Amber and Friends Erotic Escapades

Chapter 17


By Glenn L. Parker

1998 Glenn L. Parker

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination
or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

He was riding his motorcycle down the busy street. Suddenly he noticed Amber in the passenger seat, and she noticed him. He was the sexy house painter that took her cherry. All three girls looked out the window with horny eyes. He smiled as he passed the carload of girls. Amber told the others about her first time with him. She told them all the steamy details and how good he was to her, as well as her pussy. Monica suggested they follow him. Monica and Nancy thought he was hot, and hoped they could get a piece. Monica began following him. Amber was giggling as they followed the sexy man who took her virginity. She thought it would be nice to take him on again, and show him what a good student she was. Nancy sits in the back seat digging through a bag of toys. She pulls out a 9’inch dildo and asks if they mind. They laugh and tell her to go ahead. She pulls up her skirt and begins rubbing the plastic cock around her pussy, yet over her panties. Monica is watching through the rear view mirror as Nancy leans her head back. Amber turns around to watch the show. Nancy slides her panties to the side and slowly inserts the hard dildo inside her pussy. She let off a soft grunt as she began slowly fucking herself with the tool. Monica still in pursuit of the stud on the bike, but also very interested in the back seat show Nancy was putting on. Nancy was pinching her clit with one hand and ramming the cock in with the other. She pressed both feet against the front seat as she made herself cum. She moaned load as her toes curled in climax. The girls were gaining on the painter, while Nancy fucked herself in the back seat. The girls pulled next to him and honked. He turned to see the three beauties, and how could he not notice Nancy. She was ramming that cock in and out like a hammer. He smiled at his good fortune and instructed them to follow him.

Half-hour later the girls are sitting around him in his living room talking about sex. Amber can’t take her eyes off of him. It was strange she almost felt jealous. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to share him. She watched her two friends as they hungered for him. Nancy began rubbing her pussy again. She seemed to be far more sex crazed than Amber. He motioned for Nancy who was quick to walk over to him. He took her into his lap and began to passionately kiss her and fondle her breasts. Her D-Cup filled his hand as he squeezed them to the brink of pain. He opened her top and began sucking on her big beautiful tits. Monica began undressing. As for Amber she took a seat on a barstool by the kitchen and watched. The two girls quickly undressed the young bronco. Monica fell in love with his perfect cock. She quickly took it into her mouth and began sucking him. Nancy damn near did a handstand on his face. She was upside down with her pussy in his face, and her mouth below joining Monica. He squeezed her ass hard as he ate her tender wet pussy. His tongue gently licked her clit while below the two girls exchanged kisses. They took turns sucking his cock and touching each other. Amber sat in a trance as she watched the three devour one another. Nancy shook as he stuck his tongue deep into her cunt. She came so fucking hard as he fucked her with his magical tongue. At that moment he stiffened and came down Monica’s throat. It was a huge load and she was barely able to swallow it. Monica then lay on the floor, and Nancy quickly slid down from his face to join her. Nancy quickly dug through the bag and produced a black strap-on cock. She quickly put it on and mounted Monica. She began shoving that hard fucker in her wet cunt, and fucking the shit out of her. Nancy’s hips were thrusting that cock deep inside Monica’s sopping wet pussy. Nancy was sucking hard on her tits while she fucked her hard and fast. He sat smiling as he watched Nancy fuck the dog shit out of Monica. Suddenly his cock began to stiffen once more. Nancy didn’t notice because she was too busy digging out Monica. Amber walked over to him and dropped her skirt and panties. She grabbed his cock and guided it into her waiting cunt. It slid right it as if it were made just for her. Her body rowed back and forth as she rode his fuck rod. His cock slid in and out of her tight fuck box. The room was filled with moans as Monica came, followed by Nancy. The two girls held each other as Amber continued to ride him. She slammed herself harder and harder down upon his cock until finally he shot a load deep inside her pussy. She collapsed in his arms as the room became silent…


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