Amber and Friends Erotic Escapades

Chapter 15


By Glenn L. Parker

1998 Glenn L. Parker

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination
or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Amber and Nancy were sitting in Amber’s bedroom catching up on old times. Amber could not get over how hot Nancy was. Nancy explained how she’d made improvements in the last year. Amber agreed with Nancy, she had developed very nicely in the last year. Nancy was one hot bitch. Amber explained about her diary and how she was exploring her darkest sexual fantasies. Nancy seemed very interested in the sexual tales of Amber. Amber told her about all her cock and pussy experiences thus far. Nancy was getting wet hearing about all Amber’s fucking. Nancy took a chance and began rubbing her pussy over her pants. Amber looked down with a devilish smile, as she felt her pussy get damp. Amber stood and closed the door. She then took off her top to expose her hard nipples. Her breasts were heaving as she walked to Nancy and placed one of her breasts to Nancy’s mouth. This was the true test of how there summer together would go. Nancy began caressing her breast and sucking on Amber’s pink nipple. Amber groaned at the forbidden pleasure she was feeling. Nancy was a great tit sucker, and she left no part of her breast neglected. Amber pulled away and slowly undressed the rest of the way. She stood there completely nude with Nancy looking over her body. Nancy reached forward and rubbed her fingers over Amber’s wet pussy. Amber trembled at the touch of her sexy cousin’s hand. Nancy began rubbing Amber’s pussy a little harder, and it became wetter and wetter. Nancy bent Amber over her knee and slid one of her fingers into Amber’s hot waiting cunt. Her pussy gladly welcomed the finger with a quick orgasm. Nancy put a second finger into her juicy hole. Amber moaned softly as Nancy fingered her tight little pussy…

On the opposite side of the house Gwen and Garrison were laying down upon their bed. They were discussing the girls, and wondered if they were getting along. Little did they know how well they were getting along. Gwen having felt neglected lately began kissing Garrison upon his neck, and down his bare chest. He was quick to help her on her way. She kissed him lower and lower until finally she reached his bulging cock begging to be released from his pajama bottoms. She opened his bottoms and unleashed her husband’s magnificent cock. She began licking the tip as if teasing. Gwen was stroking his hard monster as she continued to kiss the tip and shaft. She put her lips around the head and pressed her mouth down over his cock deep throating him. He let off a grunt and arched his back as she sucked his cock. She removed her mouth for a moment and stroked his cock hard as she licked his hot balls. It had been too long since she got a good fucking by him. She couldn’t take it anymore. Gwen climbed on top of Garrison. She quickly slid her panties over and guided his cock into her hot, wet cunt with her hand. It found it’s target, as it slid deep into her vagina. Her pussy lips kissed the cock with great desire as she rode him like a horse. Up and down she slammed into the hard pipe. She clawed at his chest as she screamed out in climax. Her pussy juice ran down her thighs and pooled between them creating a juicy slapping sound. She lay back and arches her back as she swung back and forth on her man’s steel hard dick. She began squeezing her tits until it seemed they would pop…

Meanwhile inside Amber’s bedroom both girls were totally nude as the performed ’69. Nancy was on top of her sexy little bitch cousin. Nancy was rubbing and licking Amber’s sweet juicy little clit. Nancy took Amber’s clit into her lips and began licking and sucking the rose pedal. Amber had a small vibrator on her side as she fucked her cousin with it, and licked her clit at the same time. Both girls were squirming as they reached orgasm together. Nancy’s pussy juice flowed onto Amber’s face as she fucked her harder and faster with the vibrator. Nancy’s legs began to convulse as she came again with a soft groan. Nancy got off Amber and the two lay head to toe kissing and caressing each other. They are going to get along just fine…

Back in Amber’s parents room Garrison it tit fucking Gwen. She presses her huge D- Cup tits together as his cock pumps in between them. Suddenly he lets out a loud moan as a hot load of cum shoots out of his cock and onto Gwen’s beautiful face. She gathers his cum with her fingers and sucks the cum off them. He then lay’s next to her as the two embrace.


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