Dirty Laundry
By Ambrosia Vynne

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

copyright 1999 Ambrosia Vynne

Every Wednesday after work Bill did his laundry.  There was a small Laundromat place near his apartment complex that he frequented.  He worked as a Computer Programmer and was able to make his own hours.   Due to this flexibility, he liked doing his laundry late at night when most people were in bed.  He liked people in general, but didn't like waiting in lines for anything.  He worked late afternoon to early morning, leaving the late evening free.   Being a single horny man, he frequented strip joints.  Most of his paycheck was spent on beer and lap dances.  He didn't consider himself an ugly man and had plenty of women who wanted to date him.  But he didn't like the relationship dance.   He didn't enjoy the dating scene as much as he enjoyed just fucking women.  He was given by nature a large cock and one of his goals in life was to shove it into as many women as possible.  He had already fucked more than 100 women in his 32 years.   He wanted no ties, but yet craved the constant sex that some of his married buddies enjoyed. 

As he sorted his laundry into piles of dark and light colors, his eyes roamed the nearly empty room.  There was maybe a handful of people finishing their laundry.  In a matter of minutes, Bill would have the whole place to himself.  He touched his left shirt pocket, making sure he remembered the joint.   He enjoyed smoking weed and watching his laundry go round and round in the machines.  He chose the two machines in the farthest corner.  He had staked the place out before.  It was the only area that couldn't easily be seen from the front, which gave him some extra privacy.  He absently rubbed his crotch, reflecting that it had been a while since his last fuck.  He went to the club last night, but the usual girls didn't turn him on.  He had seen them gyrate and strut on stage so many other times, that their bouncing tits didn't even get him hard.  Why waste good money on flabby tits.  He liked his women young and firm.  Tits were very important to him.  He didn't like women with melons.  He liked women who had small and yet firm chests.  He also craved Asian women.  They were so exotic with their expressive eyes and dark complexions.  He marveled how strong their small petite bodies were.  An Asian women was more apt to turn herself into a pretzel for her man than another other nationality he had been with.  He had dated an Asian women for a while, and had contemplated marriage.  She fucked him hard and well every night they were together.  She was so willing to spread her legs where ever and when ever he wanted her to. 

The best fuck of his life was with her.  They had gone to their favorite restaurant.  She wore a small tight mini dress he had picked out for her.  Due to his suggestion, she wore nothing under the dress.  Her firm taught nipples pressed hard against the thin fabric.  When she sat down next to him in the booth, her fingers found her own pussy.  As she masturbated with  her left hand, she examined the menu with her right.  After the food arrived, she occasionally took some of her meat from her plate and placed it between her pussy lips, capturing some of her own sweet juices.  Then she would place the pussy dipped morsel in her mouth.  She savored her taste like fine wine, before swallowing.  This turned Bill on and his cock pulsed with desire.  He moved his hand between her legs, and felt her wetness.  He finger fucked her as he ate.  He felt her moving from the seat and under the table.  As he ate she gave him head.  She deep throated his meat and sucked its tip.  As she sucked she pulled it in and out of her mouth, licking every inch.  He was beyond himself with excitement, as he shot his load into her face.  She gracefully rose from her knees and claimed her spot next to him on the seat.  She had licked off most of Bill's cum from her face and had delicately wiped off the excess.  She looked fresh, alive and delicate, like a porcelain child.   No one was aware of what she had just done.

In remembering that moment, Bill again absently rubbed his cock.  What was soft was now hard.  He thought about some of the current chicks he knew and wondered which one he should call.  He had a black book of horny chicks who eagerly came over and fucked him.  He had long since broke up with his porcelain doll when he caught her with someone else.  It was okay if he fucked around, but she was the girl he was thinking of marrying...  Anyways, babes shouldn't fuck around.  That was a privilege in society that only guys should have.  Men are better equipped to fuck around.  A noise caught his attention, as he looked up.   He hastily put away the joint he had just been about to light.  It was rare that anyone came in this late.  But there she was, a young Asian women.  She caught his eye, and walked over.  She mentioned how happy she was that someone else was doing laundry as late as she was.  Immediately they hit it off.  He mentioned he was just about to partake in a joint and asked her to join him.   Together they sat on the bench, smoking and watching their laundry go round and round.  They each told their own personal story.  He was surprised to learn she was close to his age.  She got it all the time, people thinking she was a teen.   She had a small childish complexion and the sweetest lips.  Her frame was narrow and petite.  She had the perfect size tits.  She was wearing a pair of shorts and a simple t-shirt.  She was a perfect porcelain doll. 

As they smoked, she became more comfortable.  She kept looking at the bulge in Bill's pants.  Bill was not surprised by her forwardness, as she moved her hand over his crotch.  The subject of sex came up and she discussed to some length how much she enjoyed giving head.  To her it was a compliment when a man came into her mouth.  Bill stressed how flattered he would be if she would give him head.  She eagerly knelt in front of him, taking another toke from the joint.  She unzipped his pants and removed his hard cock.  She initially licked every inch of his cock, prior to inserting it into her mouth.  She then teasingly sucked on the tip, moving her tongue under the loose folds of skin.   Bill groaned with pleasure.  She sucked so well, causing his cock to twitch. As she sucked his cock, she massaged his balls with her hands.  She continually sucked and licked his shaft.  She removed his cock from her mouth, as she started sucking on his balls.  Her hands pumped Bill's cock like a piston, as she eagerly devoured his balls.  No women previously had ever sucked his balls.  He was riveted to his seat with pleasure.  He held her head, pushing her closer to his cock.  He held her tight between his legs.  He reached down into her t-shirt, stroking her taught tits.  His body tensed as the urge to cum spread down his legs.   He twitched with pleasure, shooting his cum into her face and down her throat.   Eagerly she swallowed, sucking on his tip looking for more.  She licked her lips with pleasure as she looked up into his eyes.  He noticed for the first time a small tattoo on her arm.  The picture was of two lips and cock...  a mark demonstrating her abilities for giving head.  He offered her the joint and again, she inhaled deeply.  Their laundry was almost done, as they again sat besides each other enjoying the stillness.  He took out his black book, tearing out the pages with the other girl's numbers.  He wrote down her number, knowing instinctively he had found the right girl...finally!

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