Amber and Friends Erotic Escapades

Chapter 11


By Glenn L. Parker

1998 Glenn L. Parker

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination
or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Amber was walking down a busy street in the city. It had been a few days since her last sexual episode. She had been wondering if she had been doing the right thing. She even dressed down today, wearing baggy clothes. Even thou she dressed down she couldn’t help, but to look very cute.

She was a tigress in sheep’s clothing, and she was only fooling herself. She was just a little confused, she had given into something and now it controlled her. She tried not to notice all the beautiful people in the street. The hot men, and the gorgeous women. She was beginning to see them all as prey. Something inside her said it was wrong, but on the other hand it felt so good.

As she passed an ice cream parlor, she thought perhaps a cool treat could quench her appetite. She walked inside and instantly she locked her eyes on him. He was a rock hard man in a tank top; his skin was a tanned cocoa brown. She walked up to the counter never taking her eyes off him. He turned to her and smiled. Her sexual thoughts quickly were back into play. She ordered a vanilla cone and then asked him his name. Her turned to her and said, "It’s Ryan". She introduced herself, and then asked him if he would like to go for a walk.

Later that afternoon they found themselves at the movies. They sat in the dark theater watching some B horror movie. They began kissing and she got wet at his kissing style. He was licking her tongue, as it was her clit. She took his hand and placed it down her pants. His fingers began sliding up and down her damp slit. She let off a soft moan as he slid two fingers into her wet hole. With his free hand he began squeezing her breast. Her nipples became rock hard as he was now kissing her neck, while he finger fucked her. She pulled away for a second and scanned the room. There was no one around for several rows. Quickly she unzipped his pants to expose his very healthy 10-inch cock. She leaned over and took it into her mouth. Like a train his cock tunneled down her throat as she bobbed up and down like a jackhammer. He leaned his head back as the young beauty devoured his meat. She began to stroke it as she licked up and down the shaft. She heard him give off a soft groan and knew it was almost time for his cum. She stroked him harder and faster, as she buried his hard rod deep in her throat. His breathing became harder as he gripped the back of her head. He let out a groan as he blew a huge load of cum down her waiting throat. She continued to softly suck him until finally his dick softened. She kissed his cock as she placed it back into his pants…

After the movie the two exit the theater, Ryan looks very pleased. "Call me tonight" she said, and he quickly agreed. She kisses his lips and happily runs off. After all Amber has things to do and people to meet.


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