Childhood Friends
By Ambrosia Vynne

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

1998 Ambrosia Vynne

My parents owned a house that sat on 3 acres of land, in a rural part of Illinois. Bordering our house were several neighbors. To the immediate right were more houses, like my parents, whose yards were on 3 to 4 acres of land. To the immediate left were a multitude of homes whose backyards ended at our gate. Our next door neighbor to the right had a son that was one year older than I, Tommy Black. I had such a crush on him. Of course, he saw me as the next door neighbor brat. He dated only the popular girls in High School, which I was excluded from.

After returning from my first year in college, I accidentally bumped into Tommy coming out of the local dime store. We immediately recognized each other, and started to laugh. The scrawny little girl, me I suppose, had blossomed into a beautiful rose. As we sat in front of the local dime store, we shared memories that were never the million miles apart I had always presumed.

When I was in high school, I really felt like the ugly duckling of my class. I was scrawny with a, personally perceived, flat chest. I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror. Tommy remembered a shy beautiful girl, not the ugly duckling, that he did not know how to approach.

Tommy invited me back to his house, which is next to my parents house. Being invited up to his bedroom brought back so many old fantasies. I had once asked him to teach me how to throw a snowball (though I had already known) just to be close to him. To have the opportunity to maybe touch him, though I had always wanted to do more.

As we climbed the stairs to his bedroom, my panties became very moist. I started thinking about all the possibilities. Maybe I could claim the fantasy and have my childhood crush. Someone once told me that all dreams come true, it just takes time! His room hadn’t changed much. I had seen it once before, after he had taught me how to throw a snowball, he invited me upstairs, to this same room, to listen to records. I sat on his floor as he selected popular rock songs, and he talked non-stop about his new red mustang. As he was talking, all I could think of was reaching into his pants and taking his penis. I wanted to place his soft penis into my mouth and suck him into hardness, eventually swallowing his sweet juices.

But in rural Illinois, nice girls did not do such things. So those many years ago, I sat lady like on his bedroom floor and listened to his chatter, making no moves.

As we reached his bedroom, I surveyed his room. I was no longer a resident of rural Illinois and I had long since broken the nice girl image. Instead of sitting on the floor, I sat on his bed testing his mattress and calculating my next move. Tommy must have seen the sparkle of mischief in my eyes, as he sat next to me on the bed. He asked if I remembered the last time I was in his room. Oh yes, I sure did. But instead of just sitting there, I took his comment as a signal for my next move. I shifted myself to the floor, kneeling next to him. I looked up at him expectantly as I unzipped his pants. The look of shear surprise was worth a picture if I had a camera. I moved his penis from its safe cave in his pants and placed it in my mouth. I felt his penis grow from a soft ball to hard stiff shaft. As I sucked on his penis, my childhood fantasy, he reached down and drew my firm breasts from inside my bra. I sucked on the tip of his penis and tasted a few drops of his saltiness. He pulled me up to him, and I stood in front of him. "Do you know I wanted to do that to you for years?" "Why didn’t you?", he responded. Then he smiled, knowingly, finishing his own thoughts, "cause you would have been known as a whore!".

As he watched, I slowly unbuttoned my shirt and removed my shorts. I unhooked my bra, slowly removing it displaying my firm tits. He reached out and pulled me toward him. My panties were dripping with anticipated wetness. He had taken off his shirt and pants, laying naked on his bed. I moved to join him, as I straddled his hard cock. I teased him as I nestled his cock between my thighs, but didn’t insert it. I lowered my mouth to his breasts and sucked them to hardness.

I moved my mouth to his mouth, first taking his tongue and chewing gently. I allowed his tongue to penetrate mine deeply, moving the tongues in and out. "Do you want in?", I asked teasingly. "Yes, please..", he responded. "Then you have to beg...", as I rotated my hips. I allowed him to insert just a little bit, then I pulled him out. I wanted him to beg. I had waited a long time to live out my fantasy, I wanted to prolong the experience. He again took my breasts into his mouth, and he sucked on each one. I moved his mouth back to mine, as I sat on his cock allowing him to penetrate me deeply. I held him there for a moment, savoring his hardness. Then I slowly rode him like a horse. I moved my pelvic up and down, causing him to move rhythmically in and out. I reached behind my back and massaged his balls, as I continued to ride his hard cock.

He reached up and stroked my breasts to tenderness, squeezing my nipples. I wanted to cum, but I wanted to cum with him. I felt him tense, ready to unload, as I allowed myself to cum. He held onto me as we rode the spasm of love.

Afterwards, we held each other and continued to reminisce. We were so engrossed with our reminiscing, we didn’t realize that someone had opened his bedroom door. To our mutual amazement, our mother’s were standing on the threshold. Both of them had their hands on their hips, shaking their heads. We looked at each other with mutual hilarity. Our mother’s had done everything to prevent that one moment. They had always known that one day, Tommy and I would be lovers. They had hoped that we would be married or at least engaged before we stepped into the boundaries of sex.

Tommy changed schools after that year, to be closer to me. Although throughout my high school years, my dreams didn’t come true. But during college, everything I wished for materialized.... What the difference time can make!


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