mr. Henderson several blow jobs.  She knew he was just about to shoot his load, and she eagerly sucked awaiting for the down pour.  His body tensed and jerked.  He wiggled and bounced as he shot his load.  Jenny sucked up each drop, licking her lips with pure enjoyment.  She sometimes felt guilty charging him when she enjoyed it so much.  Once she tried to give him a free blow job, but he wouldn't go for it.   As she licked off his last few drops, he pulled her head away looking deeply down into her eyes.  He looked like a man searching for some hidden secret that he thought was some how held inside her head.  She stared back, wanting to suck his cock to hardness again.  "Do you like my house?", he asked.  She nodded yes, not trusting her voice.  "Would you like to live at my house?" , he asked.   Again, she nodded yes wondering what he was getting to.  She wanted him to hurry, because she wanted his cock again.  Mr. Henderson had the ability to get hard right after cumming.  He could cum several times in a row without pause.

Mr. Henderson had a proposition for her.  He wanted her to stay with him and quit the club.  Her job would be to give him head at least twice a night and maybe, once or twice a week go to bed with him.  In return for her services, she would stay at his house, and have a sizable bank account.  Additionally, all her expenses would be paid.  She would be expected to attend parties with him and to travel with him.   Jenny just couldn't believe her luck.  She would dearly miss having the golden rod between her legs, but in essence she would be replacing the cold golden rod for a warm golden rod.  She dreaded giving up her independence, but felt that Mr. Henderson's deal would help her continue to save for her future.  Besides, if it didn't work out the club would surely take her back.  She looked up at Mr. Henderson and said yes, with one condition.  He waited for her to name her condition.  Without a word, she nestled in front of his penis again, and started to suck.  She wanted to taste his cum and this time have his juices spray over her tits...  Mr. Henderson eagerly accepted her condition...  The deal was set! 

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