Garden Secrets
By Ambrosia Vynne

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

copyright 1999 Ambrosia Vynne

I rose early for my morning jog.  I grabbed a banana before leaving my house, consuming it before getting to the trail.  The trail wound around the housing complex and a manmade lake.  The scenery was actually quite lovely and peaceful this early in the morning.  Expecting to see no other runners, I removed my shirt, tying it around my waist.  I enjoyed running bare chested, my large breasts heaving up and down with every step.  I liked how the wind felt against my nipples making them hard.   Occasionally when the feelings over took me, I would change directions and run into the forest.  Once the trees hid me completely, I would stop and strip naked.  I loved rubbing my body against the trees, feeling the roughness of the bark.  When I reached between my legs, I was always dripping wet.  Occasionally, I would find the right size stick and striping the bark.  I would lean against the tree and spread my legs wide.  I would insert the stick as far as it would go, riding it between my legs.  Just the shear wickedness of my actions made me cum.   Sometimes I would imagine my husband catching my naked ritual and thinking about his shocked surprise.  My husband was the king prude of prudes.  Why I still remained married to him, I would never know.  He saw me as a common housewife, someone to make his food and wash his cloths.  He had mistresses that made him cum...   My mistress was nature...

This morning was slightly different.  I had the same urge to run into the forest, which I did.  I diverted my path aiming for the woods.  I did not notice that I had a visitor until I was completely undressed.  She came up behind me and moved her hands over my aroused chest.  Her touch was soft and gentle.  She turned me around to face her.  She was so beautiful with her long brown hair and sapphire green eyes.   I wasn't surprise at my response.  In college, I was very much attracted to the same sex and had experimented quite often, but then I had met Charlie (my husband).   Charlie changed all that.  Sometimes I wished I never met Charlie...  She introduced herself as Gloria and told me not to be afraid.  She had watched me for weeks, following me into the woods.  She had watched me fuck myself with a branch, yearning to touch my inner folds.

I reached for her, yearning to touch her smooth skin.  Together we quickly got her undressed.  We explored each other's bodies gently and tentatively.  Her touch further aroused feelings deep inside me.  I knew without even checking, that my pussy was dripping wet with anticipation.  Sensing my desires, she moved her hand between my creamy white thighs.  She gently stroked my inflamed pussy, occasionally inserting her fingers into my hot cunt.  I moved closer to her, grasping her tight ass from behind.  I moved my mouth over hers, gliding my tongue over her lips.  As she opened her mouth, I swallowed hers with mine.  The years of neglect aroused me to an heightened passion as I deepened our kiss.  I had forgotten how wonderful a women could kiss.  Her hands stroked my shoulders and caressed my firm back.  She pulled her mouth away from mine and started sucking on one of my erect nipples.  One of her hands started playing with my other tit as my hands continued traveling over her own firm body.  She lifted her mouth from my tit and bit gently into my shoulder.   I held her close wanting to feel her warmth and her wetness.  She readily opened her legs and let my hands travel within.  She was so hot and wet, I wanted to sample her sweet juices.  I moved my mouth down her body, stopping for a moment to suck on her nipples causing them to become hard.  My mouth traveled passed her button and down to her dark curly bush.  I slid my tongue over her pussy lips and started sucking her hot juices.  She groaned with pleasure, pushing my head deeper between her legs.

Sensing her oncoming orgasm, I started sucking harder, inserting my fingers deep into her cunt.  I rhythmically moved them in and out causing her to dance with pleasure.   She pulled me up into her arms, and I buried my head into her shoulders.  Her hands continued caressing my aroused body.  She moved her head down the length of my body.  She inserted her tongue between my hot pussy lips, licking and sucking my sweet juices.  I stroked her long brown hair through my fingers as I arched my body closer to hers.  She eagerly licked and sucked me to an orgasm.  We held each other for the longest time, gently caressing and soothing each other's bodies.  I made the mistake of glancing at my watch.  It was way past the time I was suppose to get back.  I didn't want Charlie coming to look for me.  Gloria sensed my tension and I explained my situation.  She asked why I hadn't gotten a divorce from Charlie.  That was a really good question and I was stunned by my response.  I was afraid to be alone.  I had put up with Charlie's infidelity all these years because I was afraid of being alone.  I sat stunned on the nearby log, shaking with realization.  I could easily afford to be separated from Charlie.  Besides, I had always preferred being with a women.  I slowly got dressed, no longer in a hurry.   I asked Gloria for her number, which she gladly gave.  She lived in the same housing development, though she lived alone. 

When I went back to my house that day, I told Charlie we were getting divorced and that I wanted him out of my house within 24 hours.  The wheels started to turn so quickly, that before I knew it the divorce was final and Charlie would forever be out of my life.   I have been seeing a lot of Gloria over the last 6 months and we have finally decided to move in together, agreeing to lease out my place.  I am now an artist, not a housewife and my sex life has never been better.  Today life is wonderful, thanks in part to my little garden secrets. 


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