Amber and Friends Erotic Escapades

Chapter 16


By Glenn L. Parker

1998 Glenn L. Parker

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination
or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

It was morning and the girls sat at the breakfast table. Garrison and Gwen sat with them as they all ate breakfast. Everyone seemed to be in high spirits. It’s no wonder considering all the fucking that had gone on the night before. Everyone made polite small talk as they ate. The girls were anxious for them to go to work so they could continue with today’s sexual activities. After a half-hour Garrison and Gwen left for work. Amber was quick to call Monica on the phone…

Later Monica arrived and met Nancy. They three girls looked very tempted at a three way, but that could wait. Today they were going to an adult toy store. They needed supplies to continue their escapades to the next level. They loaded up into Monica’s car and drove off.

They arrived across town at a shady little store called ‘Tricky’. Amber had heard about this store from the two guys that tag teamed her at the party a week ago. They had told her they sold everything here, and there were rooms where anything goes. They three girls showed their I.D. cards and walked in. It was amazing to them, it was like they were sexual vampires, and this was home. The girls walked isle to isle. Dildo’s and vibrators of every size and dimension. Monica noticed some rooms toward the back. She asked the man behind the counter what they were. He told her to go in and find out. Amber and Nancy dared her to go back. Monica replied with the same dare. The three girls walked back and picked a door. They all entered to find a green lit room with three chairs facing a television, a hot porno was playing. The girls watched for a second as the woman on screen was getting gang-banged. Suddenly from one of the chairs the girls heard a groan. As they stepped in front of the three chairs they saw three older men sitting stroking their cocks. This strangely turned on the girls. The men weren’t bad looking, and they all looked to be in their late forties. The men looked over at the girls as they continued to stroke their cocks. Each girl walked to a man and knelt down. All three girls picked a dick and started sucking. It was a beautiful sight. These three young sexy bitches all sucking the hell out of some cock. Nancy was sucking the dear life out of her man, as she looked up from the hard dick. She saw windows she hadn’t noticed before, and people were watching. This turned her on so much she felt her juice flow from her cunt, and down her thigh. The girls watched each other playfully as they sucked those cocks. The man Amber was sucking jolted back as he pulled out of her mouth and came all over her face. His hot cum on her face turned her on even more. She left the man sitting in his chair as she crawled under Monica and slid her panties to the side. Amber was eating out Monica as she sucked the other man’s dick. Monica quivers as Amber’s tongue quickly laps her clit. Monica sucks the man’s cock harder and faster as she feels her pussy cum. Amber is fingering and eating her friend’s juicy cunt. Nancy is sucking her man, but can not take her eyes off the sexual display next to her. Suddenly the man Nancy is sucking arches his back and let’s out a loud moan. His hard cock shoots a steamy load of cum down her throat, and she swallows every last drop. He then falls back into his chair. Nancy then crawls over and pulls Amber up. All three girls begin sucking and licking the third mans rock hard dick. The girls kiss and fondle each other as they take turns sucking the mans cock. He begins to breathe heavy and stroke his cock hard as he is about to cum. The girls all surround their mouths around the mans cock. They all eagerly await his hot cum in their mouths. All at once he strokes a huge load of cum. His cock bursts out streams of cum all over the girl’s faces. The man falls back into his chair as the girls lay on the floor caressing one another.

Later the girls leave the store with several bags of goodies. They were very content with their adventure, but far more excited to find new sexual adventures. After all they needed to use their new toys on the world, and the world was waiting…


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