Amber and Friends Erotic Escapades

Chapter 8


By Glenn L. Parker

1998 Glenn L. Parker

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination
or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Her name was Kelly. She was a lonely businesswoman, but a looker. Kelly was in her late thirties, but her body was that of a girl ten years younger. Her business suite tried to cover her tight body and her full C-cups. She wore her brown hair in a French braid. She sat in her office wondering where all the years went. She was being very hard on herself. She was successful and beautiful, yet she couldn’t get laid. She was one of those women who was unapproachable for fear of rejection. She wanted to feel wanted. She sat lost in thought when suddenly there came a knock at her door. She looked up and said, "come in". A young man from the mailroom entered. He had long hair and a nice smile. He looked to have a nice build and it was obvious a good sized cock was hidden in his jeans. She told him to close the door and have a seat, which he did. "Can I ask you something" she asked? He said "of course". She asked his name and he told her. It was Todd, he was twenty and just started in the mailroom two weeks ago. She stood up and removed her jacket.

"Do you think I’m pretty" she asked? His smile reached ear to ear as he replied "very". She couldn’t help herself she had needs, and he was going to fill them. Talk about being in the right place at the right time she thought. She removed her blouse to expose her tight tan body, and her hard C-cup. Her nipples were rock hard, and trying to cut through her bra. She noticed the instant bulge in his pants, and got wet thinking about the young cock. She then unfastened her bra and let it drop to the floor. The young man was speechless, he just quietly watched not knowing what to do. She began pinching her nipples as she walked around the desk. She was now directly in front of him, and sat upon the desk. "Do you like what you see"? He nods his head yes. She then reaches down and begins to play with her pussy. Finally he leans forward and begins kissing her thighs. She smiles and says, "take off my panties". He gently begins to slide them off. Her damp panties drop to the floor and now her cleanly shaved cunt is right in front of his face. She had lean pussy lips, pink and rosey. Her clit glistened with juice, as it were begging to be sucked. He began to rub his finger over her clit, but he seemed nervous. "Have you ever eaten someone out before" she asked? He looked up at her and said "no". She smiled at his innocence and gently spread her pussy with her fingers. It was so fucking wet and this young inexperienced man made it wetter. She began rubbing her clit as if giving him much needed direction. "Lick this, but be gentle" she said to him. He leaned it and as she instructed licked her clit ever so gently. She let out a soft moan as he stroked her hot clit up and down. She arched her back as she felt her juices flow. "You like it" she asked the boy? He tongue never leaving it’s target was answer enough. She pressed her legs tighter around his head, as Todd took quite nicely to eating a hot wet cunt. As she came and felt a hot burst of juice explode from her hole she gave him further direction. "Stick your finger in my pussy" she said. The good student quickly obeyed and gently slid his middle finger into her pussy. She moaned a little louder at this as she quickly came to orgasm. She wiggled about the desk as he ate, and fingered her very needy pussy. "Do you want to fuck me" she said? Todd left his project and looked up at her. She got even wetter when the young man simply said "please". She helped him up and pulled him toward her. She unbuttoned his jeans and pulled out a very happy 10inch cock. She began to stroke the hard youngster. His cock was pulsing as she guided in into her hot cunt. It slid right in like a dream. She came instantly at the feel of his pipe drilling into her hole. Her pussy was dripping wet and each thrust made her cum more. Kelly wrapped her legs tight around his waist to gain control. "You need to slow down baby," she says. He slows down a bit, but is still driving into her hot box pretty steady. His cock feels so good inside of her. Her pussy trembles as she cums again. She holds him tight and kisses his lips, as he lays into her pussy. "That’s it baby" she said. Kelly then grabs her legs and spreads them as far as they can go. "Work me" she says to him. His cock is driving in and out of her pussy faster and faster. She feels it digging so deep and squishing through her juices. Kelly claws his back and grunts as she cums again. "Ride me Todd" she says. He’s fucking her harder, and she can feel him cum building. She can’t wait to feel his hot load burst on her stomach. "Are you gonna cum" she says. "Oh yes" he replies. As he pumps faster and faster until finally he pulls out and dumps a hot load all the way up to her tits. His gun shot three bursts of cum all over her body. She rubbed it all over herself as he fell back into his chair. "Thank you" she uttered. She dressed and Todd left her office. She was so proud at what she had done. It couldn’t have went better if she planned it. She got a much needed fuck, and he got some valuable education. She sat back in he chair proudly and pondered over the encounter. She wanted more, so she hit her intercom button and asked her secretary to send for the mailroom boy. From that day forward Todd would come to Kelly’s office three times a week. Their escapades would grow into adventures that would span the next five years.


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