Amber and Friends Erotic Escapades

Chapter 5


By Glenn L. Parker

1998 Glenn L. Parker

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination
or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Amber still reeling from Frank’s cock, she could still taste him. She walked into her kitchen to make a sandwich. After all her little sexcapade takes a lot of energy, and besides more meat couldn’t hurt. Just then Gwen, Amber’s mom walks in. "Hey you" Gwen says. "Hey mom" Amber responds. Gwen walks off deeper into the house. Amber finishes making her sandwich and sits down to eat.

A little while later Amber walks upstairs toward her bedroom. As she walks down the hall she hears a buzzing sound. As she looks for the origin of the sound she finds herself at her mother’s bedroom door. The door is cracked and Amber’s curiosity got the best of her. She peeked through the door, which was slightly open. Her eyes widened as she peered at her mother spread eagle. Gwen was sliding an enormous vibrator in and out of her juiced up fuck box. Amber couldn’t turn away from the sight, as she watched her mom bury the monster cock deep into her pussy. As wrong as is was Amber felt her pussy get hot again. She couldn’t believe how excited this made her, but this was a line she not dare cross. Amber took one last look, and then walked off to her bedroom.

Amber entered her bedroom hot and heavy. She immediately hurried to the diary and opened the magic pages. She quickly scrolled down the list to #5. She was so horny she couldn’t take it, but she knew she would soon be quenched. Number 5 were ‘Two Guys’. Her pussy was dripping wet at the thought of it. A nice hard cock rammed down her throat, as another worked her from behind. She knew it would have to wait a few hours. She had to find the right two guys, and she remembered hearing about a party tonight. It would be perfect.

At exactly 10pm Amber and Monica pull up to the house party. The lights and music fill the night air. Both young women exit the car wearing identical black skin tight body suites. Their cleavage was busting out of the top portion where the zipper could go no further. The two women walked confidently to the door. Amber rings the doorbell and says to Monica, "Divide and conquer". Just then the door swung open and a sexy black stud named Joe answered the door. Amber’s eyes were very pleased at the powerful sight, as she looked down for the once over she noticed a tremendous package buried in his slacks. Both girls got a little damp thinking about the potential, but they thought they would shop around a bit more. At that moment Joe’s friend Alex walked up and he was equally fine. Amber turned to Monica and said "Found what I’m looking for", Monica smiled and walked off. Amber took both men by the hands and led them upstairs, they were only too happy to follow.

Later in the bedroom Amber was getting the fuck of her life. Both cocks were so enormous! Thus far she had never felt anything like it. She was on all fours on top of the bed. Joe’s thick black rod fucked her mouth, and filled it so well, Meanwhile Alex was behind her. She felt his hammer plow deeper and deeper into her pussy. She felt the two men pound her from both sides, and it was marvelous. Her pussy and mouth finally being used for there true potential. Suddenly something unexpected happened Alex pulled his cock out of her pussy and drove it into her ass. It was pleasure and pain all in one. She quickly came after only a few strokes in her ass. She moaned as he grabbed her hips and drove in so deep she thought her eyes were going to pop from her head. Her mouth was dripping wet too from the mouth fucking Joe was giving her. Suddenly Joe grabbed the back of her head roughly as he spasmed, and blew a hot load of cum down her throat. She came so hard when she felt the burst jam down her throat. She licked his cock clean as Alex continued to fuck her in the ass. He was fucking her so hard and so fast she wondered if he might tare something, but it felt so fucking good. Her asshole was so juicy from the tunnel he was digging out. She came again and again as she wiggled about furiously. Amber thought to herself and decided these two would definitely be getting a call back. He huge cock drove in and out of her ass like a piston. He squeezed her hips with a crushing grip, as he delivered his load deep in her ass. She came again as she felt his hot cum fill her inners. After he slowly pulled his rod from her ass she cuddled in between the two men on the bed. Amber let of a joyous sigh and tells them "Thank you". The men return the comment, and all three lay in peaceful sexual bliss.


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