Amber and Friends Erotic Escapades

Chapter 12


By Glenn L. Parker

1998 Glenn L. Parker

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination
or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Amber continued happily down the busy street. She was so cute in her baggy clothes, but cannot hide the sex kitten underneath. She noticed the building that her father worked in and thought she might pay him a visit. She trotted up the stairs toward the front door. As she entered the front door of the building Kelly passed her. The two women gave each other a quick once over. Each not knowing who the other was, but that would one day be rectified.

Amber walked into the elevator and pressed the seventh floor button. As she happily hummed the elevator quickly came to it’s destination. She walked out and down the hall. She came to Stephanie’s desk. Stephanie was her father’s secretary. She was dressed very professionally, but her young hard body was busting out of her business suite. Stephanie was in her mid twenties and stood an amazing 5’11. Her long delicious legs immediately caught Amber’s attention, as did Stephanie’s D-Cup breasts. Amber felt wet just looking at the vision with the perfect ass, and fire red hair. Stephanie said hello and explained to Amber that her father was in a meeting. Stephanie then showed Amber into her father’s office. Amber took a seat as Stephanie left the office and closed the door. Amber was so turned on by the sexy red head she put her hand down her sweat pants. She began to play with her hot little clit. She then propped both feet spread eagle on her father’s desk. She was playing with her hot clit, and felt her pussy juice up. Amber slid two fingers into her hot cunt. She let out a groan as she pushed her fingers deep inside her pussy. She began finger fucking herself harder, and her breathing became louder. She was hoping Stephanie wound come in. Amber would love to eat that sexy bitch out.

Amber was getting even more turned on as she could hear the juice from her pussy, as she forced her fingers in and out. She then removed her fingers and began sucking them. She loved how her pussy tasted, and wished she could eat herself. She leaned forward and pressed the intercom button. Stephanie’s voice came on as Amber asked how long till her father would be. Stephanie told her it would be at least an hour. Amber released the button and without another thought pulled off her sweat pants, but kept her tennis shoes on. She sat back down in the chair returned to spread eagle. She grabbed a phallic paperweight off the desk and began rubbing her pussy with it. She rubbed it on her clit for a moment and then all at once slid it deep inside her waiting cunt. She let off a loud grunt as she quickly brought herself to orgasm. Her legs kicked as she came again with a louder moan. Suddenly she could hear the door open behind her, and her pussy got wetter thinking about fucking Stephanie. She could hear the person getting closer, the anticipation made her cum once more. She turned to see Stephanie, but instead she lay her eyes upon Todd. He was the sexy mailroom stud that we’ve seen Kelly with. He had his cock out and was stroking in. The hard dick was pulsing and so tempting. He grabbed her head and pulled her to it. She was only too eager, and put her mouth around his hard organ. She slurped away on his cock. His hips drove it deep down her throat as he fucked her mouth. He pulled out his cock and then stood to face her. Todd squeezed her thighs, and them gave them a slap. He rubbed her wet pussy for a few moments before guiding his shaft deep into her hot box. His meat train dug deeper and deeper. She wrapped her legs around him, as he pumped deeper and harder. Amber groaned as she came, her hot pussy juice flowed like a faucet. He very roughly pulled out and turned her over on daddy’s desk. He kicked her legs apart, and gave her ass a nice hard slap. Her legs were shaking. He stroked his cock for a moment and then forced his cock deep into her ass. Her tight asshole embraced the hard cock, and quivered as she reached a quick orgasm. He squeezed her ass as he pumped it’s juicy hole. It was a wonderful pleasure and pain as he dug ever so deep into her asshole. Her legs began to shake as she let out a very loud moan. Todd’s hips were moving in full force as he drove her into the desk. He gripped her hair like a main and pulled hard. Her back arched as he pulled harder and drove her faster. She reached beneath and began rubbing her pussy as he fucked her hard in the ass. Their flesh was slapping hard together. She could feel his cock stiffen as his load was building. He began breathing harder and pumping faster. Suddenly he let off a loud groan as he came inside of her ass. She felt his hot cum fill her ass. He gave her hair one last tug, and her ass one last slap. She lay her head on the desk as she hears him dress and leave.

Thirty minutes later Amber exit her fathers office. Obviously tired of waiting she walks to Stephanie and tells her "Tell daddy I came by". Stephanie smiles and hands Amber her phone number. Amber accepts and happily walks away.

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