Amber and Friends Erotic Escapades

Chapter 19


By Glenn L. Parker

1998 Glenn L. Parker

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination
or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Days after their sexual feast with the painter and the others they feel rested. Now their pussies are hungry again. Amber and Nancy decide to go workout at the gym. The gym was full of beautiful sexy people. They were all hard and sweaty. The smell of sweat was turning Nancy on. The two girls got on the treadmill and began pumping away. Their hard legs and ass tightened with every step. They were wearing matching black shorts and white T-shirts. The sweat began to pool between their breasts. There were two men in there late twenties and in great shape. The girls were watching them as they pumped the machines harder. They couldn’t help themselves they only thought about sex. These two guys looked like they could give them one serious lay. The girls giggled as they plotted their next fuck plan. Amber remembered her father’s office had a private gym and Jacuzzi. She had access to it, but it would have to be late for their needs. Asking them would not be the problem, they would have to be crazy to say no…

Amber finished their workout, and then approached the two men. They asked them if they would like to workout with them in private. Robert and Tim quickly agreed to meet them tonight at the address Amber had given them.

Later that night Amber and Nancy where waiting outside her father’s office building. They were waiting for the two men to come work them out. Robert and Tim showed up and all four of them quietly entered the building. They made flirty small talk in the elevator when suddenly the car came to a stop on the ninth floor. They walked off the elevator and down a hall to the company gym. It was fully equipped with free weights and treadmill the works. The guys took off their shirts to expose their hard chests, and ripped stomach. The girls got damp just looking at them they were perfect. Amber asked the men what they would like to do next? Suddenly the men dropped their shorts to expose two well-hung men. The girls didn’t know what to do these guys left them speechless. The girls went with the flow and removed their clothes as well. All four walked over to the Jacuzzi across the room. Amber turned on the jets and they all eased into the hot water. They all laughed and played touchy feely for a while. Robert reached under the water and began to finger Nancy’s pussy. Tim followed his friends lead and moved closer to Amber. Amber grabbed a hold of his already hard cock, and she began to stroke it as she kissed him. Both girls leaned out of the Jacuzzi putting their asses up in the air. Both men planted their faces deep into those young pussies. They licked and sucked those tender young clits. Nancy and Amber were kissing passionately while they were being eaten from behind. Both men stood up with their rock hard dicks, and simultaneously stuck those cocks into those juicy fuck boxes. Both girls screamed out as the two men began fucking them from behind. Amber was getting her hair pulled while Tim gave it to her. He was slamming her hard from behind. The sounds of moans, and slapping flesh filled the room. Robert began ass-fucking Nancy. Her tight little asshole gripped his cock tightly. He began slapping her ass so hard, it stung. She cried out for more and that’s what he gave her. He was fucking her ass so hard he was lifting her up a few inches. She let out a wild furious grunt as she came. Her ass was shaking in his hands as he lay into her nice and hard. His cock was like a train, and it was working her ass like a tunnel. Tim now began fucking Amber in the ass. Her eyes widened as his thick rod dug into her ass. She let out a howl as she climaxed quickly. Amber sucked on Nancy’s tongue while they both got fucked from behind. The two men were pounding the fuck out of their assholes. Both girls screamed out in ecstasy as they came together. Robert began to rock her faster until finally he shot his load up her ass. He pulled out and he and Nancy slid back into the water. They both watched as Tim continued to drive that pulsing dick right up her ass. Robert and Nancy cheered on as she cried out. He was so deep inside of her. She kicked and squirmed as she felt him blow his load up her ass. Amber gave off one last moan as Tim pulled out, and they two slid back into the water. The couples kissed and cuddled as they discussed the rest of the evening. One thing for sure more sex would be involved…


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