Amber and Friends Erotic Escapades

Chapter 22


By Glenn L. Parker

1998 Glenn L. Parker

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination
or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Stephanie was taking her regular jog in the park. It was Friday night so she had the park all to herself. Most people were out partying, but she had a body to up keep. She noticed someone jogging toward her. She could tell by the shape that it was a woman. As the person neared she noticed it was Amber, her bosses daughter. Amber jogged up to Stephanie and stopped. Both women looked very sexy. Stephanie was wearing little black workout shorts and a T-shirt. Amber had on sweat pants and a tight tank top. The two girls said hello, and decided to jog together. Amber couldn’t believe her good luck. The two girls trotted further into the park. They talked about Amber’s father, and Stephanie’s ex-boyfriend. Amber figured what the hell and took Stephanie’s hand. She didn’t pull back that was a good sign.

Within minute off behind the bushes Amber has her face buried in Stephanie’s pussy. Stephanie pinches her nipples and moans loudly as Amber licks her clit wildly. Amber slides two fingers into her wet hole. Stephanie groans as Amber makes her cum again. Stephanie screams out as Amber fucks her hard with her fingers. Stephanie is begging to eat Amber. Amber pulls down her sweat pants, and climbs on top of Stephanie’s face. She grabs Amber’s ass and pulls her down hard on her face. Stephanie sticks one finger in Amber’s wet cunt, and the other in her ass. As she fingers Amber she is also sucking on her clit. Amber is shaking as she feels her body climax. Amber’s juice is pouring down onto Stephanie’s face. Amber pinches her clit and suckles her clit. Both girls are intertwined in 69’. Amber buries her nose into her wet cunt, as she licks up and down her pussy. Stephanie’s thighs shake as she screams out with a thunderous cum. Amber sits up on Stephanie’s face. She licks Amber’s sweet pussy, and spreads her pussy lips. She breathes in deep to enjoy the aroma of hot wet pussy. Amber bites her lip as she cum’s with a roar. Amber cries out as Stephanie makes her cum several times. Amber gets off of Stephanie’s face, and cuddles with her. They hold each other and decide they want to see each other again. Amber wants to use that bag of toys on her new fuck toy. Amber and Stephanie agree on next Saturday. Stephanie rubs her hand on Amber’s pussy, and gives it a little slap. Both girls kiss before they get dressed and jog off in separate directions. Stephanie can’t wait until next week…


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