Amber and Friends Erotic Escapades

Chapter 3


By Glenn L. Parker

1998 Glenn L. Parker

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination
or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

It was a crystal clear summer day and Amber was sun bathing in the backyard. Her body tan and hard made the turquoise blue bikini stand out even more. Her body glistened from the sun tan oil that covered her tasty young body. Amber’s sunglasses reflected the sun above as she gently licked her moist lips. She reached over to a glass of ice tea which sat nestled in the grass beside her. As she picked up the glass we notice the ever-familiar diary.

Amber sits up as she raises the glass to her mouth. She begins to drink the cold fluid, and a tiny stream escapes to run down her chin. She sets down the glass and quickly picks up the diary. She opens the book to her sexual check list. The first two items are checked off, but now her focus is on #3 "Sex In A Public Place." She grins for a moment as she scans her surroundings and says, "This just won’t do". She needed to things. One a very public place, and two a lucky buck to do it with. This time it could not be a stranger, it had to be someone she knew. Who was the question?

After she pondered the thought for sometime she got it! Why didn’t she think of it before…? David Robbins was sexy single and was most likely hung like a mule. The thought of it was a sheer wet joy.

She quickly began gathering her things; it was time for her next adventure.

An hour had passed and Amber was sitting in the living room. She was wearing a floral summer dress that clung to her body. She sat quietly as thou she were waiting for something, or someone. Suddenly the doorbell rang, and she quickly rose to answer it. She opened the door to see a young hard body named Dave. He had long thick blonde hair, and everything sexy to match. She looked him up and down, and then greeted him with a soft smile "Hi Dave". Her pussy became instantly wets at the thought of his hard cock ramming her. His greeting "Hey Amber" interrupted her dirty thoughts. She smiled at him and said "So where are we going?" Dave takes her hand and says "I thought you wanted to go to the movies?" She smiles once more and asks, "As long as there are lot’s of people." Dave gives her an odd look and replies "You don’t have to worry about me." Amber looks at him strangely and asks, "What do you mean?" Dave smiles and says, "I’m gay". Amber quickly releases his hand and closes the door in his face. Amber says to herself "That just won’t do".

Later that afternoon Amber was at the mall. She was frustrated by her earlier disappointment. Amber just couldn’t believe it. Dave was gay. She continued to window shop and contemplates her next move. Suddenly she heard a familiar female voice. As she turned she noticed Monica and her boyfriend Robert. The two girls greet each other eagerly. Amber quickly asks, "Did you two know Dave Robbins is gay?" Robert laughs and replies "Everyone knows that". The two girls give each other a quick once over. Both girls smile as they remember the other night in the park. Monica breaks the silence " So what are you doing down here?" Amber smiles and says " Just doing a little window shopping". Amber says goodbye to her friends and continues her quest.

She continues to window shop as she comes to a stop in front of a clothing store window. Amber lays her lustful eye upon a Hispanic stud named Jose. She knew him from her algebra class. Amber had fantasies about him, but back then would never dare to act upon it. She walked into the store with a tiger’s eye stalking her prey. He quickly noticed her and approached. She was looking through a rack of clothes that was just shorter than she was. He stepped to her from behind "Can I help you"? She did not even turn, nor utter a word. Amber simply pulled up the back of her dress, exposing her tight round ass. His eyes widened as he looked down at her bare behind. He felt his cock stiffen up as she said in a whisper "Fuck me". He unzipped his pants and his cock quickly tore out of his pants. He grabbed her hips and slid his hot fuck rod right into her already wet pussy. He was slowly driving his hard dick into her juicy little pussy. She looked up toward the front of the store. It was so exciting her pussy exploded in climax. The two were doing a bang up job of holding back their moans. She would let off a soft groan every once in a while. Amber felt his cock swell as it pumped into her. She looked up again toward the front of the store. One of the ladies in the store realized what was happening, and appeared aroused by what she was seeing. This turned Amber on to no end. She felt her pussy dripping wet and quickly came to orgasm, as the woman watched from across the store. Amber could feel his thrusts speeding up. She couldn’t wait to feel his load shoot up inside of her. As his cock slid in and out of her pussy. She reached around and grabbed his ass. She began to pull him deeper into her throbbing cunt. Her body was exploding with passion as she felt his cock unload inside of her. His hot cum filled her pussy so nice. He slowly pulled out, and she lowered he dress. Amber turned to him and gave him a soft kiss on the lips. "Call me" she said. He stood there overwhelmed at the experience as he watched her walk away. On the way out of the store the lady that had been watching stopped Amber. "Call me" she said to Amber. She smiled at the familiar sound of the statement. She took the woman’s phone number and happily exits the store. What would Amber have in store for the days to come? Only Amber knows the answer to that…


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