Chilling Blues
By Ambrosia Vynne

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

copyright 1999 Ambrosia Vynne

As I woke my body shook.  I crawled out of bed heading toward the bathroom.  I fumbled around inside the numerous cabinets finally finding my prize.   I place the thermometer into my mouth under my tongue and waited.  I was not surprised to learn that I indeed had a fever.  My body shook as another chill laced up my chest.  I quickly returned to my bed.  I had several major reports that were due at the office today.  I groaned with disbelief.  I seldom got sick and I never got sick on important days like today.  But here I was, laid up in bed.   I curled up in a ball and groaned with mental and physical agony.  Oh what was I going to do.  I reached over to the phone and called my office.  My chirpy secretary answered and I explained my dilemma.  I told her to contact my partner and have her come to my house.  I must have closed my eyes and drifted to sleep, because I do not remember hearing a knock nor a door opening.  My partner of 10 years was sitting on my bed looking down at me.  She had a big smile on her face, as she brushed the sweaty strands of hair from my face.

She had been successful at postponing our big meeting until next week.  That gave her one week to get me better.  Her private doctor stood to the side of my bed and took my vitals.  He confirmed what I already knew, I was indeed sick.  He prescribed pills, fluids and rest for the next several days.  Tina insisted on staying.  She shrugged out of her suit jacket and came to my side.  She would nurse me back to health come hell or high water.  The days that followed moved in a blew.  I remember snap shots of Tina giving me a sponge bath or feeding me some soup.   I remember how gentle and tender she touched me.  The remainder of the memories were a blur.   On the 5th day of my road to recovery, I finally felt strong enough to get out of bed.  I went out on my patio finding Tina sipping a cup of tea.  I didn't realize that my nightgown clung to my sweaty body showing off all of my curves.  I eyed my swimming pool with an intense desire.  I quickly removed the translucent material and slipped into the cool welcoming water.  I swam several laps before stopping.  Tina had joined me in the pool.  She had stripped out of her casual attire to her skin.  She swam across to me and old longings began to stir.  Prior to opening the business, Tina and I were lovers.  We decided for the good of our business, to stop our affair and become strictly business partners.   It was a decision I had regretted every time I laid eyes on her.

Sure, I had dated numerous of women since Tina.  But none of them replaced the harmony, the desires I experienced with Tina.  She made my life hum with pent up erotic energy.  She was face to face with me and I just couldn't resist.  I pulled her face to mine and kissed her.  Her lips melted and our arms wrapped around each other.  We kissed with such urgency and desire that my heart started pounding trying to get out of my chest.  I love Tina more now than ever.   She was my world and fuck the business.  Making money was not everything, regaining true love was.  Tina slowly moved away from me looking at me with puzzlement.  Oh yes, the kiss was against the rules we made almost 10 years ago.   "You must be feeling much better", she said.  I nodded in agreement.   Oh yes, I was feeling much better.  She swam to the end and again looked at me.  She was trying to make up her mind.  I think it was made up a long time ago and she just needed the encouragement.  I swam to her side, and she reached out under the water and caressed my breasts.  Oh the feeling of her touch.  I had missed that feeling all these years.  Sure we still occasionally touched during business, a hand on the shoulder or a pat of encouragement, but never a casual brush against the breasts.  There were so many days I just wanted to reach out and undress her, pulling her taught breast to my mouth and sucking.  But I didn't want to risk loosing her.  She had become the world to me.

We eyed each other for a few more moments and then nature took its course.  We embraced each other exploring our bodies.  Hers felt pretty much the same, except for some newly formed muscles.  We moved apart and started playing with each other's breasts.  Her nipples grew taught as I started sucking them.  I rubbed my face between her breasts remembering the many nights I had slept in her arms.  Fucking in the swimming pool was like having weightless sex.  She plunged under the water pulling my hips to her mouth.  Her tongue eagerly found my pussy and she started sucking me.  She stuck her tongue up my cunt and braced her lips around my hole.   She started sucking, pulling my sweet juices into her mouth.  I felt her blowing both water and air into me.  The feeling was wonderful.  Wanting to reciprocate, I pulled her up to the surface as I went down on her.  Her pussy was very much as I remembered it, nice and tight!  I tongue fucked her as she did mine enjoying the feelings that coursed through my body.  The knowledge of Tina being once again mine was exhilarating!

She pulled me up to the surface and reclaimed my mouth.  As we were kissing, our hands found each other's pussy.  We first stroked each other and then plunged our fingers in.  I liked finger fucking her.  The water was becoming a nuisance and I urged her over to the edge.  Together we got out of the swimming pool.  I led her to the lounge chair.  As we laid down, she held me tightly in her arms.  I was not ready to rest, as I resisted her hold.  I nestled my head between her pink thighs and continued sucking on her pussy.  I was soon rewarded as her body spasm with an orgasm and she sprayed her juices into my mouth.  I fingered her sensitive clit, getting it nice and wet.  I took an empty bottle from a nearby table and used it as a dildo, plunging it deeply into her.  I pulled her into my arms and passionately kissed her until she orgasmed at again.  She removed the bottle from her pussy and shoved it into mine.  She played with my taught tits and she fucked me to an orgasm. 

We laid there under basking in the sun exhausted.  I nestled my head between her tits and casually stroked her legs.  To my surprise she soon become very wet yet again.  Tina looked up into my face, holding my hands still.  "So what does this mean", she asked.  "What do you mean, what does this mean?" I inquired.  I knew what she meant, but I wanted her to just say it.  She was concerned about our business and the effects of our sexual transgression.  We spoke about all the possibilities and decided that our renewed sexual relationship would have no effect.  Actually, our new bonding would add to the business.  We laid in the sun holding and stroking each other to orgasm for the remainder of the afternoon.   The next day I went to the office renewed both in health and spirit.  We got the deal which sent our business to the stars.  Each night we hold each other and are thankful for all that we have...


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