Amber and Friends Erotic Escapades

Chapter 23


By Glenn L. Parker

1998 Glenn L. Parker

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination
or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Garrison quietly enters the house with Kelly. She giggles a bit and he quickly hushes her. He turns on the light and to his surprise Gwen is sitting on the couch waiting. He looks very surprised in the worst way. He takes Kelly by the hand, and guides her to the couch. Garrison sits between the two women. Gwen tells him of her affair with Frank to get even. An angry Garrison knows he had it coming. Kelly stands to leave, yet Gwen stands and stops her. She has just thought of a way to make it all better. Gwen walks to Kelly and takes her hand. Garrison sits stunned at what is transpiring. Gwen begins to unbutton Kelly’s blouse. Kelly’s breasts are heaving, and her nipples are bursting through her bra. Gwen begins to gently fondle Kelly’s tits. Suddenly she grabs Kelly by the back of the neck and moves in for a kiss. The two women are locked in a passionate embrace. They are squeezing each other’s tits as their tongue’s lock. Kelly is getting so wet, as Gwen tongue’s her. Gwen reaches around and unsnaps Kelly’s skirt. Her skirt falls to the floor. Kelly stands with her skirt around her ankles and her blouse open. Gwen begins kissing lower and unfastens the front of Kelly’s bra. Her bra opens and her hard nipples are crying for attention. Gwen gives one of her nipples a good, hard pinch. Kelly let’s out a soft moan, as Gwen begins to suck her tits. Gwen can feel her pussy getting wetter, as she moved her hand over Kelly’s damp panties. Garrison stands to join, but is quickly ordered back into the chair by Gwen. He sits back down and continues to watch. Gwen returns to sucking those perky tits. Gwen drops to her knees and begins to pull down Kelly’s panties. Kelly’s pussy glistened with moisture, and her clit was stiff. Her little clit was burning to be sucked. Gwen put her nose up close to her cunt and softly blew on it. Kelly trembled a little at Gwen’s warm breath on her pussy. Gwen began to gently rub two fingers on Kelly’s clit. Kelly bit down on her knuckle as Gwen played with her pussy. Kelly watched Garrison as she noticed her had his big cock out, and was stroking it. The sight of him stroking his cock, and her playing with her pussy made her so wet. Suddenly Kelly moaned as she felt Gwen’s tongue lick her pussy. Gwen started licking it slow and then sped up. Gwen squeezed hard on her inner thighs. Kelly stood with her legs spread as Gwen lapped her juicy cunt with her tongue. Kelly bit harder on her knuckle as her legs shook, and she came. Garrison was stroking his cock harder as he watched his two lovers. Gwen forced Kelly into a nearby chair. She spread her legs far apart as she buried her mouth back into Kelly’s pussy. Gwen was on her knees eating Kelly’s wet hole. Garrison couldn’t take it any longer. He walked up behind and lifted Gwen’s skirt up. Gwen wasn’t wearing panties, and he could see her pussy juice flowing down her thighs. He stroked his big cock for a moment, and then he grabbed her hips and slipped in his meat. She groaned as his monster dick plunged deep inside of her, but she never stopped licking that pussy. Kelly lay her head back as Gwen ate her horny little cunt. Garrison was hammering away on Gwen. He gripped her hips tight as he worked her like machine. In and out he slammed her pussy. Gwen felt her body explode as he brought her to orgasm. She took her mouth away from the pussy for a second and screamed out. Kelly began pinching her nipples hard as Gwen continued to eat her. Gwen stuck two fingers into Kelly’s pussy as she continues to suck on her clit. Kelly arches her back as she feels the thunderous climax building. She looks up at Garrison slamming Gwen, and licks her lips. She cums again as Gwen furiously sucks her clit. Gwen is groaning wildly as his cock pumps deep into her. Her cunt was gushing juice as his meat worked in and out. Her pussy lips embraced the hard dick as she continued to eat that pussy. Kelly screamed out as she came again. Gwen reached back and pulled him deeper into her, and suddenly pushed him back. He pulled out his shaft and Gwen moved away. She commanded he fuck Kelly while she watches. Gwen sat back and played with her pussy as Garrison moved closer to Kelly. He gripped her thighs and then slid his cock into her waiting pussy. She lay her head and burst into climax immediately. He rammed that cock deep into her wet cunt. He slammed it over and over again. She was screaming out as Gwen watches. Gwen was finger fucking herself as she watched her husband fuck this bitch. Gwen moaned as she came. He continued to fuck the crap out of her. His cock slammed in and out like a fire hot piston. She arched her back again as she screamed out in orgasm. Suddenly he pulled out and shot a load all over her stomach. She rubbed it all over herself as he collapsed to the floor. All three lay back in there individual positions in happy silence.


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