The Essence of Love
By Ambrosia Vynne

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

1998 Ambrosia Vynne

They had talked on the phone for more than a year, exchanging their dreams, thoughts, and desires.  During the year, Brenda had been involved in a serious relationship.  She was engaged to get married.  She had been with Albert for 2 1/2 years.  Jacob didn't seem to mind.  He kept telling her, during their long conversations, that Albert was not the guy for her.  Lately she had been fighting with Albert almost on a daily basis, mostly over money.  She was tired of supporting him.  He had promised over and over again, that he was going to get a job.  Her life was filled with working and coming home, to Albert.  The minute she walked through the door, Albert groped for her.  She was tired and put in a full day's work, whereas, Albert spent the whole day lounging around the house.   She finally had enough and asked him to leave.  That night she called Jacob.   He seemed to understand her concerns and her dreams.  She so longed to meet this man.

Jacob suggested that she needed a vacation.  She was more than due a long weekend off of everything.  She really did need to just get away.  Jacob had the perfect place.  He had a vacation house near Lake Tahoe.   There was nothing around expect the woods and mountains.  It would also be a great opportunity for them to personally meet and spend some quality time together.   Brenda made the arrangements.  Because of her company, she just couldn't stop everything and leave.  So they set a date, giving Brenda time to clear her calendar and put things in order for her departure.  She was looking forward to a long weekend with Jacob.  He promised to spoil her and soothe her tired soul. 

When the day of departure finally arrived, Brenda was more than ready to go.  She had successfully completed all outstanding contracts and had permanently broken up with Albert.  She mourned the loss of the 2 1/2 years more than she did the relationship.  She had been a fool to believe that a man could support her.  What she had really ended up doing was supporting the man.  But Albert did have several good traits, he did introduce her to her present industry.   She was a well known Cater for the Film Industry, dealing with the who's who in Hollywood.  She was well known for her cookies, her specialty trait.  She took very good care of the crew, and in turn she kept very busy.  In 2 short years, she had built her reputation and business to an outstanding point, enabling her to afford some well earned time off. 

Seeing Jacob for the first time, surprised her.  He had told her he was handsome, but he never told her he was as fit as a god.  She felt the initial wetness between her thighs, as her anticipation grew.  This weekend would be a promise of great sex, at least.  Jacob opened the car door for her and helped her with her luggage.  He was such a gentleman, something that Albert had lacked!   Brenda inquired if they were going to drive to Lake Tahoe, which would be roughly an 8 hour drive from Hollywood.  Jacob smiled, saying he had a surprise.  Jacob drove to LA Airport.  He parked the car outside one of the terminals.  Waiting on the strip was a private jet.  Brenda couldn't believe her eyes, truly this weekend would be special.  As they got comfortable, the pilot discussed the flight pattern with Jacob. 

Take off was so smooth, Brenda barely felt the lift off.  Jacob prepared two cocktails and sat next to Brenda.  By this time, Brenda was ready to join the mile high club.  She just didn't know exactly how to initiate first contact.  They had spoken, in depth, about sex.  They discovered that both of them were very sexual creatures.  Having and enjoying great sex was very important.  Brenda had not experienced great sex for over 2 1/2 years.  Sex was not one of Albert's strong points.  Actually, Brenda had been raking her brain, trying to think of one thing that was.

Deciding to just take the plunge, Brenda set down her drink and turned in her chair.  "I want to say thank you, for the great weekend, I know I will have", she said as she placed her hand over his crotch.  Jacob was not the least surprised.  He had been trying to figure out how to make the first move.  He had wanted her the moment he had picked her up.  She was so beautiful.   She had described herself as plain.  She was far from plain, her long brown hair with amber highlights, coursing down her back.  She was a full figure women, with large breasts and round hips.  Jacob was continually chased by models and had looked for someone more real.  The real girls he met had no sense of humor or spirit.   Brenda was different, she was special.  This weekend would attest to exactly how special. 

Brenda had unzipped his pants, and was pulling out his stiff cock.  She knelt in front of him, plunging his cock deep down her throat.   She sucked on his cock so expertly, first licking the shaft as she massaged the balls with her hands.  She sucked on the tip, circling her tongue over and around the crown, curling her tongue under his soft folds.  It felt so good having her suck on him, that he leaned back and closed his eyes.  This was the life, having a beautiful women give you head in your private jet.  Their flight wouldn't be long enough to have a long satisfying fuck, but he promised himself that during the weekend they would have plenty of opportunities. 

