Amber and Friends Erotic Escapades

Chapter 2


By Glenn L. Parker

1998 Glenn L. Parker

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination
or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Amber sat proudly writing in her diary of the encounter with the painter. His name she would never know, and that was part of the fantasy. That suited her just fine, but there was work to be done as she looked at her list. There was a red checkmark by number one, but it was time to move on.

She looked down at #2 "Fuck Monica". Monica was her best friend in the world, and Amber was taking a huge chance here. If she approached Monica, and she wasn’t into it. It could cost her a friend. She thought for a minute and decided she would go for it. Amber picked up the phone and quickly dialed the number…

Later that night Amber sits at the dinner table with her parents. Her mother "Gwen" was extremely attractive and far more busty than Amber. Her father "Garrison" was very handsome, and very well built. Her parents seemed anxious for Amber to go out. Gwen says to Amber "Aren’t you and Monica going out tonight"? Amber smiles and replies "Yeah, I think were going to catch a movie". Garrison smiles and says "That sounds great". At that moment a car horn is heard from outside. Amber reacts "That must be Monica". Amber eagerly rises to leave "Don’t wait up" in a flash Amber exits. Gwen and Garrison sit quietly until they hear the car drive off. Gwen looks at her husband and says "So what do you want to do tonight"? He replies "Come here". Gwen walks over to her husband pushes his chair back, and kneels in front of him. She feels him become hard immediately as she unzips his pants, and pulls out his huge cock. She grips his shaft and shoves the hard dick in her mouth. He leans his head back and begins to groan as she strokes, and sucks his cock. With her free hand she reaches down into her panties and begins to play with her damp pussy. As she sucks wildly upon his log, her other hand is furiously finger fucking herself. Her head is bobbing up and down as she feels his cock stiffen with its hot load. Her snaps his her forward with a loud moan, as he blasts a hot load of cum down her throat. She takes her mouth off his huge organ, her mouth wet with cum and saliva. She looks up at him and says "Now take up stairs and fuck my pussy". He puts his hand out and helps her up "Show me the way". She takes his hand and the two quickly disappear upstairs…

Meanwhile driving down the street is Amber and in the driver seat Monica. Amber sits happily in the passenger seat looking over her friend. Who could blame her, Monica was gorgeous. She was 40’ double D with auburn hair, and juicy lips. She was stunning to say the least…

Monica feeling slightly uncomfortable because of the silence "What’s with you tonight"? Amber smiles and simply says "Just thinking".

Later that evening Amber and Monica are drinking some wine coolers in a park. It seemed to be their regular routine, how Monica gets the wine coolers… is a story for another time.

Both girls are severely buzzed and in the middle of a giggle fit. Suddenly Amber gathers the courage and leans forward. She lays a wet kiss on Monica, who for several seconds returns the kiss. As quick as it began Monica pulls away. "Why did you do that"? Monica asks. Amber scoots closer to her friend, and puts her hand on Monica’s leg. Amber says to Monica "Haven’t you ever been curious"? There is an uncomfortable silence for a minute, and then suddenly a smile fell upon Monica’s face.

Monica leans in and suddenly the two are embraced in a hot passionate kiss. Amber takes off her top, and Monica is quick to respond by squeezing her tits. Monica unfastens Amber’s bra and starts sucking on her tits. Her nipples are hard in Monica’s mouth. Amber looks up to the sky and smiles at her second victory. Amber takes Monica’s hand and pushes it down on her pussy. Amber is dripping wet, and let’s out a soft moan as Monica begins rubbing the wet cunt. Amber lays back on the grass, as Monica begins to fuck her with two fingers. Amber cries out "Fuck me baby". Monica now very into it goes down on Amber. She begins to pour her wine cooler over Amber’s pussy, while she eats it out. Amber begins to shake as she reaches a quick orgasm. Monica is fingering Amber and sucking on her clit. Amber’s cunt is sopping wet as her friend licks her clit with great precision. Amber cums again and cries out "That’s the spot". The wine cooler now empty Monica slowly starts fucking Amber with the bottle. Monica smiles as her friend’s body convulses. "You like that bitch"? Monica says. Amber is loving every minute of it as she replies "Oh hell yeah". Amber is panting as her sexy friend bottle fucks her to yet another thunderous orgasm.

Monica puts the bottle aside and lays back on the grass "Now me". Amber is quick to climb on top of her friend. She tares open Monica’s blouse and begins wildly sucking on her perfect tits. Her large nipples were hard in Amber’s mouth. She reached down into her jeans and began fingering Monica. Amber then went down and began to pull the jeans off the young temptress. The jeans cast aside as well as the wet panties, to expose a large patch of wet fur. Her hairy pussy was dripping wet. Amber spread the wet pussy lips to expose a juicy pink clit. Amber began rubbing the rose bud as her friend shook in ecstasy. "Eat me bitch" Monica says. Amber without hesitation shoves her mouth onto Monica’s pussy. She begins sucking and licking her clit furiously. Monica begins pulling hard on Amber’s hair as she feels her cunt explode with juice as she cums. "Oh damn" Monica says as she reaches another climax. Amber comes up from the hot wet box, her mouth wet from Monica’s juices. Amber the lays the opposite direction and inner locks legs with Monica. They press their two young pussies together and begin gyrating madly. Their hot cunts are sliding up and down one another. The friction is heating their hot boxes. Their clits are on fire as they continually rub each other to a loud, bursting orgasm. The two girls shake and grab at each other as they scream out "Oh fuck". They both convulse in ecstasy as they feel one last passing burst of hot fluid. The two girls cum together and their bodies go limp. They both lay on the cool night grass looking up at the stars in the sky. "I can’t believe we just did that," Monica says. Amber begins to caress Monica’s leg with her foot. "Yeah, but I’m glad we did" Amber says. "Me too" says Monica as she smiles.

Later that night Amber walks into her house, she can hear moaning upstairs from her parents fucking. Amber smiles and walks upstairs to her bedroom. She enters her room and throws herself on the bed. She is all smiles, as she recaps her sexual victory with Monica. She looks over to the nightstand at the diary and ponders on her next adventure for a moment. Amber smiles and turns out the lights, it’s bedtime…


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