For Sale
By Ambrosia Vynne

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

copyright 1999 Ambrosia Vynne

The house stood on the ridge, looking over the Los Angeles basin.  When it was originally built, it cost less than $50,000.  Over the years, the many owners added their own requirements accumulating a structure that was worth today several million.  Margo got the listing her first day out.  She was surprised that the present owner, Mr. Maccue, wanted to sell.  It was a towering old house with many facets, keeping the eccentric decorator happy.  Mr. Maccue didn't need the money.   He could easily afford several such houses without taxing his monthly income.   He had made several investments when he was young, turning him from a penniless gambler to one of the wealthiest men alive.  He wasn't a man that was paraded in front of the public.  His fortunes were not made in the "traditional" sense and therefore, not widely accepted.  Margo found Mr. Maccue very attractive and somewhat mysterious.  To her, the house seemed to fit him perfectly and was very puzzled for his desire to sell.  But it was her first listing and she was excited.   If she was able to sell the house, at its asking price, her commission would answer all of her financial needs.

She had obtained her license after failing in every other career.  She was an intelligent women, but was unable to hold down a job in the corporate world.  Other women found her intimidating with her intelligence and natural beauty.  Initially, she had set her heart on being an actress, but that dream petered out long ago.   After too many unsuccessful auditions, that resulted with her flat on her back and her legs spread eagle without getting the part.  Producers were known to use and abuse young talent.  She enjoyed having sex, but she wanted to walk away with something more than a bruised dignity. 

When Mr. Maccue called requesting a meeting, Margo was puzzled.  They had already signed all the contracts and paperwork.  The only thing left was showing the house and selling it.  She had two major interested parties and was working on getting an offer.  With nothing to report, as of yet, Margo was confused as to why Mr. Maccue wanted to meet.  She arrived to the house precisely on time.  She had to allow herself in when Mr. Maccue did not answer.  Mr. Maccue released his servants when he placed the house on the market.  Again, his actions confused her.  She had checked out his assets and made several discreet inquiries, trying to find out his motivations.  She found nothing incriminating.  Mr. Maccue had more money now than he had several years ago.  Each day he earned money on his investments.  He was both awed and feared in the business market.  Mr. Maccue was an older man.   He had gray hair and a very fit body.  He was approaching his 70's like a tiger, aging very little.  Margo was attracted by his demeanor.  Whenever he walked into a room, she got hot.  Occasionally she excused herself, going to the bathroom to relieve some of the sexual tension.  She had promised herself that she would no longer use sex as a means to an end.  Sex was for her pure enjoyment, and that was all.

She walked through the house, calling out his name.  She found him out back, lounging in one of the many large hot tubs.  The view was phenomenal off the back deck.  It held a 360 degree of the hills and the ocean.  There was no place like southern California.  All year round, this house would boast a beautiful view.   Mr. Maccue looked up as she approached.  Margo was a striking women, reminding him of his deceased wife.  When he lost his wife, a number of years ago, due to a freak accident, nothing held any joy for him.  He continued making money as if he was a robot.  All his time was placed within that pursuit.  He received no further enjoyment living out his years.  His wife was his hope and his salvation.  When he lost her, it was as if he lost everything.  Margo was special and he knew that the first day he met her.  He listed the house with her, as a means to keep her in his life and to get to know her better.  She did her homework, which first surprised him, looking for a motivation behind his desire to sell.  As she approached, he went over his desires in his mind.  It was time to come clean.  It was a major nuisance to have his whole staff on vacation.  He thought it would be best, if his staff was not around to blow the story. 

Margo walked toward him with such grace.  She was aware of his eyes watching her every step.  She moved a chair near the tub, and sat down.  Her short skirt rose above her knee.  As she crossed her legs, Mr. Maccue got a quick peak at her moist white panties.  He craved having the opportunity to remove those panties and rub his hands and other things between her firm thighs.  She was naturally thin.  No excessive muscles or fat.  She had a perfect lady like grace about her.  She was both intelligent and sexy, a combination he had found in his wife.  It was difficult finding that same combination.  In the short duration of knowing her, Mr. Maccue had fallen head over heels in love.  It was now time to give her the final test, before proposing.  Margo was tense and didn't know why.  She felt like something very important was going to take place.  She eagerly wanted to undress and share the tub with Mr. Maccue.  She had a strong sense that he would be a wonderful lover.  He motioned over to a swim suit and asked her to get join him.  She looked over to the bathing suit and shook her head no.  She was here for business not personal.  He stressed that he would not start discussing his concerns without her in the tub.   She got up from her chair, and decided to do as he asked.  She fit snuggly in the suit.  It barely covered her large breasts and ample hips.  She first tested the water, and than sat down into its hot arms.  He moved over to her sitting right next to her.  Their conversation soon turned personal and she began to relax. 

With a mind of their own, their hands met under the water and clasped.  She sat there for a long time, just appreciating the beautiful view and holding his hand.   The excitement swam through her body causing little pleasure pulses.  He moved from the seat and faced her.  She eagerly opened her legs and allowed him within.   He stroked her face and looked deeply into her hazel eyes.  He confessed his desire and told her the truth.  She was shocked and pleasantly surprised.  On one hand she was deeply insulted.  The listing was a shame, and on the other she was so happy.  This man had just proposed.  She secretly harbored a crush on him, but never had she imagined he returned those feelings.  His hands moved down her chest, exposing her firm nipples.  He cupped both of her breasts and gently massaged them.  Her hand moved to his waist, pulling him closer.  Their first kiss was urgent.  Both had harbored pent up sexual feelings that were now, finally being released.  Before she knew it, she was out of the small suit.  They were both naked in each other's arms.  His arms held her tight, never wanting to let her go.   He had been lucky to find his first wife, and had never thought he would find another.  He didn't want to have his luck run out.  His penis was getting hard with excitement.  Although he was over 70, he had a fulfilling sex life.  She held him tight, moving her hands down his lean back.  It amazed her how fit he was.

Needing and wanting him now, she slipped from the hot water.  She sat down on the rim of the tub, spreading her legs invitingly.  He needed no other invitation, as he slipped his hard penis into her wet hot pussy.  As he moved in her, he clasped her head gently between his big soft hands.  He passionately kissed her lips, exploring her mouth with his tongue.  He covered her face and chest with small hot kisses.   She spread her legs wider, giving him easier access.  She gripped his back, digging her nails in.  She was so close to an orgasm.  She met each one of his thrusts with one of her own.    They embraced tightly as they orgasmed together.  The first of many to come. 

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