Amber and Friends Erotic Escapades

Chapter 14


By Glenn L. Parker

1998 Glenn L. Parker

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination
or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Nancy was an average looking girl for the longest time, but over the last few years she had developed very nicely. She was eighteen now and her regular workout had paid off. She was 5’8 inches and her long tan legs were everything any man would want wrapped around him. Her breasts a firm C-Cup and her ass looked like two ripe melons. Her hair a long curly blonde that flowed down her back. She had spent most of her life being ignored, but that was about to end.

It was the end of June and she was on her way to California to spend the summer with her cousin Amber. It seems the women in this family blossom to sexual heights at eighteen. Nancy was driving down hwy 10 on her way to Los Angeles. Her little pick-up truck sped down the road. She was eager to get there and see her cousin…

Meanwhile back in L.A. Amber is just getting home from her day out. She happily walks into the kitchen. She opens the refrigerator and grabs a soda. She notices a note stuck to the fridge, it’s from her mom. The note is a reminder that her cousin Nancy is coming out today. Amber smiled at the news, she always liked Nancy. She wasn’t the best looking girl, but she sure was nice. Amber trotted upstairs and to her bedroom.

Back on the road Nancy is driving past the little town of Indio, Ca. She pulls over to a gas station to fuel up. She pulls in and a young rough gas station attendant walks up to the truck. "Can I help you"? He said. She gave the stud a quick once over, and told him to fill her up…

Meanwhile back in Amber’s bedroom. Amber lay on her bed with her naughty diary. She glances down the checklist with a huge smile. Amber has collected quite a few sexual memories since she began her quest. She focuses on the next item on the list, ‘Have Sex On The Roof Of Daddy’s Building’. That was definitely in the works. She was sure she could get that Todd guy to fuck her up there. The thought of her next conquest was making her pussy wet. She only hoped her cousin was open to the things she had been doing. What a drag if she wasn’t…

Meanwhile back in a garage in Indio Nancy is on her knees with her tits out and her mouth around his cock. She is slamming her mouth up and down on the thick cock. It was thicker than long; she could barely get her mouth around it. She sucked that thick cock hard and fast as she played with her tits. She was pinching her nipple so hard she felt her pussy get wetter. He pulled her mouth away and picked her up. He placed her on the hood of a car, and spread her legs. He gave the inside of her thigh a good slap, and then he pulled her into his thick pipe. It had to be forced in because of its girth, she screamed in passion as the thick cock pushed inside of her. He grabbed the back of her head as she braced herself on the hood of the car. This man’s thick cock was plunging deep into her perfect little pussy. She trembled as his thick rod made her scream, as she came ever so hard. She wrapped her legs around him and let him torture her cunt with his thick fuck pistol. His hips were thrusting deep inside her cunt. She felt herself tare as he dug his cock deep inside of her. She was moaning so fucking load as he pumped his meat in and out of her little fuck hole. She was almost in tears as she reached climax after climax. His dick felt so good as it stiffened and blew a hot load of cum deep inside her juicy cunt…

Later Amber is watching television as she hears a car pull up. Amber quickly runs to the door and opens it. The two girls hug and give each other a complimentary once over. Amber can’t believe how great Nancy looks. Now Amber has a partner in crime and these two were going to do some damage…


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