Amber and Friends Erotic Escapades

Chapter 9


By Glenn L. Parker

1998 Glenn L. Parker

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination
or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Garrison was sitting quietly at a local bar happy hour. He pulls out a picture of Gwen his wife with their daughter Amber. He puts the picture back in his wallet and continues with his drink. Suddenly Kelly whom we’ve met before sits next to him at the bar. "Hi garrison" she says. He turns to see the face of a past fling. "Hey Kelly" he said to her. They both give each other a long once over.

After a few drinks and a few hours they find themselves in a local motel room. "Garrison", she began, "I haven’t ever mentioned our affair to anyone". Garrison looks deep into her eyes and says "thanks". They sit side by side on the bed as he continues to speak "you are one of the most beautiful ladies I’ve ever known".

She smiles and leans in to kiss him. The two joined in a hot embrace his hand quickly moved down to her pussy. His eyes widened as he felt her bare wet cunt, "some things never change huh". She pulls back for a second and responds "you don’t like it"? As he went down to eat her, he faces her pantiless vagina. It was still the prettiest cunt he had ever seen thick and curly, in the shape of a perfect V. She laid back onto the bed with her legs spread wide "eat me out baby". In a flash he was down on his knees, drinking the juicy taste of her cunt. He loved the smell of hot wet pussy. He was addicted to it. Garrison buried his mouth on the dripping wet cunt. She had the best tasting pussy he had ever eaten before, and he was glad to be eating it again. He fingered and ate her like she was a ripe melon, and her juices made it seem like she was. He would look up from time to time to see the joyous look upon her face. Her back arched as she came so very hard, her wetness covered his mouth. She had opened the front of her dress, and unhooked the lacy bra that held her magnificent breasts. Her breasts now fully exposed. She played with them as he ate her wet fuck hole. Garrison could tell she was almost there. Her breathing became heavier until finally she cried out as she reached orgasm. Her body quaked as she came again, and her legs convulsed. "Eat me raw Gar" she said to him. His tongue was lapping her pussy fast and hard. A low growl came from inside her body and he knew she was about to explode. She grabbed his hair and tore at it while she reached the orgasm of orgasms. She felt a huge burst of juice flow from her cunt, as she screamed out in pleasure. She was dying to suck his cock and return the pleasant favor. She lunged from the bed knocking him to the floor. Kelly begins tearing off his pants desperately trying to get to that cock. Within seconds she has his meat out, and is sucking the fucking hell out of it. His already hard cock bobbed up and down in her grateful mouth. Her mouth was eager and alive to relive their past. She was sucking Garrison’s cock as if trying to guarantee a call back. It was an exceptional blowjob. Kelly’s mouth was making him kick and squirm as she mouth fucked that cock. She could feel him tighten up, as his hard dick built up for the cum of his life. She sensed it coming and digs her nails into his thighs as he begins spurting out his hot cum in her mouth. She sucked this cock like a lollipop, and made sure every drop was devoured. He lay back panting and trying to regain his breath. She remained on her knees stroking his now limp cock. Kelly was determined to revive his meat, so she could get fucked now. Kelly had it up and hard again in a matter of seconds. "You have to fuck me baby" she said. Garrison smiled and pulled her up on top of him. She was quick to straddle him. She reached down to get a firm grip on his hard dick and guide it into her ever so wet cunt. She finally eased the head into her hole. As his hot tool eased into her box she let off a loud grunting moan. She rode the shit out of that cock. She was slamming herself down upon it until she came to a gushing wet climax. This led to her hips fucking that hard rod with great lustful precision. He grabbed her ass tightly as she worked him. He was getting to the verge and then she stopped completely "you wanna cum inside me don’t you"? Garrison looks at her and says "I wanna shoot my cum deep inside you". "Do it then" she replies. Kelly begins riding him fiercely trying to get him to bust. Suddenly they both explode together as they lock into a mutual orgasm. Both their bodies tremble as she lays upon him. Neither one was moving. They lay quietly holing each other, and enjoying the moment.

An hour later Kelly leaves her phone number by the bedside. She leans over and gently kisses him while he sleeps. She quietly exits the motel room leaving him in restful bliss. He would have a nice little nap, and then home to Gwen…


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