Dear Diary: Chapter One
By Ambrosia Vynne

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

1998 Ambrosia Vynne

September 3rd

Dear Diary:

It is happening again to me and I don't know how to stop it. She is the most beautiful creature on this planet. I always saw myself as heterosexual. I never was attracted to women before. Like I am homophobic. I just can’t be a lesbian, and yet this women just does things to me.

We were having coffee this afternoon, and she took off her shoe and ran her bare foot up my leg. My panties were immediately soaked. I got so turned on. I wanted to reach under the table and suck on her toes. I wanted her foot between my legs to feel the wetness. I wanted to feel this women’s naked body next to mine. I wanted to caress her firm breasts. I wanted...

She builds my otherwise fragile ego. She is continually complimenting me, telling me how beautiful I am and what a great body I have. Last week when we were trying on cloths together, we shared a dressing room. She never once touched me, no matter how much I willed her to do so. If she had touched me, I could have just ended my sick fantasies right there. I even dream about this women. I don’t know what is wrong with me. Maybe, I just need to get laid!

September 5th

Dear Diary:

Okay, today I did it. I got laid. It was great! I met this guy at a frat party. He is one of the super jocks at college. He has been bugging me for a while to date him. I have just never been interested. Boy, was he hung well. I love a big penis.

This was really great. I wore an ity bitsy black dress that I had just bought the other day. I decided to be really daring, since I wanted to get laid, so I didn’t wear ANYTHING underneath! The skirt is really short and every time I bent down (and I made sure I bent down A LOT) the guys would get a little flash. I saw Mike, that’s his name, leaning against the wall. I approached him and asked what was up. He told me about his day and how cool the party was. I moved in front of him, and kinda dropped my purse. I bent down to pick up my purse, making sure I was right in front of him. You should have seen his face. It was like Santa had given him a new train or something. He moved in closer. As I stood up, his hand moved under my skirt. I spread my legs a little farther a part, allowing him to test my turbulent waters. I pulled his head close to mine and deeply passionately kissed him. I asked if he would like to go up to his room. He said he couldn’t wait that long. By this time I was more than ready.

I was so horny from walking around that room with just my little black dress, flashing all those guys. I was kinda hoping that at least one of them would have just grabbed my ass and inserted his hard cock inside me. Before I knew it, Mike had pulled out his hard lance and was shoving me against the wall. He pulled up my skirt and inserted his penis, right there, in the middle of the party. It was so hot! I felt his hard cock insert into me and I wanted to ride it all the way. We were so excited, it didn’t take long for us to cum. He shoved me against the wall, burying his head between my tits as his body was raked with the orgasm. I wrapped my legs around him, enjoying my ride and helping him go just a little deeper.

Men are so naive. After he came, he asked if this meant we were going steady? I had to laugh. All it really meant, was that I was horny. Besides, I wanted to test my theory. I just couldn’t wait until I saw "her" again, to see if my experiment worked.

Besides, Mike came sloppy! He got cum all over my new dress!

September 6th

Dear Diary:

Getting laid didn’t work. I saw her again today and she had the same effect. Maybe it is time I accept that I swing both ways. This chick is really older than me, like about 10 years. Besides she is one of my professors. I don’t want to get thrown out of school if I am wrong... I also don’t want to get "that" kind of reputation.   We met again for coffee.  She was wearing a blouse that was open at the neck.   She had on her new "wonder bra".  (Like she really needs it!)   I mean, this women has a sexy figure.  She has those perfect natural breasts that other women pay thousands to have.  Her blouse revealed enough to get me excited, but still left me guessing.  I would love to see her naked.  I can just imagine what those breasts look like! 

She was also wearing a tight skirt.  Between the blouse and the skirt, I was dripping.  I had to excuse myself and go to the bathroom.  I locked myself in one of the stalls, and pulled down my panties.  I expertly moved my fingers of my very wet clit until I came.  I had to release the pressure I was feeling.   I came so hard, I sprayed my juices on the stall walls.  The last time I did that was when I was dating this guy who kept teasing me.  He would continually poke me with his water bottle or his fingers, but he wouldn't have sex with me.  After spending anytime with him, I was so horny I could scream!

Something must be wrong with me...  Maybe, I should see someone about this.  I have never had feelings for another women before...

