Amber and Friends Erotic Escapades

Chapter 25


By Glenn L. Parker

1998 Glenn L. Parker

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination
or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Amber was taking a bath. The bubbles filled the tub and embraced her delicious young body. She lay her head back and relaxed in the hot water. Steam has filled the room and slightly hides the sexy figure. She begins to touch her breasts. Amber picks up a bar of soap and begins to lather up her tits. She moans softly as she fondles her them. The soap lathers and hides her breasts, yet her nipples pop from the lather to expose their pink color. She drops the soap in the water. Reaching her hand down into the hot water to find the soap, her hand instead finds her pussy. She begins to rub her pussy as she lays her head back. It feels so good to her. She slips a finger into her pussy. She gives off a baby soft moan as her finger finds its way deeper into her cunt. She takes one of her legs from the water and puts it on the edge of the tub. Now she has more room to work.

Suddenly the bathroom door slowly creeps open. A figure can be seen slowly walking into the room. She doesn’t realize someone is in the room, but even if she did she wouldn’t care. She continues to play with her pussy… digging out every inch with her finger. At that moment, she looked up to see Frank standing over her, stroking his cock. She smiled at the pleasant surprise and rose from the water. She was on her knees in the water, and bubbles clung to her body. She was quick to grab his giant cock and bury it in her throat. She sucked that cock real hard, and real good. Her mouth took his rod like a magic trick… making that big fucking cock disappear down her throat. Her head bobbed back and forth as he mouth-fucked that naughty little bitch. He gripped the back of her head and pulled her mouth even deeper onto his meat. Meanwhile his hips were thrusting his hard dick in and out of her mouth as if it were a hot cunt. She grunted as he tore into her mouth with such force. She reached around and clawed at his ass. It was a violent little image, but fuck if it didn’t turn her on. Suddenly she felt her pussy burst as she came. She couldn’t believe it, she never came sucking dick before. I guess there’s a first time for everything.

Now it was his turn, his cock getting bigger and bigger within her mouth… she knew he was ready to pop, and like a bat out of hell, he did. Her mouth filled with the salty goo. With eager anticipation, she gulped it down like lemonade on a hot Georgia day. Allowing himself time to recharge, Frank immediately spread her knees apart, and plunged his face between… readily lapping the succulent juices oozing from her pink, juicy lips. All around his tongue probed… flicking the clit sporadically from side to side before plunging it hard into the depths of her dripping fuckhole. A few moments of this before she realized a new wave of mounting pleasure was reaching its apex. And with that, she came again… hard! He lapped up every drop of her cooze… relishing in the taste.

Now completely lubricated, her opening was now ready to receive his now-hard cock. Climbing fully into the tub with her, he positioned her snatch right above the tip of his blunt-ended artillery, before impaling it deep within the lavish folds of her crotch. Amber emitted a loud groan of pure pleasure that seemed to echo forever along the tiled bathroom walls. This encouraged Frank to plunge even deeper. Hardening his thrusts with primal force, he continues to cram the length of his veined shaft fully into her pussy. Amber matched his thrusts by bucking hard back into him… allowing their hilts to bang violently against one another.

Both now locked into the furious rhythm of the fuck, their movements gain even further momentum, splashing water over the sides of the tub like small waterfalls… currents throbbing with the force of each thrust. Growing weary of the position, Frank pulled his cock from within the confines of her cunt, before rearing behind her. Anticipating the workout, Amber grabbed both hands hard against the sides of the tub before raising her crotch to meet the penetration. And that he did… with one single hard gyration, Frank forced his prick inside. Amber moaned hard as he instantly filled her. With that, Frank began pumping violently. Each impact forcing a pleasured scream from deep within Amber’s throat. Again and again, Frank continued slamming into her… evident via the slight ripples shooting across the skin of her ass with each thrust. Several minutes of this before Frank began moaning… matching Amber’s decibel in volume now, her pussy repeatedly exploding waves of cum along the length of his dick. A final scream from Frank as he explodes… a violent rush of jetting pearl juice within her. His moans fade to a stop… as did hers. And with that… Amber opened her eyes…

Still within the tub… hand still on her pussy, Amber awakens from the fantasy emitting a sigh of orgasmic relief.


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