He nestled his hands in her long soft thick hair, adding just a little pressure.  He wanted her to swallow his cock, deeper in her mouth.  She continued to suck and nuzzle.  She gave head so well, igniting the sensitive nerves that traveled its length.  Where had she learned to give head, he didn't know.  But she should give classes to the rest of the women, out there.   He tried to hold his cum, not wanting to spoil the moment.  But as she continued to suck and tease, he found his reliance slipping.  He held on tight as he shot his cum down her throat.  She swallowed it all, sucking his tip wanting more.   His penis softened in her mouth.  His cock was so sensitive, he knew she could easily get him hard again.  They would be landing soon, and he wanted to have time to please her.  He gently nudged her away from his cock, placing it back behind it's zipper.  She moaned with disappointment.  She wanted more of this man...

He pulled her to him, cuddling her into his arms as he whispered, "We have all weekend, darling.  Besides we will be landing soon and I want to be able to please you, as well."  She settled herself next to him, content for the moment.  He was right, they did have all weekend.  The plane landed as gently as it took off.  As they stepped from the plane, a car was waiting.   Jacob had thought of everything.  It was a short ride to his cabin.  When they arrived, the view was spectacular.  360 degrees of mountains, streams and trees.   Jacob went in first, opening the windows, letting the fresh air inside.   Brenda went upstairs, wanting an opportunity to get refreshed and change into something more comfortable.  As she descended the stairs, she noticed that Jacob had lit the fire and had made several plates of appetizers.  He poured her a glass of wine, and commented on how beautiful she looked.

Wanting this weekend to be special, Brenda had purchased several silk negligee's from her favorite store, "Mistress Tina's Boutique".   The shear elegance of her attire, added to her sexuality.  As she glided into the room, Jacob handed her a glass of wine.  She tentatively took several sips, allowing the flavor to linger on her lips.  The fire light shimmered behind her, lighting her a glow.  The light outlined her full figure under the shear silk.   Jacob felt his body tensing again with an urgency to make her his.  He wanted to feel her wetness and plunge his hard cock, deep into her folds.  Some how sensing his need, Brenda curled up on the floor, her back to the fire.  She beckoned Jacob to join her.  He knelt in front of her, feeding her strawberries.  The sweet juices mingled with the wine, reminding Brenda of Jacob's cum. 

Jacob gently caressed her breast, feeling the softness of the silk and taughtness of her nipples.  He bowed his head to hers, taking her mouth and deeply kissing her.  There tongues fought for dominance over the other's mouth, as they explored their interiors.  He held her close to him, pressing her breasts to his chest.  Brenda preferred men without hair.  She didn't mind if they had a full head of hair, but she couldn't deal with a hairy back or chest.  Jacob was so smooth, like silk.  Her hands ran the length of his back, feeling each one of his muscles.  Brenda felt his growing need, trying to prey open her thighs.   She wanted this first time to last and be gentle...loving...

As Jacob kissed her, his fingers roamed her body, tracing lines around and over each of her curves.  He loved her chest and belly.   He found her thick mound of black pussy hair, and curled his fingers around the strands.  Like the rest of her it was so soft, inviting.  Her hands had a mind of their own, as they unzipped his pants, for the second time today, releasing his beautiful manhood.  Jacob's penis was perfect, not too large to hurt but big enough and long enough to fill her.  She ran her fingers over his pecks, lowering her head to nibble on his nipples.  She was hungry for his touch and in need for his penis to fill her.  She gently pushed him on his back, as she finished removing his cloths.   She ran her hands over his body, exploring every crevice.  She nuzzled her head between his thighs, filling her mouth with his hard cock.  She sucked and nibbled, causing his penis to swell.  Not wanting to cum in her mouth, Jacob encouraged her to come to him.  He pulled her on top of him as she straddled his hard cock.

He felt the hot wetness of her pussy, encase his man hood, as she plunged it deep inside her.  "Oooh", she groaned.  She tilted her hips forward and started to ride, pounding his flesh in and out.  Her breasts heaved up and down with her exertion.  Jacob reached up caressing her hard nipples as she rode.  She lowered her head, kissing his lips.  Jacob reached up, pulling her close to him.  He rolled her over on her back, staying deep inside her.   Jacob wanted to plunge deeper into her warm pussy, making her his.  He spread her legs wide, plunging harder and deeper.  She reach up, pulling Jacob to her, they kissed and rolled to their sides, as they still bucked at each other, Jacob's cock plunging in deeper and harder.  Their neediness grew, as the orgasm approached, cascading its hot waves of pleasure over their sweaty bodies.  They held each other withering with mutual pleasure.  As Jacob held her, a smiled spread across his face, this truly was going to be a wonderful weekend...

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