September 7th

Dear Diary:

This has bugged me all day.  Should I make my feelings known or should I admit myself in to the funny ward!  I have decided the easiest thing to do is talk to her about my feelings.  That would be the adult thing to do.  I will just approach it logically, and hopefully she will accept it as a compliment and not flunk me.  If I get thrown out of school for this, my parents will roast me a live!

I saw Mike today.  Again, he has asked me out and yet again, I have turned him down.  What is his problem?  They say women are bad...   Guys are worse!  Does he think he owns me just because we did it?

September 9th

Dear Diary:

Today was a day to forever remember...  I met her again for coffee, at our local hangout.  I gradually approached the subject.  I told her I was feeling strange feelings for her.  Before I could finish, she held out her hand and said she had something to show me.  She led me to her office and shut the door.   Ever since the first day of class, she has been turned on.  Like me, she is heterosexual and not turned on by women!  But for some reason, I really blow her horn.  She looks forward to our coffee days.  She has been fantasying about me.   The other day in class, she was imagining undressing me and having me lick her clit under her desk.  She was so turned on she had to do what I did.  She excused herself and went to the bathroom. 

As we stood in her office, I looked deeply in her eyes.  It just felt right!  We took each other in our arms and passionately kissed.  Wow, a kiss has never done that much for me.  Usually, I hate frenching cause the guy has so much saliva in his mouth.  A long time ago, I made love to this guy, and when he was straddled over me, he literally drooled saliva.  It was so grouse!  But her kiss was perfect.  It sent shivers down my spine.  Just thinking about it is making me horny.  Sorry, I had to stop for a second there.  As I was thinking about the experience and writing it down, just the remembrance of that kiss caused my clit to become so hot.  I just had to slide my fingers between my lips and massage myself to orgasm.  

As she was kissing me, I moved my hand into her blouse and squeezed her inviting breasts.  They were so soft and firm.  I wish I had perfect breasts like hers.  She gently pulled away.  She didn't want to do anything in her office.  I don't blame her.  I am to meet her tonight in her classroom.  We are going to live out her fantasy tonight!  I can't wait...

September 10th

Dearest Beautiful Diary:

Oh wow...  Last night was the best sex I have ever had.  I can't believe I have been missing out all these years.  This experience has really changed my perspective of things.  We met in her classroom last night as planned.   We waited until the cleaning people were through and the building was empty.   We didn't even turn on the lights!

I curled under her desk, like in her fantasy.  She sat in her chair and pushed herself forward.  As I was under the desk, I forced her legs to spread open, revealing a thick blonde bush of the softest hair.  Her essence smelled so good, I couldn't wait to devour her!  I spread her clit apart and inserted my tongue down her lips.  They should make pussy an ice cream flavor!  I could eat her pussy all day.  She was so warm and sweet.  As I licked her, I inserted my finger into her passage.  I felt her body stiffen with pleasure. 

After a while she couldn't stand it any longer, she pushed her chair back and pulled me to her.  Again, we embraced and shared the most passionate deep kiss!  I felt her nipples harden under my touch, as I moved my hands over her breasts.  She inserted her hands down my jeans and was pulling down my zipper.   Before I knew it, I was wearing only my underpants.  I felt the moister between my legs and I knew I was ready.  I wanted her to have her right then, but she insisted she wanted to taste my vintage.  She pushed me on top of the desk and spread my legs apart.  She bunched up my panties so they rode between my butt cheeks.   As she pulled on my panties, they rubbed between my legs causing additional friction.  She expertly placed her head between my legs and started to suck.  I was in heaven!  I have never experienced anything so wonderful before!  She knew exactly were my G-spot was.  She teased me with her tongue and occasionally, nibbled at my tender flesh.  As she teased me, she continued pulled on my bunch up panties.   I was wiggling with pleasure.  I told her I was so close to cumming and I wanted her to cum with me. 

We embraced and started to passionately kiss as we plunged our hands into each other's pussy.  We massaged and teased and fingered each other until we both rode the blazing orgasmic train.  My body kept cumming, wave after wave of pleasure coursed through my body.  Even afterwards, as we held each other, I felt tingles between my legs. 

I discovered I don't need to admit myself into the loony tune bin...   I need to have other experiences with this delightful women. 

September 11th

Dear Diary:

Next weekend, we are going away together.  I am so excited.   She owns a cabin in the woods and we are going to spend a 3 day weekend together.   She says she has a surprise for me...  I just can't wait!

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